India China Issue – Will there be a war?

India China Issue - Will there be a war?:

Locusts are coming to India many asked a post in the comments section. But we have already discussed the topic please check the description in the video. 

What content in this post?

China is gathering its army strength. India is also gathering its armed forces for a reply. 

What’s happening in the border?

What will happen next?

Why is China gathering its armed forces?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

China wants to threaten India. We have already discussed the border issue. China and India border dispute are ongoing for so many years. In 1962 China and India were at war. On 1988 then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the Chinese President signed an agreement. After this agreement in 1993, 1996, 2005 agreements were signed. 

Is there a Limited Border or Declared border Between China and India?

No. The border is called LAC(Line of Actual Control). But this border is not declared. We had a lot of comments saying throwing rocks at each other is like kids fight, Why didnt they use their guns?

After 1975, There is no Soldier Death in the India and China Border. But if you look at India and Pakistan Border there have been many lives lost of our Brave Soldiers.
Why no deaths in China and India Border?

We should look into the agreement between India and China in 1988. We don’t have a declared Border. So there are so many chances that issues may arise. If there is an issue we will establish a separate group to deal with the issue. We should solve this issue through the group formed by the countries. But no firing or killing soldiers or capturing Soldiers was signed in the 1988 Agreement. 

So read the agreements signed in 1993, 1996, and 2005 Download The Tamil Pokkisham App the records have been uploaded. 

So through this agreement, no Soldier should lose his life and this is followed till today. So due to this Soldiers are throwing stones or having fistfights and not changing this issue into a war. Suppose if there is a big issue then the group will be called and Diplomacy will happen.

This was happening until now. But now we should compare China in the past and the present. 

In 1988 the agreement was signed. China’s GDP at that time was 312 Billion USD and India’s GDP was 297 Billion USD, not a major difference. China’s Military budget was 11.6 Billion and India’s Budget was 10.6 Billion USD. This is a 1988 Account. 

From 2018 to 2020, the accounts are today China’s GDP is 13.6 Trillion but India’s GDP is 2.7 Trillion USD. China’s GDP is now five times more than India. China’s army Budget is 261 Billion USD, but India’s Budget is 72 Billion USD. So China is spending three times more on its Military than India. 

Will China honour the 1988 agreement?

No. They are no Chances. 

Why the aggressive move on India by China?

The reason is Geo-Politics which is happening around China. The first Geo-Politics is Taiwan. Taiwan’s president is again re-elected last week. India congratulates The Taiwan President through Online. This function was watched online and nearly 92 Members were present. In the 92 there were 2 BJP members. This made China very angry. There was another important person America’s State Secretary. He praises the Taiwan President in the meeting. Taiwan has said that it will support a war effort against China. 

How can you go to our country? Asks China.

China says that Taiwan is a region of China. One China is their Ultimate Aim. This aim is opposed by the Taiwan President and now China is asking why Indian Mp’s attended the function?. This has been the headlines in the Chinese Media. Their headlines say that India is playing its game against China.

 This accusation became Strong when India was one among 122 countries to find the origins of the Corona Virus. All this made China very angry. The third reason is the National Policy. India’s Self Dependent Policy. Made In India and Make In India. So if India achieves this goal then China exports into India will decrease.

So China is trying to threaten India through Military Might, it believes that it will bring the leaders to the bargaining tables and through that agreement China can increase its trade. This is China’s objective.

Should India bow or stand against China?

China clearly spends more in their Military which is three times more than India. China’s main enemy now is America. You could have read a couple of News. 

India China Issue - Will there be a war?

Yesterday America tested its Laser weapon in the Sea. So a laser beam from a ship can shoot down a jet in the air this was done by the Americans. This turns into headlines. America has today announced that they will test Nuclear Weapon again. So the International media is shouting. 

IF America is testing Nuclear Weapons. Will there be a world war 3?

This question was placed. Taiwan President Celebrations. America’s Pressure. Self Dependent India. When the international community starts to protect their country, they want the truth and they believe the Origins of the Corona Virus is from China. So many countries want to avoid China. All this pressure is the reason for China’s Furious nature. 

When we talk about China’s Fury. We should look at India’s Weakness. We are discussing our Border Security. In Border Security, we need weapons to protect our borders. Six years ago, India bought a boat for Security. This boat was used in the Pangong Lake. 

This is the prime location where China has nearly 500 Soldiers stationed. The soldiers have dug up Defensive positions. In 4 Important locations China has overstepped and they have occupied nearly 4 Kilometres. 

Pangong Tso means Unity. Pangong means Unity and Tso means Lake. So this lake is very important is securing our borders. LAC is on road. We are also entitled to protect our borders through this lake. So before 6 years, we have bought an advanced Army boat to patrol the area. This boat was encircled by the Chinese Boats with advanced weapons. We can clearly see our weakness.

India China Issue - Will there be a war?

 Next comes the finger points. Flash Points means skirmishes may happen at any time. There are 23 flashpoints. Finger Points means when Water meets mountains there is a chance there are locations like a finger in the map. These are called Finger Points. There are so many finger points. This lake is nearly 135 Kilometres long. Its map looks like a boomerang. So this lake extends into our Border and occupies 54 Kilometres. China says that the Lake starts from their country. India says the end part is in its border. The lake belongs to the country which has the end part of it. India clearly says that Pagong Tso belongs to India. But China disagrees. 

India China Issue - Will there be a war?

In 1962 India and China war. This lake was an important location. China gathered its army in this location. So this lake very important and India has bought a boat six years ago for PAtrol this clearly shows India’s Weakness. 

Indian army says that the LAC ends in finger point8. But China says Upto Finger point 5 the LAC ends. The remaining landscape belongs to China. 

The Indian army patrols the area from finger point 5 to 8. They don’t use vehicles, they must go on foot. The lake is 15000 feet above Sea level. There is no road or way in these areas. From Finger Point 1 to 4 it’s under the control of China. But these patrol these areas in vehicles. But our Soldiers are on foot to patrol finger point 5 to 8. 

The news is in finger-point 4 and 5 Chinese army have set up defensive positions. So Indian soldiers cannot patrol finger point 6 to 8. This is un Confirmed news. But we should take note of this news. 

The location where our army should not be weak, it is weak now. Recently India has started building its infrastructure in the border. If we have started this 10 years ago China cannot do anything. Due to the incompetence of the Previous govts, this issue is now a big issue for India.

Before five years in finger point, 4 and 5 Chinese armies were getting ready to build permanent structures in the locations. Indian govt pressure China if they build it then India says it will build Permanent Structures in Fingerprint 6,7and 8. After India threatens Chinese army demolishes their structures. 

India China Issue - Will there be a war?

We should know this Pangong Tso and Kargil events. In 1999, Indian soldiers are patrolling Pangong Lake. Kargil War starts. So the soldiers were moved to fight in the Kargil war. During that time the Chinese army builds roads into Indian territory for 5 kilometres. These roads connect to Chinese roads. After so long this was discovered by Indian Troops. 

Did we demolish the roads?

No. China will make an issue. So these errors have turned into big issues for India now. This is done to threaten India. 

Russia cannot Support China. America is against China now. Uk and the EU are against China. During this time China is preparing itself for a war. China will threaten India and will try to make India a slave. 

They have already enslaved many neighbouring countries of India. Nepal and Pakistan. If India wants to escape this trap. We should show our strength. 

If India says that it will not import Chinese Goods into China. China’s economy will take a huge hit. There are so many complications in China and India Relationships. 

According to the World Bank, the next five years India will grow immensely after the Corona Virus. Our growth is Sustainable growth says many analysts across the globe. People in our country say that we are not yet growing and unemployment is high and Corruption is there. But our growth and resources are abundant if there are good politicians and Govt officials to use this abundant resources properly. India will surely rule the world. 

A war between China and India will not be seen anytime soon. But we should be extremely careful. We should always give our Full support for our Brave Soldiers and the army. This issue will continue for 2 or 3 days. There is a chance for new issues to arise. We will discuss it.

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