India Vs China Army Comparison – India will be Victorious Explained

India Vs China Army Comparison - India will be Victorious Explained:

Will there be a war between India and China?

There are no possibilities of war. But The Media is trying to tense up the situation. The Chinese Global Times has said that the Indian Weapons have become Obsolete. They also said that China can easily defeat if there is a war with India. There were so many likes and retweets for the post. 

Will this happen?

We say that India Will definitely win the war. If Somebody among you thinks that because I am an Indian and we want Likes and Subs for our videos. The answer from me is no. So This post will confirm our confidence that India will win the war. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

There are so many quotes from Abraham Lincoln. But we love this one “Give Me Six Hours to chop down a tree and I Will Spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. 

India Vs China Army Comparison - India will be Victorious Explained

If we say we want to cut a tree to the Chinese. They will assemble 100 Axes. The International community will think that the Chinese will quickly cut down the tree. But the reality is the Chinese will use the 100 axes but they cannot cut down the tree. 

Why the Chinese cannot cut down the tree?

The axes will be not sharp enough to cut down a tree. So there are 23 Lakh Army soldiers in China. India has only 14 Lakh Army Soldiers. 

How will India be victorious?

People may say Indian army weapons are obsolete. But the Chinese army has latest technology Weapons. There are so many Indians who say this. To those people is this post so they can rethink. There is proof of this post. You can download the Tamil Pokkisham App to see the proof. 

SO the first comes the Army. Army Strength. India has 14 Lakh Soldiers and China has 23 Lakh Army soldiers. 

Before we discuss this topic. Let’s have a look at the Chinese current situation. When it comes to an army, the army will protect the people, its country and its country’s Sovereignty. But the Chinese army called the PLA(People’s Liberation Army). It works for the Communist party. So the PLA are Slaves to the Communist party their service is not for the Chinese People. So please understand the difference. 

If Someone among you doesn’t understand. Let’s see an Ex. On 5th May 2003, Chinese army officials call for a press meet. They say in the press meet that on April 26th a submarine was discovered by a Chinese fisherman. They announce that they have lost 70 sailors aboard the Submarine and they are searching for answers to what went wrong. 

Can you believe this news?

Many Naval Commanders announce in the press meet that the submarine was discovered by a Fisherman. The Naval commanders who attended the Press meet are the Communist party’s High-Level Politicians. 

Can the Politicians be in army power in China?

The High-Level Commanders of the PLA nearly 70% belong to the Communist Party and they are Politicians. 

What’s the Story behind the Sunk Submarine?

So a total of 50 Sailors used a Type 035 Ming-Class Submarine which was an outdated Submarine take it for a training session. Nearly 18 sailors among them are trainees. The Submarine didnt come back after completing its training. The Disappearance of the Submarine was noticed by anybody in the Navy or the Chinese Govt. The Naval command is under the direct control of the Chinese Communist politicians. So April 15th the Submarine leaves for Training and on April 25th a fisherman informs the Navy that he has discovered a Sunk a submarine. The Chinese Navy thought that this Submarine could be a Taiwanese or Japanese Spy Submarine. They realized that it was a Chinese Submarine. So the govt asks who gave permission. The Commanding Officers said that they didnt order the training session. This is how the Chinese Command worked in 2003. 

Some of you may say this happened 17 years ago. Now they have re-Constructed their Army Structure. We can easily say that the same situation still exists. 

The Indian army chooses their candidates if they have a fit body and a strong mind. If the candidates have the traits they have a place in the army. But the Chinese army has some restrictions but their main objective behind selecting a candidate into their army is the candidate values of the Communist Ideology.

The Chinese army training Schedule is if there are 10 Hours of training for a day. Four hours will be for educating the Candidates about Community Ideology and how to punish the people who opposes the Ideology. The Communist Party knows that anytime now the Chinese People may rise against the Communist Ideology. The Chinese people for so many years are suffering due to the Communist Party. So to subdue the People’s revolution is the main goal of the PLA. 

India Vs China Army Comparison - India will be Victorious Explained

Chinese Politicians know that the International Community is watching them closely. So they conduct Army Parades and Big training Sessions to display the communist strength in China. This is psychological warfare. This is a balloon which is going to burst into nothing all we need is a pin to do the work. 

How can we confirm this theory?

Center for a New American Security(CNAS). CNAS submits a report. The report predicted that China would win a war against India. This report was debunked by our Army Officials. We are discussing the Debunked information we have already completed one aspect of the Debunked Report. 

What’s the issue if the Chinese Army are all communists?

There is saying, If a Soldier Spills more blood in his training, during the war he will bleed less. So the training is very important for a soldier. The Indian soldiers are fully trained to engage and destroy the enemies. Our army doesn’t train based on one policy or to protect any Politician. 

Next comes the Experience of the army. China’s last war was in 1979. But India has fought wars in 1962,1999, 2020. Even Yesterday our army fought against Terrorists in J&K. So every day we are at war. So From 1999 to 2020, the army has not lost a single war or Skirmish. 

On 1979 China goes to war with Vietnam. If you think that Vietnam is a small country and China could have easily won the war. Then it’s wrong. The Vietnamese army gave a fitting and shameful reply to Chinese which made the Chinese army retreat in disgrace. The Vietnam war was a loss to the Chinese. So the Morale of the Chinese army is not high. The Chinese lost to a small country like Vietnam. Fighting against a Well Experienced and Heavily Equipped with Great Infrastructure and High Morale Indian Army will be a sad ending to the Chinese Troops. The Chinese will simply blabber but they will not take action against India. 

Now let’s discuss the third aspect. China has nearly 105 Nuclear Warheads aimed at India says a report. This report name is Belfer Report.

The report says that all 104 are not Nuclear Weapons. But India doesn’t need 104 Nuclear Warheads. We have 10 Agni-3 launchers can reach and destroy the entire Chinese Mainland. Another 8 Agni-2 launchers could reach Central Chinese targets. If China has 320 Nuclear Warheads. India has 160 Nuclear Warheads. If China launches against India. There will be no more China. Many Countries are waiting for the Chance to pounce upon the Dragon and eat it alive. China knows that it has been hunted. So they will never point their Nuclear Warheads upon India. India has only two enemy countries which are China and its Slave Pakistan. So if India Destroys China. Pakistan will self- Destruct. So the Possibilities of India winning the war is high. 

Many may say the countries will not use Nuclear Weapons but the Airforce. 

What will India do now?

Let’s Compare the Airforce of the two armies. China’s Army has J10 Jet Fighters.

Is there a Counter for J10 in India?

India Vs China Army Comparison - India will be Victorious Explained

The Indian Airforce has the Mirage-2000. Although the Mirage-2000 cannot be superior to the J10, it can match the J-10. The Chinese have the J-11 Aircraft but we have SU-30MKI which is superior to the J-11 Aircraft in Dogfighting. Now take into account the loads which are carried by the Operating aircraft, China Jetfighters have to carry a heavy load to reach its destination but our Fighters will be lightly loaded and agile because of the Airbases. So this is up to the Pilots and the loads they carry in their Jet Fighters of both countries to determine a victor. India has an advantage in this sector. 

IF China has advanced Airforce. They still need Airbases. In the India-China Border, China has 8 Airbases but four of them are in worse conditions. The reason is China doesn’t have One Enemy which is India. Many countries are enemies of China. China is investing heavily in the South China Sea. They also have America as their Formidable Enemy. So the Chinese will not heavily invest in the Border with India. These can be clearly said in the Belfer and CNAS Reports. China has only 4 fully operating Airbases against India. If the Indian Airforce fighters plans and times correctly it can destroy these four Fully Operating Bases of China and the Natural Advantage for the Indian Fighters are the Distances to its bases. 

Where are the Chinese Airbases located?

These bases are located in the Tibetan Plateau. Already Tibet is trying to come out of the Clutches of the Dragon. The estimated army numbers in the region are India has 2 Lakh 25000 to Chinese 2 Lakh, 30000 Soldiers. China cannot engage India with all its army because Russia and Tibet will enter the Chinese Territory. Taiwan will support India. So China cannot afford to focus fully on the Indian Border. The 4 Airbases which they have in the Tibetan Plateau is 3000 feet above the Sea level. The Chinese army can bring in only Half of its Payload to these 4 bases. If India destroys these 4 bases the Chinese Airforce cannot engage the Indian Jet Fighters. 

You may have another doubt.

Is there advanced Train Lines in the border which runs through Tibet?

When the Indian Airforce destroys the Four Chinese Airbases. It can rain in hellfire on these Advanced Train lines. 

How many Indian Airbases are in the India- China Border?

More than 16 Indian Airbases are in the region. 

Can China Destroy these Indian Bases?

The Chinese Fighters have to travel long distances into the Indian Territory to Destroy the Indian Bases. This is a suicide mission for the Chinese fighters as India has Secondary Capabilities Jet Fighters. Our Indian Pilots are way more experienced than their Chinese Counterparts in Dogfighting. 

We know about Captian Abinanthan. We have been in Dogfights against The Pakistani Airforce in 2019, So we have experienced Pilots and Aces. But the Chinese Airforce plays video games and Conducts Simulation training. But our Indian Pilots have far more experience than the Chinese Pilots. This is another advantage for India.

Let’s talk about Tibetan Plateau. A Plateau means an area of fairly level high Ground. The Chinese Global times released many videos in social media and continued their Psychological Warfare. The Chinese Military said that their Chinese army has undergone training and has launched its New Light Weight tank and artilleries. These tanks are artillery is designed for Tibet. To make sure Tibet Stays Silent. These weapons, tanks and Artillery can be effective in fair Level grounds but not in Mountains. So we don’t have to fear these weapons or tanks. Our Indian army clearly knows it. 

India Vs China Army Comparison - India will be Victorious Explained

So now We have the Border Dispute. When there is a dispute the armies will call it a Military Theatre. The Chinese govt has given 101 4th Generation fighters for this engagement. They cannot bring the entire Airforce because china is surrounded by Many enemy countries on all sides. India, on the other hand, has around 122 of its comparable Models, Solely Directed at China. 

So taking into accounts all these facts if the Chinese Airforce Engages the Indian Airforce it will lose the engagement. India will emerge Victoriously. The Brahmos Missiles and Kali Missiles are a Plus Point to the Indian Airforce.

We will discuss more details, How China will lose to India?

But is this the time to discuss those details?

China has called for a Peace Agreement. The News says that there were a Peace talk and Decisions were taken. There is also another news that India is fastly building another 33 roads in its border. 

If the Border Disputes continues. Then we will discuss further details with you. In that post, we will give you only facts and Truths which will be surprising to you. 

This is the army strategy we should not discuss it. So please wait for the next post. 

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