Dr.Thanigasalam Vs Medicine – Traditional Indian Medicine

Dr.Thanigasalam Vs Medicine - Traditional Indian Medicine:

Good, Bodhi Dharma is not alive today, or we would have said that he was a fool. He discovered a cure and went to China to cure the Chinese People. 

In Tamilnadu, a Siddha Doctor said that he has found a cure for Corona Virus. Many are searching whether he is a fraud or not. 

What should we actually search for?

In China, they have contained Coronavirus.

Did China use its traditional Herbal medicines?

Did America ask for help from China?

Was China’s Medicine against America?

We will discuss these in detail with proof.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Siddha Doctor whether he is a fraud or not. Is not the topic of this post. Many Believe that Tamil Discoveries are not coming out. This belief is getting strong by the events which are happening. So this post is a shout out for that belief. 

Dr Thanikasalam is fraud or not. We can avoid this and find whether his medicine is a cure or not. Many said that Corona Hit the world in 2019-2020 but 4 years ago a cure was discovered.

Dr.Thanigasalam Vs Medicine - Traditional Indian Medicine

How can we believe this statement?

So we have called him a fraud and avoided him. His belief in discovering the cure is not acceptable. But using his medicine will our immunity system be strengthened. If that happens will it destroy the Corona Virus?. 

Till this second, there is no cure for Corona Virus in the world. Nearly 5 lakh people were affected by the virus. But 2 lakh people had recovered. 

How was this possible?

So without a Vaccine, a cure is possible or not?

America said about a vaccine called Hydroxychloroquine. But now America is number 1 most affected countries. India listening to America has stopped the export of Hydroxychloroquine. If America says it we listen. But in Siddha Medicine, there is a medicine to improve your immune system. Media calls it a joke or a fraud. A Siddha doctor recommended a medicine, Ummathampoo 2 to 3 drops of it can be consumed. But this plant is toxic, so if a person drinks 4 or 5 drops that person may die. 

There is a tablet called Paracetamol. Three generations of us have seen the advt for this tablet. So if you consume Paracetamol regularly then your immune system will get low. So we need regulations. If Ummathampoo is considered a Toxic, then why don’t you say that Paracetamol is not good health and it has side effects. 

So if you say this will the Corporate act against you?.

 Will, you do not get sponsors? 

Are you scared?. This is very funny. 

We don’t say that Dr.Thanikasalam discovery is a cure for Corona. But medicine is increasing our Immune System strength. If you have a strong Immune System then no virus can harm you. Neela Vembhu Kasayam when introduced in Tamilnadu, there were similar issues.  Many actors and actress told not to use Neela Vembhu Kasayam. It is not Clinically tested. We have to conduct tests to ensure whether medicine is good or not.

Dr.Thanigasalam Vs Medicine - Traditional Indian Medicine

Are our Sceintists ready to research these medicines?

If we say Siddha Medicine people really don’t care about it that the community which we live in right now. American People 80% Say that they are willing to try Herbal medicines. The link to that proof is in the Description of the video. People who are experts in science can make a change in our medicines. In this change, Siddha Medicine also has a part. We cannot accept only Science and avoid Siddha Medicine. 

Are you against Science?

Are you against Corporate?

Youtube is also a Corporate company. We are not against Corporate, not against Science. We are in modern times. But in our past, if we look into history there are so many good things. Our Request is to combine the past good things with Modern times and live our lives. 

Some say we are against Corporate. A few questions to these people. All English Medicines have side effects. 

Will any of the media say that avoid these medicines for the side effects?

But there are people who completely abandon Siddha Medicine. So for Generations these Siddha people, a Siddha Doctor says that he has found a cure. Research that medicine and says that it has side effects. 

There are journals from China which was released in 2020. 

The First Journal says, “ Can Chinese Medicine be used for Prevention of Corona Virus Disease 2019?. A review of Historical Classics, Research Evidence and Current Prevention Programs. This journal was released on Feb17th 2020. Their conclusion was based on Historical records and Human Evidence of SARS and H1N1 influenza Prevention, Chinese Herbal formula could be an alternative approach for prevention of COVID-19 in a high-risk population”.

So when we look at historical records, TCM Traditional Chinese medicine, TIM means Traditional Indian Medicine. TCM and TIM remain the most ancient yet living traditions say a Scientific Journal. This Research article came in 2005. The link is in the Description of the video. 

Dr.Thanigasalam Vs Medicine - Traditional Indian Medicine

How is TCM Important now?

Chinese govt used TCM and Western medicines to cure its 85% of its patients says a Journal from China. This news came in Online so nobody can say its fake news. In that study, they say that “ TCM should be used in Combination with Conventional Medicine in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. So both medicines together can eradicate the virus. 

Now we are asking a question. A Siddha doctor says he has found a cure. The people who say that the medicine suggested by the Siddha Doctor is fake. But these people don’t research the medicine or say that it has any side effects or not. 

Please Research the medicine suggested by the Siddha Doctor. We are using Turmeric water and Neem Leaves in our houses. We are turning to our traditional methods. Using Turmeric Water doesn’t cure Corona. If you use turmeric water germs will not come. So if the germs die then the Corona Virus doesn’t have a chance to live. We don’t say that Turmeric water is a cure for the Corona Virus.

You may ask a question.

If a Corona Patient takes the Siddha medicine and dies who is responsible?

Patients who died taking Hydroxychloroquine who will be responsible. 

Who will take responsibility?

There is no answer to this question. The Siddha medicine which he offers, we can test it, we have lab facilities. We can consider that medicine. Without doing any kind of research on the medicine we consider it as a fraud. 

If we have a fever we used to use our traditional medicines for healing. A Guy from the Western world suggests you a tablet. Now it’s everywhere. In Siddha medicine, the side effects are very low compared to western medicines. These Siddha medicines should be discovered and made available to people. To do this we should support our Siddha Doctors. So if we say Dr Thanikasalam is a fraud, will somebody from Siddha medicine come out and say they have found a cure?. If he says we will all again call him a fraud and a fool. 

Just do your research. Many youtube channels can create awareness about this issue. We don’t know much about Medical Field. But there are people who are experts in this subject. They should create Awareness.

If China considers using Traditional Chinese Medicine. In ancient times we educated the Chinese about these medicines. We used to transport these medicines to ancient China. We have even sent Bodhi Dharmar to China. 

Why didnt we succeed in medicine?

What could be the reason?

We should start a search for the answer. We are not saying we have to change completely to Traditional Indian Medicine. But we can Combine it with Modern Medicine. 

People who ask for proof Please see the Description in the video. Please read the journals to clear your questions.

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