China A Cunning Traitor – Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects

China A Cunning Traitor - Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects:

China and India Border dispute. There was a peace talk between both countries Lieutenant Generals.

What happened after the peace talks?

Many Commented. Why are we not discussing this issue?

Today’s news you could have heard that in May China’s Growth when compared to others in very high. This growth has never been recorded for the past 10 years. 

There is another news that the Pakistan army has been shooting and Mortar Attacks on the Indian army. The Mortar Bombs which didnt go off were disarmed by the Indian army. 

This post, We will discuss more info on China.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

India has to know its enemies to predict future events. India, Pakistan and China. We didnt use Congress Party or BJP, Ruling party or Opposing Party anywhere. We have been referring it as the Indian govt. There is no way we are going to blame one party. 

This is all about India as a Country. It is about People living in India and the Indian army which protects them. If someone wants to pinpoint a Negative aspect in this post saying that we are supporting a particular party. In this post, those thoughts should be eradicated.

India and China Border Dispute. We are not politicians to do politics in this issue. We are India’s Citizens. 

So Today’s news has two important aspects. 

What is this triangle India, China and Pakistan?

Why are China and Pakistan staying strong against India?

Please check out our Post where we mentioned China’s three Warfares. The post which we share connects the dots and will be useful in the future to connect it. There are chances that these posts and Videos become a Digital Library. A Very Important Video or post called China3Ws. China’s Three warfare. Public Opinion, Psychological Warfare, and Legal warfare. They will try to convince the International Community that they did the Legal way. 

China A Cunning Traitor - Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects

Did the India and China Border Dispute real?

Yes. China made its people believe that the Indian army entered its territory. They have been doing Psychological warfare until now. A small sample, Peace talks happen between China and India. After so many failures, they tried it with Majors but lastly, Lieutenant Generals of both countries engage in Peace talks. 

This peace talk lasted from 4 to 6 hrs. Both Lieutenant Generals returned to their countries and there was no news coming out from both armies. 

The media and the people were asking questions. Both army officials have come to the conclusion that the Tension in the border will be decreased slowly. They will have another Peace Talk. We already said that this will be the first step. 

Will this Dispute be solved via Peace Talks alone?

Please Understand China’s Fox Like Cunningness. They initiated the peace talks. Then the Chinese Army carries out large-Scale Drills with over 1000 Soldiers in the border. They bring in Soldiers, Tanks, Artillery for the drill. China says that it is ready for everything. One hour they can move their troops to another location. They said that they have been training for so many years now. 

Is the Chinese Army attacking us Psychologically?

Peace talks were a success. China indirectly is saying that they are ready for war and their army is ready. They also telecast a video. This video was telecasted in their Official Channels. The Chinese people will think that the Chinese army is trying to protect them. But the Indian People are saying that China is doing so much and the Indian army is doing nothing. People are asking for Disgusting Questions and Political Questions. But they don’t know what the Indian army is actually doing. 

These questions are still unanswered. These questions are placed to Politicians, Govt Officials. If you search for this question you have to search for China’s Cunning ways. 

So after the Peace talks, the Chinese army conducts an Army Drill after three hours. After two hours Pakistan army attacks the Indian Army. There was intense firing in the Line of Control. When Pakistan attacks our army, Terrorist infiltrate India. Indian army has killed nearly 5 to 6 Terrorists in the border within 24 hrs. 

What happened next?

The Chinese Official media telecasts in CGTN, China has improved its relations with Myanmar. Surely China and Myanmar Foreign Policies will be improved. China’s President sent wishes on the 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic ties to Myanmar. 

In Myanmar, there are groups which are trained by the Chinese army to act against India. They are trained to oppose India and the Indian army.

How many of you know this issue?

India and Myanmar were engaged in an important Project called Kaladan Multi-Modal Transit Transport Project. This project involves creating a Sea route and a Road from Kolkatta to Myanmar. This project is opposed by the AA. This group is called the Arakan Army. This is not the Official Army of Myanmar. It is a Terrorist group which opposes the Myanmar Army. This terrorist group has been funded by China. From China, the Arakan army receives fund, Technology, Weapons, Military Equipments.

China A Cunning Traitor - Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects

This Arakan army is now asking money from India if they want to complete the project. The project is going to be completed when this is done India will dominate the region. So China’s Proxy army the Arakan army is trying to stop us. 

Last year 5 workers were captured. Indian govt after so many struggles got back 4 of the Captured Workers, one Worker didnt make it and his death was of Natural Causes. When India was trying to recover its workers China got involved and tried to stop us. 

This is Psychological warfare. Myanmar’s Highest Govt officials say to India that to control the Arakan army we have to join forces with the Myanmar army. We all will think that we should join forces. 

There is China’s Project called Kyaukphyu Deep Seaport. This project is near the Indian project. But the Arakan Army doesn’t oppose the Chinese Project. 

What will China do if we attack the Arakan army?

China A Cunning Traitor - Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects
Arakan Army

China will supply the fund and Weapons for the Arakan army. We don’t have issues with the Myanmar govt. There is no direct issue between India and the Arakan Army. India through an agreement with Myanmar govt is doing this project. Both Countries will be benefitted by the Project. So if we oppose the Arakan Army which is not directly opposing us. China can easily blame India in front of the International Community. An issue like this happened during the Indira Gandhi Period. If we discuss that issue it will become Politics. 

How should India handle this situation?

India has to be patient to deal with this issue. If we directly hit the Arakan army we will be pressured by the International Community. India doesn’t have direct confrontation with the Arakan army. 

So through the Arakan Army, China pressures India. In another way, they pressure the Myanmar Govt also. China says that it will be built a Deep Seaport worth 7 Billion USD. So The Chinese president visits Myanmar to sign the agreement. After 20 years a Chinese President has visited Myanmar. Myanmar knows that if it goes into Debts with China then it will have to become a Chinese Slave. So the Myanmar govt after many talks take down the Project’s cost to 1 Billion USD. China also asks for a Project to be re-initiated which was stopped by the Myanmar govt in 2011. Myanmar govt declines and accepts the Deep Seaport project.

China A Cunning Traitor - Border Peace talks Vs Indian Projects

So China to pressure India involves the Arakan Army and our Project has been stalled. Now Myanmar govt will think that India is not supporting its army against the Arakan Army. The project has been stalled. So they will think about siding with China. So China’s goal is achieved. 

This is China’s Three warfare. PLA China’s Communist army, their Policy is Victory without War. There is no dispute Between India and China through Myanmar. But China is using the Proxy army called Arakan army to cause issues. 

If India completes the Project successfully. North Eastern economic of India can be recovered. Please search for Chicken Neck Corridor or Siliguri Corridor. China is saying that it will place its army in the region. So if we want to go to Myanmar via road we must use this corridor. If the Kaladan Project is successful we can use the sea route. India will be benefitted through this project. 

What benefits does China have by stopping this project?

We will have to bring in Malaysia into this Project. We will discuss China’s Benefits and India’s Opposition in the next post. 

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