China’s Next Plan against India – Indian Army is Ready

Four Days ago there was an Article released in Global Times of China. 

What was in the article?

The article stated that there are chances  Pakistan and Nepal’s armies will provoke India. This is happening now. 

What will be the next attack from China to India?

Russia, China and India. WIll there be a change of Relations between these three countries?

The three countries will attend two meetings very soon. 

How is America going to respond in this issue?

What is the status of Nepal?

Has China Surrounded Bangladesh?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

When you look at the Introduction you may wonder, How we are going to discuss all these questions?

All these events are world politics which is based on India. 

The Nepalese army has been gathered. They are stationing their troops in two locations Kalapani and Lipulekh. The Nepalese army says that it will create more than 200 Outposts in their border. Nepal has never stationed troops near the India and Nepal Border Until now. 

Who is behind Nepal’s actions?

Two days ago, Nepal declared its new map and their President signed the map. There was a Political meeting held in Nepal. Previous Presidents of the country were invited, but they declined the request. The virtual Political Party was conducted with the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Unconfirmed news says that the meeting’s intension was how to attack India. These are Two Communist parties from China and Nepal. 

There will be an Ambassador of China in Nepal. China deliberately has appointed Ms Hou Yanqi who was a diplomat in the Pakistan embassy. She is advised by China to create issues between Pakistan, Nepal against India. We can clearly see that China is accurately planning it.

China's Next Plan against India - Indian Army is Ready

19/06/2020 the Indian army has killed eight Terrorists. Pakistan drone has been shot down. The drones were carrying the weapons needed for the terrorists. This event has been ongoing now. 

So one side Pakistan and Nepal are pressuring India. Bangladesh will be dominated by China very soon. We read the news that Bangladesh has a Higher GDP than India. Bangladesh now has been named the least Developed COuntry because the Textile Manufacturing has gone down. Textile Manufacturing is 14% in the Bangladesh GDP. But 80% of their total exports are Textiles. 

Which countries buy these 80% Textiles?

Major exports were to the European Union. Due to the Corona Virus, The EU and Britain are suffering so they have stopped imports of Textiles from Bangladesh. Now the growth of Bangladesh came down by 70%. Bangladesh needs Money as debt. China and Bangladesh sign an agreement. Already they have a trade agreement called APTA(Asia Pacific Trade Agreement). Through APTA 3091 Products exports to China will be Duty-free. China now asks for 5161 More Products will be Tax-free Exports. This is a huge relief says the Bangladeshi media. 

China's Next Plan against India - Indian Army is Ready

China has also asked Bangladesh to sign the two agreements in the BRI Project. So China’s next target is Bangladesh. So there are chances that Bangladesh may act against India. 

Which place will the next issue rise for India?

Cyberattack. Australia has suffered a Sophisticated Cyberattack. They have never encountered a cyberattack of this magnitude in their History. The Cyberattack happened in Govt Offices, Universities and in Social Media. Australian govt has countered the Cyberattack and stopped it. 

Which Country could have caused this for Australia?

China's Next Plan against India - Indian Army is Ready

Australia said that the cyberattacks were from China. The next stage will be Chinese Hackers targeting Indian Websites. Already Indians is Social media are encouraging #BoycottChina. So there is a possibility that we may hear news about a possible Cyberattack. This is just a warning. 

Among these Warnings, Russia, China and India will participate in the Trilateral meeting called RIC. 

Who initiated this meeting?

Russia did it. India was going to participate in this meeting. But when the Violent clash happened in the border, there was a question whether India will Participate or not. Our Foreign Minister has said that he will attend the meeting. On 24th June our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will visit Russia. The reason behind his visit is Nazis were defeated in Russia on May 9th. Russia used to have celebrations on that day. But due to Corona Virus, the date has been moved to June 24th. Rajnath Singh and 66 Members will accompany him to Russia. China may have more than 100 Attendees for the meeting. 

The news is Russia wants to be the Mediator to solve the Border Dispute between India and China. Russia is ready to supply MIG29 and Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter jets to India. India has also given a list of fighters to Russia for Purchase. So the Total order from India to Russia was 33 Fighter Jets. So Russia will supply  MIG29 and Sukhoi Su-30MKI jet fighters. The delivery of this Jet fighters will be done in the shortest timeframe. So India is now doing Psychological Warfare against China. 

China's Next Plan against India - Indian Army is Ready

Global Times released images in Twitter of their Attack Helicopters ready to Liftoff. This is just a strategy to scare the Indian army and the Population. Today our Media has said that our Army has been conducting Military exercises in the Region of Ladakh. All Attack Helicopters and Jet fighters of India are ready to face the enemy. An Apache attack helicopter was deployed in Ladakh. Through the Information obtained by the Apache Attack Helicopter, the Indian army knows where the Chinese troops are stationed. Indian army is ready to face their enemies is the message delivered to the International Community.

We have discussed in this post. The Whole Indian Airforce has been put on High Alert. An Order was placed to the Indian Airforce “Ready and Deployed”. Our Airforce has responded to the Order and they are ready. 

Fighter Jets flying in Ladakh Region. The Nepal army gathers its strength in the India and Nepal Border. Terrorists Killed in the Pakistan and India Border. Next move from China through Bangladesh. A Warning there could be a Cyberattack.

America knows the reason why China has entered the Indian Territory. This was to divert the International Community from the Corona Virus issue. America also warns China that it has betrayed India and the International Community. 

But Now Indian media is engaged in another debate. The PM of India has clearly said that the Chinese Troops didnt enter the Indian Territory. 

How were the Indian soldiers then?

What really happened in the Galwan Valley?

These questions have been raised. The Explanation to these questions is the Chinese Entered and built Tents in the Galway Valley which is under the Direct Control of India. The Chinese army has entered the Indian Territory. If we say that the Chinese didnt enter the Indian Territory we will never receive the support from The International Community. 

The truth is Chinese Soldiers entered our Border. Now they refuse to give back the region to the Indian Army. China is saying now that the Galwan Valley belongs to them. 

Today they have occupied Galwan Valley, Tomorrow they will Occupy Ladakh regions and Then Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. 

China will keep occupying Regions and if India stays Silent. Half of the Indian Landscape will belong to China in the future. 

What will happen next?

How will India Respond?

What are the issues waiting to be placed on China by the International Community?

China has no allies but it has many slaves like Pakistan and Nepal. But India has many Allied Countries. So If China starts a war with India. It will have to fight this war from all sides. There are chances that many countries will fight with India against China. 

It may result in World War3. 

As Indians, we don’t need war but Peace. The future holds the answer. 

Indians were saying #BoycottChina. But within Seconds OnePlus8 was sold out. We will discuss it in the next post. 

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