After April20th – India Israel Plans

After April20th - India Israel Plans:

What is going to happen after April 20th?

Which sectors will have jobs and not?

What is Israel’s 4 phase plan?

What is the warning given by America to China?

We will discuss the answers to these questions in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Social Distancing is maintained in our country. A report says that it should be followed until 2022. Harvard University has said that Social Distancing should be maintained throughout the world until 2022.

The Very Important Pharmaceutical company has said that two vaccinations will be needed and it will take until 6 months to produce a vaccine. 

Is there a possibility for two vaccinations?

They are using new technology in the research. We will discuss this in another post. 

Nearly 20 Lakh People are affected by the virus. 1,28,056 deaths. In India, The Confirmed cases are increasing its now 11,000. After April 20th they will reduce the effect pf the lockdown. They have given an allowance to many people. 

After April20th - India Israel Plans

India’s Districts will be divided into COVID-19 Hotspots. These zones are called Hot-spots, Non- Spots and Green Zones. 

What is the difference between Hotspots, Containment zones or Clustered Zones?

We need to know this to understand which zone we are living in now. For Hotspots and Medium Hotspots, the lockdown will continue with so many restrictions. When your ZOne becomes Green Zone then only the lockdown will be lifted. 

So if a single Person is Affected by the virus then its called a hotspot. 

Are there other conditions?

A Virus affected person meets 50 People. If those 50 people are residing in a town then it will be a Hot Spot. So if the virus spreads rapidly from One person then the zone will be called Clustered Zone. So if a region is a Hotspot or Clustered zone up to 3 to 4 kilometres it will become a Containment area. So if the region or district comes under the Containment area your District will be sealed. Nobody can enter the district or leave. This will happen after April 20th. 

When can a region change to Green Zone?

When the Govt declares that no person is affected by the virus then only your region will become the Green Zone. Today they will start to work to categorize the districts. April 20th this work will be completed. With the list received the Central govt will declare the zones. 

People who are working in IT. Many are in Work From Home. IT companies can work up to 50% workforce. The employees will not be given any break. IF there is a worker who is above 65, they are not allowed to work. Schools and Colleges will not be open. But through Online courses, they can study this is a new system. 

A Request to change all courses to Online courses has also been given. 

Can I go out if I have a small business?

You can go out. If you are a Carpenter, Painter or Self Labour People. After April 20th you can go out. If you are a Businessman you can’t go outside. As for Normal Shops, there are so many restrictions. Essential goods will only be sold. 

In Thiruvananthapuram District, In Fridays Fridge, Washing Machine shops can be opened. Thursdays other shops can be opened. So for a week, these shops can be opened a particular day. The list will be available after April 20th for every district. 

What will happen to Construction workers?

They can start working in the Construction sector. But the workers should be from the state and not from other states. They have to stay in the workplace and maintain Social Distancing. 

After April20th - India Israel Plans

100 Day Work Plan will also be open. 

Will the theatres or Shopping malls be Opened?

No. They will be not open.

Will religious places be open?

Religious Places or Parks will not be open. Taxis, Autorickshaws will not operate. 

Can you travel in your car?

In a car, there should be only maximum of two people. One should be seated in the back seat of the car. In a two-wheeler, only one person has been allowed to travel. Transports goods will be free no questions should be asked. This should continue on a routine basis. 

For farmers, there are no restrictions but they have to maintain Social Distancing. The Ecommerce websites can function and they should only deliver essential products.

In Delhi, you can order the groceries in Online. These Companies will take the order and deliver it to your houses. So Websites like Amazon and Flipkart will be open but only for essential products. 

People working in DTH, Printing media can start their work after April 20th. Shops like Fish and meat can be opened. Village Panchayats will be open. Industries in Rural areas can be opened. Industries in Municipalities cannot be opened. 

After April20th - India Israel Plans

For marriages and Death occasions you can gather together but only 20 People are allowed. So these are the restrictions after April 20th. This kind of living will become normal in the coming days. 

Will the lockdown will be extended after April 20th?

In Asia, Comparing with other countries, The virus is spreading rapidly with 109% greater than other countries. We have not enough test kits to test people. But we have reached 11000 in no time. So if the numbers start to increase after April 20th. Then they may cancel all the above-said things. So the people should be aware of the situation and should be responsible in their actions. We will decide whether the restrictions will be lifted or not by being safe. 

Will there be flights and train services?

Till May 3rd there will be no Air and Trail Services. For travelling, you have to take Business class tickets to travel in a flight if it is available. Normal Airservices will not operate. The restrictions to travel aboard or to India will not be lifted. 

Trump gives an Interview and the Interviewer asks a question. 

China is responsible for the virus, WIll you not take action against them?

Trump said that the coming day’s China has to answer. He has given a warning to China. 

What is Israel’s plan?

They have implemented 4 phases. Phase 1 means Tech and Finance Companies can continue their work. Nearly 10% of the population works in this sector. In India after April 20th banks will be operational. Phase 2 contains commerce and Retails stores. Phase 3 included Restaurants and hotels. Phase 4 contains Religious places, Shopping malls and Theaters. 

When will these Phases be operational?

They have given permission for Tech and Finance to operate. There is a gap for two weeks. The second phase will start if there are no problems. This will continue until phase 4 the same procedure will follow. This formula will be followed by many countries. India will also follow this formula. People who are working in Phase 4 sectors, try other fields. 

After April20th - India Israel Plans

The Spreading of the virus if it decreases only the education sectors will start to operate. Many can study online but students living in villages will not have these facilities. So based on these students there is no announcements. 

Daily and Weekly Labourers compensation are not declared yet. Many believed that The Central govt will give them money. But the govt has not given any compensations. We will have to wait for it. 

So decide which phase you are in right now. 

What are your essential needs?

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