Germany’s Mega Twist – Will NATO Disappear?

Germany's Mega Twist - Will NATO Disappear?:

Which Side does Germany stand?

America is going to call back its 9500 American Soldiers from Germany. We can say its 25% of America’s Force. 

Why is America calling back its troops now?

When Germany moves away from America.

How will it affect NATO?

Britain has already exited the European Union. After Britain the most powerful country in the European Union is Germany. 

Is Germany siding with China? Or Is it siding with the Communist Domination?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

World War 2 is over, We all know that Germany was defeated. Many Countries contested Control over Germany. There were France, Britain and America. These three countries wanted to bring Germany under their control. So they divided Germany Into East Germany and West Germany. 

Germany's Mega Twist - Will NATO Disappear?

On 1955, America, Britain and France declared West Germany as a Nation. East Germany was controlled by the Soviet Union of Russia. They also include West Germany into NATO. 

Why was NATO formed?

Soviet Union Russia and China the Communist wave was coming to many countries in Europe. Communism was against Capitalism. Nato was created to destroy Communism. Article 5 was newly included in NATO. So if a country wages war against any of the NATO nations then the remaining countries in NATO will face the enemy together. 

After 1990 West Germany and East Germany were joined and after so many struggles Germany was born again.  So from 1955, West Germany was a part of NATO. On 1990 they officially announce that Germany is a part of NATO. 

Germany faces a huge issue now. From 2017 to 2018, the Trade war between America and China started. Many websites released Articles stating that the trade war will greatly affect Germany. So the issue for Germany started in 2017. 

There was a survey taken from the German People. The survey was conducted by Korber and Pew Research Foundation. Korber is a Non Profit organisation which takes surveys to understand the Pulse of the German People. Pew Research foundation is an organisation from America. 72% of Germans took part in the survey. 36% of the German people say that they support China. 38% of Germans say that they support America. 75% Germans say that America didnt handled the Corona Pandemic Properly. These surveys were taken from 2019 to 2020. 

Germany's Mega Twist - Will NATO Disappear?

Recently the Germans are having this change of view. 

Is this the main issue?

Russia wants to enter the European Union, and they are trying very hard. China has already entered many countries in the European Union whether its Italy, Germany and Britain. The Chinese have made huge investments in Italy. China wanted to buy a robotics company called Kuka in Germany. This created a big issue in the German Parliament, and the order was cancelled. Many German assets belong to China now. 

We have to discuss each and every issue to understand what is happening in Germany now. 

China investments in Germany is increasing. China’s domination in Germany is also increasing. We can easily see that China has entered the European Union. Russia is trying hard to enter the European Union. To oppose China’s Domination, America stationed the NATO Troops in Germany.  

If you ask us, How many Soldiers were stationed?

The Answer is nearly 35000 Soldiers. For the Protection Germany was giving 1 Million USD to America every year. 

So Nato has been formed. Nearly 29 Countries are now in NATO. 

Which country is paying the most for these NATO Soldiers?

On 2019, there was a big issue between America and the European Union. America said that the country was paying 23% to 25% of the find to NATO. Germany’s Contribution was 14%. America wanted Germany to pay more. They didnt want to spend America’s money on Germany’s protection. Finally, they come to the conclusion that both countries will pay 16% as a fund to NATO. They come to an agreement that they will collect the remaining fund from other countries. 

Germany's Mega Twist - Will NATO Disappear?

Donald Trump now announces that they will callback 9500 American Soldiers to their country. The news was leaked to many media and Magazines. So the leaked information gets to Germany. 

Who is Germany’s Chancellor now?

Angela Merkel is Germany’s Chancellor for a long time. Merkel and Trump dislike each other. Merkel was angry on Trump because he didnt inform the call back of the troops. 

Germany's Mega Twist - Will NATO Disappear?

What this the only issue between the two leaders?

Last Month, Donald trump invited Merkel to the G7 Conference. We have discussed a lot about this issue in Tamil Pokkisham. This is proof that the Videos released have a continuity. Merkel refuses the Invitation and her reason was the Invitation to Russia. 

It was called the G8 until Russia was kicked out. After Russia’s exit, it is called the G7 Countries. Germany declined because Russia was invited. Germany’s indirect Question was “Why they didnt invite China”. If they have included Russia why not include China. This became a debate among the International Community. This is a very important point in Geo-Politics. 

Why are you refusing to invite China?

Are you trying to use G7 Countries against China?

This is Germany’s Indirect Question. In the South China Sea, the European Union Countries and G7 Countries conduct FONOP Operations(Freedom of Navigation operation). They invite Germany to be a part of the Operation to unite against China. But Germany Declined. Germany declined in 2018. On 2019 amidst various pressure, they Declined the request. In 2020 they say that they will not be a part of the FONOP Operations. 

Many countries were wondering. Why Merkel is refusing?

Merkel as the German Chancellor will be over next year. Before that, she has to take part in the Conference between the European Union and China. The Conference is lead by Germany. Merkel has said that they will not only discuss Global Climate Change, but they will also discuss that many countries are acting against Eachother. Merkel says that a strong relationship should be established with China by Germany and the European Union. 

Next comes the Iranian Issue.  On 2015 America sanctioned economic bans upon Iran. The ban was Iran cannot buy any weapons from any country and no country should sell any weapons to Iran. Ban was for five years. Coming Oct 2020 the ban will be over. America is asking to extend the ban on Iran. Last Thursday, 115 Strategic Documents were submitted in the American Congress. The Documents consists of

How they are going to take control over Iran?

What should be done against Germany?

The American Congress discusses the Documents and the strategy. Important news was America is going to impose a trade barrier against a Project in Germany. This project is called Nord Stream of Pipeline. This project has been done by Russia and Germany. The Crude Oil needed for Germany will come through these pipelines. America says that the Corporates involved in the project should be banned. Already they have trade barriers against Germany, they are going to increases it. 

Iran says that if the European Union or the United Nations Security Council agrees to extend the ban, Iran will consider it as an act of war. Iran will not be a part of any Nuclear Theory or Agreements. Iran will function Spontaneously. Iran has declared and they are ready to face anything. Iran is supported by China and Russia. Germany has now started to ask questions.

Why is America banning Iran from buying and Selling Weapons?

Many Countries in the United Nations is supporting Iran. America is standing alone in this Iran issue.  

What will happen if the issue continues to persists?

The European Union will be scattered into Pieces. European Union’s Powerful Country is the UK. The UK has already quit the European Union Via Brexit. The Next Powerful Country is Germany. If there is an issue in Germany then the EU will be divided. When this happens there will be no NATO. Many World’s analysts and Experts have already predicted this event. 

Their Prediction is A War among America and China will be the end of NATO. 

What lose will America face if it opposes Germany?

America has so many to lose. 

Is Trump taking decisions by not considering these Losses?

Is America going to relocate the American troops from Germany To Poland?

What are the Benefits and the losses to America?

We will discuss this in the next post. 

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