How America Became Super Power – Part1

How America Became Super Power - Part1:

From 1940 to 1987, America’s GNP Total production of the country raised from 100 Billion Us dollars to 52000 Billion Dollars. When the countries which participated or lost in world war2, their economy was shattered. America was the one country which was producing cars, Weapons, and everything. In 47 years the population of America raised from 132 Million to 236 Million. Many countries during World war2 were suffering a lot, but America was inviting People to come to America to increase its production. So many people flock to America and this happened after World war2. So when you ask Analysts or Historians to pinpoint how America became a Super Power they will point to World War2. But NO, It was in 1800’s they created a Master plan on how to make America into a Super Power. 

America Becoming a Superpower should be credited to its people for their hard Work. 

Who was behind the master plan?

How did America become a Super Power?

How did America sustain its economy after becoming a superpower?

How did they improve their military power?

So how did America use The Depression which happened in 1929? 

So answers to all these questions will be Insert in this first post of the series. Very important and also it's a very confusing topic, it involves World Politics and Other Countries as well. So this series will feature a lot of Upcoming posts and we need your support for this series. 

Beloved Tamil people.  Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

How did America become a Super Power?

We can discuss this topic in 2 minutes or 10 minutes or even a whole day. There a lot of factors to be discussed. So the smaller version is very easy to speak. But In the longer version, we need to know about the planning of America, X Article, Kennan, and Truman we should also discuss all these topics. Hitler becoming Chancellor of Germany. The Mighty Soviet Union shattered into pieces. The plan to subdue Italy, Germany, Brasil, Britain, and France in favor of America. We need to discuss a lot in this series. 

So when you complete watching or reading this series, You will have this Satisfaction that you have learned a lot about World politics. Now China is trying to become Superpower, Similarly in the 1890s America Dreamed about it. 

How America Became Super Power - Part1

America had a theory. One Nation and One Government. This whole world should have one nation, and to rule the World there should be Only Government. This is called as New World Order. So when we speak about Illuminati we should have known about this New World Order. So for many years, America has planned. 

So World War2, in 1947 America’s Foreign minister was Kenneth. He says that “ Americans only are 6% of the World’s population. The assets which the Americans had is nearly 50% of the World’s Economy. So the whole World’s economy put together will equal America’s riches. So Kenneth says that this difference is not enough we have to increase the percentage in our favor. 

Kenneth builds a plan to change the ratio to 80% America and 20% rest of the world. 

The President during that period was Truman. He read Kenneth’s article and lead the Govt according to Kenneth’s Suggestions in the article. This Article is called an X Article. This X article becomes a bible of America after World war2. 

This X Article is the main reason behind America becoming An Economic Powerhouse and a Military Superpower. So this happened in 1947. But in 1800 to 1890 the seeds of becoming a Superpower have been planted. They didn’t the only dream of becoming one, they used all space available to them. Many Countries were competing against each other. America didn’t compete with anyone.

 In the 19th Century, America started wars which count to 114. These wars have not been against The world Countries but its neighboring countries. The Countries which were weak. The major war was against Spain. So this ws the War when America Really became Superpower. Spain was once a superpower. When these two countries fight each other, we need to know what Thucydides trap. It means two countries One a Superpower already and the other which wants to become a Super Power. So at the end of the war, there is a possibility that a New Superpower will raise. So America used this chance. 

How America Became Super Power - Part1

In 1821, Mexico got its independence from Spain. After Independence  Mexico was under the control of America. The indigenous people called the Red Indians, Apache were massacred by the Americans. America as a country will say” We didn’t become Superpower like Britain or France, by robbing other countries”.  Americans would say that they became Superpower with their hard Work. But it’s not the truth. America developed itself by The African Slaves, By killing Red Indians, and also by killing the Indigenous people of Mexico. Their hard work made America a developed country. 

So before World War 1, they have planned to become a Superpower. 

But whats steps did they take? 

How great was their Military power?

Now we can say that America has a powerful Military in the world. They have advanced technology and weapons now. But before World War1 their Strength was nearly 5 times lower than Britain. When you compare the navy Britain was 10 times bigger than America. So America only had its aims and brain to become Superpower. Britain is robbing other countries. France wants other countries to be included in its colonies. So a war between these two countries is evitable. So America needed to develop itself into a strong country. 

Britain had a powerful navy than America, but Aerica was Producing nearly 3 times greater than Britain. Slaves were working hard, many industries have been started for them to work. So America was concentrating on maximizing its industrial production. So they didn’t go to war with any neighboring country. They did wage war against big countries but they did fight against weaker countries. In 1891 they want to war with Mexico because Mexico was exhausted in fighting the Spanish. So they waged war against Mexico and got control over Mexico. California and New Mexico states of the USA actually belonged to Mexico. 

Is it possible for a country to think like this?

The People of America had only one dream to make America Into a Super Power. They also wanted to be rich and powerful in the world. After world war 2 America waged war against Communism. The cold war against Russia, bombing Japan with nuclear weapons. During that period in world war2 Japan was ready to negotiate a Peace treaty. But America can’t control japan because of the Geological locations. So to become a Superpower America had to test the Nuclear weapon. So after the bombing Japan would turn against the USA but it didn’t. If japan acted against America then Russia would have takes control of Japan thus Japan becoming a Communist country.

But America played its card right by saying that “Japan’s Monarchy will be given importance, they will be allowed to rule their nation. They were culprits and they have to endure this bombing. So we are not going to ban Japan or conquer or  Occupy it”. By doing this they have stopped Communism spreading in Japan. They attacked China and Korea, nearly 2 lakh people lost their lives in those wars. After all these events only America became a superpower. We will look into this in a more detailed manner. This is just a short introduction.

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