India’s Biggest Weapon Taiwan – China’s Big Decision

India's Biggest Weapon Taiwan - China's Big Decision:

Who is she?

This info was uploaded in TP app. But we didnt know we will be uploading this news in our Channel and Website. When we started our search to find her, he found out a lot of interesting info. 

India and China War Tensions. China and America Cold war. 

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

“We swim in Tsunami” This is just dialogue. When this dialogue appears it reminds us of the Dispute between India and China. 

Has the war started?


Will a war happen?

Surely this issue is causing problems. When India hears that China is gathering its troops they would have thought India will get ready. But the Indian Army is using Mirror Deployment. So the Indian soldiers are gathered which equals the Chinese army. India is not afraid to confront China. There is a main reason called Taiwan. 

A small homework for you guys. Try to study more about Taiwan. We have already released a video called Best Asset which is only 10 ten minutes. In April we released another video called Taiwan the hero. So if you see these videos you will understand how China Deceived Taiwan. 

India's Biggest Weapon Taiwan - China's Big Decision

When Taiwan is used again in Geo-Politics it may lead to war between India and China. The Geo-Politics has turned to Taiwan now. 

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen.China is scared because of her. She was re-elected the Second time for the presidency. After she takes charge of Taiwan’s Weapons production increased. 

The Chinese govt and the media want answers. Taiwan now has many missiles which would destroy China. The production of these weapons is increased by the President. 

In Sat-Sun, There was a big protest against China in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong police attacked the people. 

The Taiwan president comes to Facebook and shares a post. China will not dominate every people. It has been taking away Human rights. She says that protesters In Hongkong will be given refugee status in Taiwan. The international community is speaking about this fearless women. 

China now warns America. China orders America to stop exporting Military Equipment and Weapons to Taiwan. Now Taiwan has the power to produce its own weapons. America supports Taiwan. When Taiwan President accepted her presidency nearly 94 members attended through One. These events are against China. China is getting scared now. In Tibet, there is a situation which favours India. Pakistan has also started opposing China slowly because they have so many debts. Pakistan status now is a slave or stand against the Oppressor. 

Malaysia and India had an issue China wanted to interfere. India won in this issue called Palm Oil issue. India is importing Palm Oil and in return, one ton of rice has been exported. Now India and Malaysia are happy.

India's Biggest Weapon Taiwan - China's Big Decision

America is supporting India. Russia cannot do anything because of the Oil Price war. These events which are unfolding are against China. 

Is China standing alone now?

Yes. It is standing alone. It should be stood alone. The Virus was exported to other countries by China said two countries which are America and Taiwan. These two countries called the Virus Wuhan Virus. The other countries didnt call it as Wuhan Virus. America after some time said it was Corona Virus, But Tawain said the origins of the virus was from China. It will spread from human to another. All the truth were released by Taiwan. If these missiles are used it could destroy the Chinese regions. The missiles are not that big. But this is a warning to China. 

When this issue is ongoing. China now asks why India supported Taiwan. Why India crossed into China border. China wants to change the issue as the India and China Issue. 

This was the reason why China was gathering their troops. So India decided to show their strength by gathering its troops. 81 and 114 Brigades Soldiers are now gathered in the location. 

In Arunachal Pradesh, Saturday there was another issue. Two bridges were opened. 

What is the connection between Geo-politics and the Issue?

These two bridges can be used to move and attack the Chinese easily. While the bridge was built the Chinese govt opposed it. India simply ignored China and opened the bridges. This is a huge disappointment for China. 

The Chinese in return build a road, The Indian govt opposed it. In the opposite side, Indian troops built a Bridge which is near the road. All this news happened in the border. They are coming out one by one. We are not afraid of China we will stand united against China. 

India's Biggest Weapon Taiwan - China's Big Decision

While keenly observing the changes which are happening, MAny Chinese officials wanted a meeting and solve the issue through Diplomacy. This Sunday China Foreign Minister attends a press conference and answers the questions. In this press conference, he should have spoken about India. They will not wage war against India or trying to do so. But They didnt even mention India. The Indian govt has released info that an enemy country is gathering troops and we have been doing Mirror Deployment. 

Indian govt says that Indians in China should return to their country. After May 27th the bookings will be closed. There will be special flights from China to India. 

They also announced that they are going to test Drones in the CHina and India Border. All these news will be uploaded into the Tamil Pokkisham App. So please install it. 

The DroneChopper is called AR500C. It can fly 15000 feet high. It has the capacity to use Emp against Enemy jets and also can take Clear Pictures. These Drone Choppers are eligible to carry 500 Kilos of Materials. In Cold Regions, it can fly properly. It has the capacity to fly 5 to 7 hrs. For one hour it can travel 190 Kilometres. Now China says that it will also use the AR500C in their border. 

We already know that the Indian army is building its infrastructure in the border. In those Roads, they have also build Air Runways. The World’s Highest Runway was built in India. Using this Runway it will be easy to attack enemy Aircraft and also used to move troops quickly. 

It is called Advanced Landing ground. (ALG). We can even park our C130J Aircraft can be stationed here. 

This awesome news is coming from our Indian Troops. 

Will the issue come to an end quickly?

India's Biggest Weapon Taiwan - China's Big Decision

No, it will not it may take up to 2 to 3 weeks. In 2017 there was an issue which was started by China.  China on the one end, the other end Pakistan and its Terrorists. Within the past 3 days, more than 8 Indian Soldiers may have lost their lives. Lashkar e taiba’s Most important terrorist was also shot dead. There are issues raising here and there. Our Indian troops are bravely facing these issues. Our Soldiers are fighting to protect our Motherland. We should give our full support to our army. Doklam issue was big in 2017 and it continued for 72 days. The Message #Boycott China was famous. Indians have started to #Boycott China to trend. #I SupportTawain,#ISupportSouthKorea, #ISupportJapan. Nobody is against China. But Indians know how to silence China. 

Taiwan’s Technology is more advanced than China’s. China Stole Taiwan Technology is another history. There are some very important dots in China and Taiwan relationship. We should undertsnad that. 

Next Post will be about the Arctic. So after that post, we will continue this Taiwan and China Issue. 

How America and Japan got involved in the issue?

So through this post, we can say that to Stay strong against China we have a new Weapon Which is Taiwan. Taiwan and India should be together. This can be used to single out China. Taiwan is ready to stand against China. They see this opportunity to get rid of China’s dominance in the region. They want a separate Country. Let’s see what happens. 

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