India’s DBO Vs China Border Dispute – Pakistan Twist and USA Support

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support:

Pakistan is a heaven on earth for the terrorists says America and sends a report. After seeing this report Pakistan was stunned and says that Osama Bil Laden was not a Terrorist but he is a saint. Pakistan sends this info is their report. This is one news.

The Second News comes from Germany. America calls backs its 9500 American Soldiers back to the US. They told that Re-called backed Troops will be stationed against China. 

The Third news a Few days ago Donald Trump announced that he will call back his troops from Afghanistan. 

The fourth is the Border Dispute between India and China. 

What is the connection between this 4 news?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Pakistan Says that their Ally America, Without informing them entered their country and violated many International laws and killed Osama Bin Laden. This act is an unforgivable act. Pakistan says that Osama Bin Laden was not a Terrorist but a Saint. Now Pakistan PM Imran Khan calls Osama Bin Laden as a “Martyr”. 

Osama Bin Laden was once supported by America. But Osama became enemy number 1 for America. The Politicians and the people of America wanted Osama Bin Laden to be killed after the attack on the Twin Towers by Al-Qaeda. 

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support

On 2011 Americans enter Pakistan without informing the Pakistani govt and kills Osama Bin Laden. But now Pakistan has criticized  America.

Will the relationship end between America and Pakistan?

Their relationship has already ended. America announces the withdrawal of Troops from Afghanistan. America says that they are calling back its troops because it has come to an agreement with the Taliban. In this agreement, they have decided not to attack each other. But the Taliban can attack the Afghanistani govt troops. But now The Afghanistani Govt and the Taliban are going to have a discussion. This will be a drawback for India. This is another topic. 

But we have to understand if there is a war between American Troops and Terrorists in Afghanistan. Then America will need Pakistan’s support. But now they have no need for Pakistan. 

Pakistan has allied with China. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC). Through this agreement, both countries have become Allies. When this happened America started to act against Pakistan. 

Chinese Magazine releases news which said that America is turning many countries against China. Chinese Media said that America is expecting a war between China and India or Japan. 

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support

But the American media says that China is trying to engage it’s allied countries India and Japan thus provoking America. IF the Japanese Territory is attacked by China, the US is obligated to defend Japan.

We can clearly understand that America and China will clash due to recent events. Withdrawal of troops from Germany will be sent to India or Japan. So wherever the Chinese troops are stationed there will be American troops to oppose it. So India Vs China Border Dispute and China vs Japan Islands Issue now will be changed to America Vs China. 

China is moving its pieces in the Dispute with India in the border. The Indian and China Border Dispute is just a beginning. This will continue.

You may ask a question.

When did the Border Dispute between India and China start?

On 1962 there was a war between India and China. Sadly India lost the war. After 1962 the Chinese have tried to occupy Indian lands whether its the Five Finger Concept or crossing India’s border and occupying the Indian Lands. China has been provoking India for so long now. 

On 2013, China’s PLA enters the Indian Territory. From the Chinese border, they have entered 35 Kilometres into India. This is called as Depsang Plains. The area is located approx 35kms from the Chinese Karakorum Post. This Depsang Plains is a Tri-Junction were the three Countries India, China and Pakistan’s borders meet. Indian govt is building a road in the DSDBO Region. China’s aim was to stop the construction of this road. But India has completed in 2019, Due to the 255 Kilometres long Road the presence of the Indian army will be a huge Warning to China and Pakistan.

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support

We discussed CPEC. The CPEC runs through the Depsang plains. The Indian army using BRO(Border Road Organisation) has completed the DSDBO road, Pakistan and China cannot freely roam around our border.  

When 1962 war happened. The Indian army constructed an Advanced Landing Ground. This region is called Daulat Beg Oldi. The Indian airforce demonstrated its capabilities by landing a C-130J Super Hercules which is a Medium-Lift Aircraft. This landing can qualify as the world record landing at this altitude. 

China targeting this Indian Advanced airbase has stationed its troops. 

How many regions have China Targeted and Stationed Troops against India?

Four Regions. Galwan Valley, Pangong Tso Lake, Hotsprings, and finally the DBO. China’s main objectives are there four regions. If the Chinese Army comes through these four regions China can easily occupy Ladakh. 

What are India’s Prospects by building this DBO road?

LAC(Line of Actual Control). AksaiChin is a part of Ladakh which is currently occupied by the Chinese army. The LAC’s parallel road in the region is this DSDBO road. Using this DSDBO road India can stop the movement of the Chinese army from all sides. 

On 2013, for thirteen days China desperately wanted to stop the construction of the DSDBO Road. After many talks phases, the Chinese army builds tents in its border near the DBO Depsang region. In reply, the Indian army constructs tents of its own. 

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support

All these events affect the agreement which was signed by India and China in 1993. The agreement clearly says that Minimum nimber of Troops from Both Sides can be stationed in the LAC. But now China has stationed nearly 30000 Troops in the India China Border. India has done the Mirror Deployment. This is not Minumum force but Maximum Force. This maximum force consists of Army Troops, tanks and Artillery. The Indian govt has given an order for the three armies to be alert and ready. 

To Call this Geo-Politics is wrong we should call it China’ Dream. From 1993,2013 and now 2020, they are trying to occupy these regions from India. The Indian army stopping China from achieving its dream. 

This situation is very well used by America into World Politics. Many Countries support America now. Russia says it’s neutral but in this issue, but we can clearly see its confusion. 

India's DBO Vs China Border Dispute - Pakistan Twist and USA Support

Russia should have delivered the S-400 Air Defence Missile to India, but the order has been delayed for two years now. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the missiles will be delayed for two years. Our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Went to Russia, to pressure them to supply India the missiles. Russia has been an ally for India for So long. But Russia and China are allies. So Russia at one point will choose a side. 

Many countries are against Russia now. In this moment China is the only hope for Russia whether its economy or Weapons. China is an important country for Russia. But India and Russia are considered allies. So Russia wishes to stay as a Neutral country. 

France is the next country which is supporting India now. When Russia is moving away from India, France is coming towards India. We will discuss this topic in another post. 

So tomorrow is Saturday at least we will release two posts. The First post will be Online Purchase Part2. Please comment on the topic for the second post. 

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