2020 Recession Explained – Corona Virus

2020 Recession Explained - Corona Virus:

If a bank goes bankrupt the world media will talk about it. 

Who is mostly affected if a bank goes bankrupt?

Normal People. From these Normal people robbing them silently of their money and the media shut their mouths.

Is there a way to do it?

You and I all of us are now in our houses. 

Do we know the coming dangers next?

This post is not to scare you. But we are going to connect the dots. 

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

America is a superpower. There are statistics which has come out now. 40% of Americans cant have $400 IE 30,000 Rupees as an emergency expense. If there is an Emergency Situation they cant survive. 

Now we are in our houses. Industries are shut down. Schools and Colleges are closed now. Shopping malls and Cinema Theatres all are shut. 

What will happen next in this situation?

We are discussing a lot about the virus in Tamil Pokkisham. We still don’t know who spread the virus. We also said that many are getting benefitted by this virus. Many of you disagreed.

How can some get benefits by spreading the virus?

We are in our houses, we cant go to work. Our PM Modi has given an important speech. In Terms of Wartime, everyone should stay in their houses. March 22nd nobody should leave their houses. There will be an alarm people should not come out of their houses from 5 am to 7 pm. This virus is creating a situation worse than wartime, Coronavirus is spreading and India we should be cautious. 

2020 Recession Explained - Corona Virus

The world is cautious now. China’s growth will go down up to 40%. If its made in China everyone will avoid it.  So China’s economy will take a huge hit. In 2020 there will a recession, this was predicted by many in 2017. 

Let’s get back to our normal lives.  We cant go out. We can’t get any money. We will think about going to jobs which are available. All Industries are shut so there will be no jobs. 

What will we do now?

We will try to sell our assets. For Ex: In 1929 this was the same situation in America the Great Depression. We have already posted a post in the Great Depression. Please see it. How America became a superpower please the first 5 videos in that playlist. 

Who introduced the dollar?

Who has control over it?

If you those posts only you will understand. After understanding those posts only you can connect the dot to this post.

So if people don’t have money we will get it as debt. America said that it is going to give 1 Trillion USD into the market. Canada now says that it will give 85USD into its market. EU has said that it will give 1.5 Trillion USD into their market. 

So everybody now is giving away money so people can receive the money. If there is money in people’s hands only the govt will continue to run. IF People don’t have money they will be going into debts. 

Who will lend us money?

This is the big question. World Bank says it is ready to give money. WHO says if a country is Severely affected by Corona Virus then it will lend money for a low interest. WHO’s 2015 50% of their Budget was from Private Corporations. So they get money from Private Corporations and then lend us money. This is the WHO(World Health Organisation).

There is a system called the Federal Reserve System. There are banks like Reserve bank of India, Federal Bank of America. These banks are organised by Private Corporations. 

Bank of America has said that America has already in recession. Nobody can escape this crisis. Federal Reserve System has said that they are taking steps for dollars to be available to people. 

In 2018 there was a Recession. During that time mistakes which were made will not be done now. Somebody is going to give us this money. Meaning somebody is going to lend our Govt money. The Federal Reserve system will give it to the govt. The Federal Reserve system belongs to Private Corporations. These Private Corporations consists of names from Rothchilds to Lehmann brothers. 

So getting money from Private Corporations and lending it as a debt to normal people will be done by the govt. Their main target is the Middle-Class people. 

IF a Bank goes bankrupt. Many middle-class people could have deposited in the bank. This will change into a huge situation. We will protest against the govt. The Same Middle-Class People, when they see the Stock market is high he will invest in the share market. Our shares will also start to grow, suddenly they will announce the share which you bought for 150rs is now 1.50 rupees. Your money has been lost. 

Can the Middle- Class Person do something about this?

This is the situation now. In Jan 2020 it was 42000 Sensex, it has gone down 28000. 

You may ask a question.

Will it affect Corporate?

We discussed the recession in 2008.  America starts a program called the Troubled Asset Relief Program. We have already discussed YES bank. Due to the lack of lack in authority YES bank is going to go bankrupt. So to save it was taken over by Reserve bank of India, LIC and State Bank of India. 

What will the govt do if they don’t want a private bank to go bankrupt?

The govt will take money from the people, using our money they will save the bankrupt bank and say that they have done some good. But In the recession, many Corporations are shut, many big Corporate companies will say that they have faced a loss. The govt across the world will say that they will Bailout. Today try searching whether America is going to bailout 5 Trillion USD or not. One trillion is equal to 75 Lakh Crore Rupees. Let’s keep the number as 500 Lakh Crore Rupees. This money will be used to buy the Companies which are in loss. This news was from last week but it will not come out. 

We are now scared of Corona Virus. The govt will say now that it will pass a law. Unemployment is low, The economy is down, they will say that they need to buy these companies by using the method Bailout. The 5 Trillion belong to Private Corporations. 

We discussed that 40% of Americans don’t have $400 for Emergency Situations. America’s Consumer debt is 4 Trillion USD. So in this 4 trillion 3 Trillion money is Non-Revolving Debt.

What is this Non-Revolving Debt?

We will be paying monthly payments as Telephone bills, Net Connection. We will also pay the Credit card payment. We do this every month so this is called Revolving debt. But Non-Revolving debt means we don’t have to pay it monthly. If we have money we can pay it or leave it. People have got 3 Trillion dollars. For Education Loan, Americans have received 1 Trillion USD. 

So People who have got these debts have no money now. They will have to go and get money debt again. So they should listen to what the govt is saying. Federal Reserve system is giving money to the govt. World Bank will also lend us money from Private Corporations. They will ask the Forests, Water and Air to be Privatized. They will ask our govt to sign the agreement. Our Govt without any other way will sign the agreement and get the money and give it to people. BY getting this money we are increasing our debts. In 2008 250 Trillion USD was loaned to the International Community. In 2020 it is estimated to a value of 260 Trillion USD. 

What kind of Recession is this?

There are three types of recessions. V-Shaped Recession and L-Shaped Recession are the important ones. V-Shaped Recession means a Sharp Decline followed by a Strong Recovery. IN 2008 it was L-Shaped Recession. But in 2020 it is V-Shaped Recession. In 2008 the recession continued for 4 years. This recession will not be like that. IN 1929 there was GReat Depression.

2020 Recession Explained - Corona Virus2020 Recession Explained - Corona Virus

What happened after that?

Unemployment at its high. Many internal issues occurred in countries. The came World War2. Because the countries with lower income or economy can be easily conquered. 

Now they will say NO to Chinese Products. China economy was growing strong. China was thought to be a Superpower. China’s money was going to equal dollars in value. Not they have stopped that from happening. Now Federal Reserve System says that it will inject Dollars again. The events which are happening have connections. We should be aware of these connections. 

What will happen next?

In 2008 there was a recession. In 2009 there was a Mafia work, due to that many countries lost their money. In 2020 there is Corona Virus. In this also there is a Mafia at Work, 

Will our countries lose their money?

What will happen next?

We will discuss a lot of Truth. Please wait for the upcoming post. Please read this post one or two times. The posts in Tamil Pokkisham are becoming relevant in the future also. Please do Comment. Your comments are our Inspiration. 

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