China’s Dominance in the South China Sea – Brahmos Phillippines

China's Dominance in the South China Sea - Brahmos Phillippines:

A real enemy is the one who stands Face to Face. But if an enemy backstabs us we can him Traitor. SO this way if we see China it is definitely a Traitor to India. Many may have doubts.

Why are we speaking only about China and America?

In another country says that it will cut off India’s Left Hand Ie They are going to take the left side of the country for themselves. Will we be furious or not?

These posts about China are a result of this fury.

Is China causing Issues to India only?

The Countries which are in the 9-Lines. Are there no issues for those countries?

Malaysia will not be mentioned in this post. We will discuss it in the next post.

What will today’s post be?

Please wait and read, there is so many surprising information available in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Your videos are concentrated on International Topics. Please try it in Hindi and English.  Try it other Languages was the request from our Audience.  

We were thinking about it. Some friends said that they will dub the videos and have sent the audio. There is a possibility that there will be the English Channel. People who send us a message in Instagram will receive the sample Audio. Please msg in Instagram the link is in the Description of the Video. 

Before going into the post, Let’s Discuss the News of Today. India and China have withdrawn their Forces up to 2 Kilometres. So both the armies have entered each other’s territories and now they back off. This week there will another Peace talk between both countries. This is an effect caused by the June 5th Peace talks. 

The Second news is The Philippines has decided to buy Bramos Missiles from India. The third news is the Philippines is planning to build more on the South China Sea. The fourth news is China is ready to help the Philippines because the Country is struggling with Corona Virus and in a way improve relations with the Philippines. China was the reason the Philippines is suffering now. We cant directly say this to China but it is in our minds. 

SO 4 News has been released. We are now going to Connect the Dots.  

The First news is that India and China are now at peace. So the armies are retreating back to their borders. If you think that the issue is solved then it’s NO. Still, there are going to be peace talks, We already know China’s Cunning ways. They have a plan in order. So this news cant is discussed now. 

The three News will come under Connecting the Dots. We have already discussed the Philippines. It is the 7th country which has more Islands. Australia is first in this list as they have more than 8000 Islands. The Philippines has more than 7000 Islands. This is in our Digital Library. 

The Philippines has said that they are interested in buying the Indian Made Brahmos Missiles. This news may be a headache and a benefit to India. 

Why is this a headache for China if India sold the Brahmos Missiles?

We need to understand the concept of 9-Lines. A Map which was drawn before 1948. The Chinese take that map and drew some red lines you can see this image in the video 4.51. China says that these lines represent its borders. The UN or Other countries didnt say it. UN declared some laws in 1982 called UNCLOS. So the sea from the land approx 200 Kilometres is considered to be the Country’s Exclusive Economic Zone. Due to this law, the Sea region from China’as Land should be its EEZ. 

China's Dominance in the South China Sea - Brahmos Phillippines:

ForEx: Take your house. You hoist a flag 2 Kilometres from your House. If you say that the land belonged to your house. What will people say?

People will call you mentally affected or you trying to occupy their lands or they will beat you up. 

China is 1500 Kilometres from this area. China says once the regions belonged to China. IF we ask Which timezone? They will never give you the answer. This is how China is saying that 80% of the Sea in the South China Sea belongs to them. 

Who can the International Community Ignore this?

So when China says 80% of the Sea in the South China sea belongs to the many countries oppose China. Countries like the Philippines and Indonesia oppose it. 

Yesterday’s news, China is going to help Myanmar in a project if Myanmar is ready to invest in 7 Billion USD. China said it will be built a Deep Seaport. Myanmar reduced the amount to 1 Billion USD. This agreement when we dive deep shows different info. Myanmar is going to lease the land for 50 Years to China. So the Deep Seaport will be used by the Chinese. 

Is this agreement only for 50 years?

No. They have also signed an agreement for an Extension of 25 years of Lease. Myanmar must pay 1 Billion USD to China, China will trade from that port for 75 years and earn profits. So they will bring in the Chinese workers to work in the port. There is also another agreement which has been signed and the project is going to start. A day will come When China will say that Myanmar belongs to China. The same happened to Srilanka. 

China signs an agreement with Sri Lanka for building Hambantota Port. The Port construction started Sri Lanka was unable to pay the money. So they leased the port for 100 years to China. The Port and the regions surrounding it are now occupied by the Chinese. For Three Generations that land will not belong to Tamils nor Singalaese, it’s not their land. It Belongs to China. Now Myanmar is taking the steps to become a Slave of China. 

There are so many issues. But we have to discuss the Philippines. In the South China Sea China is opposed by the Philippines. We have discussed the 9-Lines. Refer to the map in the video 8.36. The Black Lines regions belong to the Philippines. We can see from that image that the red line is dividing the Black Line. This is the issue between China and the Philippines. 

Today Philippines has said that they are going to invest 23 Million USD on those Islands to improve the Infrastructure and place the army in those islands. To do this Philippines need Soldiers. Soldiers need Weapons. So the Philippines is going to buy weapons from India. 

China's Dominance in the South China Sea - Brahmos Phillippines:

China to Overcome this issue must do one thing. China has to move Psychologically. China says that it will help the Philippines. China doesn’t want the Philippines to purchase Brahmos from India. China says it wants to ally with the Philippines. 

Let’s Discuss Indonesia now. From Chinese Broder approx 1500 Kilometres away there is an Island called Natuna Regency. China says that Natuna Belongs to them. The reason was in ancient times Chinese People lived there. America is now trying to oppose this issue. If China grows there will be issues for America. Both of them are Culprits. We should watch the Competition between these two countries. 

America does Fonops(Freedom of Navigation Operation). So 200 Kilometres from Land is the EEZ. If there is no other country in the Sea then these ISlands or regions cannot be occupied or doesn’t belong to any country. But any country can do its Military Operations on these regions. So when there is an issue in the South China Sea through Freedom of Navigation Operation they send in their Naval Ships. Last month American and Australian Naval Ships entered the South China Sea. China banned Australia. So the Australians had to retreat. America refused to go back. 

China's Dominance in the South China Sea - Brahmos Phillippines:

How many FONOP Operation has America done in 2019?

More than 8 FONOP Operations. In 2020, America has already done more than 4 Fonop Operations. They send their ships and look over if there are issues for other countries by China. 

When Obama was President, only 4 FONOP Operations were done in 8 years. To stop China’s Domination in the South China Sea within 2 years America has completed nearly 13 FONOP Operations. We can clearly see that China is dominating the region. 

China says whether Indonesia accepts or not Natuna Island belongs to them. 

Who can ask questions against China?

TO oppose China many countries joined forces. Among them is One Country called Malaysia. There will be huge issues between China and Malaysia says the World’s Experts. They now say that these issues will be solved easily by China. This issue is called Malacca Dilemma. There is a huge issue which is waiting between China and Malaysia due to the Strait Of Malacca. This was the reason Malaysia said No to China’s Projects. This is another History for another post. 

This Series will not be that interesting than Mossad. For people who want to know about India, The World Stand and China’s Domination. This series will be bright and huge. Our Posts and Videos will be like watching a Hollywood Movie.

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