America’s Situation Critical – Corona Update

America's Situation Critical - Corona Update:

In America, the latest news is For one bed in a hospital 7 people waiting in the queue. Next month it may rise to 8 people. The same situation is in Spain and Italy. There is an article in the Website called Atlantic, Barack Obama has shared that article in his Twitter account. He has asked two questions.

Will America fall?

How will America escape the crisis?

News coming from all countries should be understood by each and every citizen. We will discuss this in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We are going to use two main words in this post. One is Boomer and the other is Generation C. 

Children born after Jan 2020 are called Generation C. The full form is Generation Corona Virus. Boomers is a nickname given by Netizens for aged people. Netizens have called the Corona Virus as Boomers Remover. The reason is Corona affects the aged people, so the virus has been called Boomers Remover. 

In the Last 24 Hrs in Spain, nearly 700 people are dead. Italy has lost 684 People. America also has a high death rate. The virus has spread to 198 countries. All African countries are affected by the virus. Nearly 155 Countries economy is in crisis now. Nearly 4 Lakh People are confirmed cases of Corona Virus. This news is known to us, and it scares us. 

But still many people are careless, So this post may be a warning post to them. 

America said in Jan 2020 that China has failed to contain the virus. He also said that if it was America without even 1% of Doubt they could have eradicated the virus. The US was ready to help China fighting the Corona.

 IN Marc2020 The most affected countries clearly show America was in 10th or 11th Position. But if you see the data now America has moved into 3rd Position. America is hit hard by the Corona Virus. 

What could be the reason?

Like India, America really cares about their Health Insurance. America is No 1 in Health Insurance. American People now have understood that the govt has been concentrating on Foreign Policies, but they have neglected their own people. Many Predicted last year that a Virus will spread in the world. Bill gates said it. Many Articles in the Internet said that next year there will be a virus attack. Last Oct John Hopkins, conducted a Simulation. 

America's Situation Critical - Corona Update

Why did America ignore all these Warnings?

This question has been raised in the Atlantic website. This virus is Type 7 in the Corona Family. SARS in Type6. So the generation of this virus is important, Type 7 virus in advanced and it effectively affects and spreads to people. This virus will be stealthier. 

STealth means a Plane to escape enemy radars goes into Stealth Mode. Similar to this 7th Generation Virus Covid 19 is in Stealth Mode. If a person is affected by the virus, he unknowingly spreads to other persons. Early March people affected by the virus were under 10000 in America. But now in March 26th, nearly 50000 are affected by the virus. The reason behind the spike is America’s fault. Insurance companies are all privatized. But the people don’t receive the benefits of their Insurance properly. If an American Citizen asks the Insurance Company that he can take a Corona Test, the company will say NO. You have to call your family doctor first, they should tell the Symptoms, the Doctor will prescribe for fever. If it doesnt work, then call him again and fix an appointment. For the patient to go for a checkup in a hospital he should have the letter from the family Doctor. All these procedures made the virus spread rapidly. After the situation has gone out of hands, Trump announces that the people can come and test for Corona Directly. Americans go and line up in Hospitals, but there were no testing kits. If there were testing kits it gave false information. So a Superpower has so many issues. 

America's Situation Critical - Corona Update

In India, the virus has started to spread, we should be very careful. America is turning into another Spain or Italy. If we don’t want to see that India is turning like America, then stop your carelessness now. 

In the article there was also another info, 15 people will be competing for one bed. We will need ICU treatment. Affected people nearly 5% to 10% need ICU Ventilators. America doesn’t have enough Ventilators. The article has clearly stated what will happen in the next month. 

The fight will be between doctors. One doctor may have Mask and the suit which prevents the virus but the other doctor will not have it. So if we allow the virus to spread in India, then medical equipment or supplies are the issues here. In 155 Countries this virus is deadly. Every country needs masks and protective gear. The manufacturing of these products is low now. In India for 21 days its full shut down, the country is in Lockdown. So manufacturing companies are not operational. 

America's Situation Critical - Corona Update

In China, this issue has decreased, but their production is yet to start. All Countries industries are shutdown. So the medical supplies like Masks and gloves their production are only 50%. So if all countries are in the same situation then the supply chain will be affected. The Indian Govt should take note of this. Indian Govt should have the capacity to transport these supplies within the country. IN America Trump may declare it as During war times called Fema. Fema, One World Order all have connections. 

American Scientist has said that Corona Virus may go Seasonal. Next year also it can spread so it’s very important to find a vaccine. 

What truth is there behind this news?

Does China have a vaccine?

Without a vaccine, China was unable to contain the virus. The answer to this is not yet available. If there is an answer we will share it with you. So please understand the Superpower or Developed Country is suffering heavily now. They are thinking of making plastics from the streets to cover these faces. We don’t know whether it is true or not. But there may be a situation which will arise. This post will continue we will discuss Spain and Italy’s current situation. 

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