21 Days Lockdown – EMI Payment Postponed Request

21 Days Lockdown - EMI Payment Postponed Request:

Now the time is 1.00 Am. This post is for the people to give them strength in this situation. For 21 days India is in Lockdown. We will have a lot of questions when this lockdown was announced. 

What happened in China after the lockdown?

Will India take the steps by following China?

Should we take these steps?

Answers to these questions and some truth we will discuss in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

India has now produced its own Corona Testing Kit. The equipment price is Rs80000. Until now we have been importing these test kits from other countries. The Imports costs India 3.5 Lakhs rupees. 

Why the first news in this post about the Indian Test Kit?

The Coming days we will need the testing kits to confirm who has Corona Virus or not. We will need to test a lot of people. India has created its own test kit so this is a start. 

Next comes 21 days Lockdown. We will have a lot of questions. Before these questions are answered we will discuss only one thing. Please take care of your children and parents. 

PM Modi said that people should sacrifice these 21 days for the good of the country. If we don’t get past these 21 days we will have to go back 21 years. He also said that he doesn’t care about the Indian Economy but he deeply cares about Each and Single Indian Life. Please don’t allow relatives into your house and you also don’t go anywhere else. Stay safe in your house. 

Essential products will be available for you whether its medicine, Rice or dal it will be available. All ration shops will be open. Ambulance, Medical services and medical depts are ready so don’t worry about it. But please stay safe in your house. 

21 Days Lockdown - EMI Payment Postponed Request

We may feel anxiety in this situation. We have case study after the China Lockdown. Many will feel anxiety. People you have mild Cough or fever will be scared that they have been infected by the Corona Virus. From this anxiety, you should take care of your family. When China was in lockdown, the govt wanted to check the temperature of the people. People were unable to do it, every time they checked the temperature their heartbeat increased. Patients who are admitted in the hospitals have blood pressure in the increased level. Now we are safe so believe that and make your family believe in it. 

Your Loved ones whether it’s your child, or your relatives. We will have this tension whether they are safe. We all have Mobile phones talk with them and reduce your tension. Please take care that you don’t have any negative emotions. Staying in a home is not easy for older people or working people. IF you want to protect your child or the coming generations you have to stay in your house. 

How will the daily labourers or weekly labourers earn money?

How will the govt help them?

21 Days Lockdown - EMI Payment Postponed Request

Surely the govt will come up with a plan. ANy branch ATM’s you can withdraw any amount all restrictions are cancelled now. There will be no processing fee. Minimum Balance restrictions are also cancelled. For 3 months these orders are in place. Next, a finance Package will be announced soon. EMI should be included in this package. More than Corona people are scared about this EMI, Civil score. We will not be able to pay our EMI, our Civil Score will be affected. For this issue, the Central govt has to take the right decision. People who receive salaries on a monthly basis face this issue. People are in debts now. This request has to reach the Central govt immediately. They must take steps to solve this issue. For three months any company should not retrieve money as EMI from bank accounts of the people. People who are in the Middle class will not panic if the govt has a solution. 

What happened in China?

The Chinese essential products were put online, people placed an order and they received the products in their doorsteps. But in India, there are villages which don’t have this facility. SO we should buy only essential products but on one day only. Please prepare a list, then ask permission to buy these products they will surely allow you. Buy these products and get home quickly. 

21 Days Lockdown - EMI Payment Postponed Request

Chinese had a QR code. The QR code will reveal where the person went. In India we don’t have these restrictions, so the Indian Govt cannot watch you. So self Discipline is very essential here. 

Next comes Medical Shops. People who buy fever tablets or Cold tablets you should get their contact info. These People may be affected by Corona or normal fever. But there is a chance that through them Corona may spread. Our govt should take steps to watch this carefully. People who buy medicines for fever and cold, their info should be made available to the govt. The Chinese did this effectively. So they were able to contain the virus. 

15000 Crore Rupees are announced as an Emergency fund. In China, they build a hospital within 6 days. There are possibilities that many Schools may be changed to hospitals. We will have to Isolate people. After Checking these people, we need to find out whether they are infected or not. So to do this temporary Hospitals may be setup. 

The current news is within 45 Mins they can find that a person is affected by Coronavirus or not. This will also come to India. 

The virus after 67 days affected 1 lakh people all over the world. But after 11 days it spread quickly and reached 2 lakhs people. It only needed 6 days to increase the affected people more than 3 lakhs. Nearly 3 lakh people are affected by the virus, in that nearly 1.5 lakh people a\have been cured. So by staying safe, we can escape the virus, if we are affected there is a huge possibility we will be cured. So don’t be afraid. Please follow the govt instructions. 

21 Days Lockdown - EMI Payment Postponed Request

You may a doubt which shops will be open. Please Checkout the Description of the Video a detailed list has been shared. If you have questions please use the comment box. 

We all have to place a request. At least for three months we will be not be able to pay our EMI’s. So we should place a request. The starting point for the request can be this post. 

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