Japan’s Mass Entry -India’s Special Mountain Force:

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

Senkaku Island is contested by the Chinese and the Japanese. Using this issue a call to support India against China has been requested to Japan and Australia in the Social media Platforms. America is building a new Aircraft against China.

Do you know the Caption of the Aircraft?

The Caption says “Do it or Die”. 

Why did China attack India?

Is China Scared now?

We will discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Many said that China has 5% more GDP than India, their Defence budget is three times higher than the Indian Defence Budget, so we India cannot afford a war against China. For the people who say this statement, we will give a reply in the next post.

How can India be Victorious if China wages a war against India?

We have researched a lot of topics. The Indian can be proud after watching the next post.

India VS China this issue has not ended. This is just a beginning. The World Experts and Analysts say that this issue will continue. China has started with India, now they are provoking the Japanese as well. 

What will happen if China provokes Japan?

This will become a big issue. America is armed and ready to support Japan. America and Japan have an agreement called the “Treaty of Mutual Co-operation and Security between the countries”. America has stationed its Army in Japan. Suppose if China moves a piece against Japan, then NATO forces will turn against China. 

What is the issue between China and Japan?

One Island which is only 7 Square Kilometres. The island is uninhabited. There are only 5 Islands and 2 rocks. All this will come under the 7 Square Kilometres. This small area is contested by China and Japan. This island is called Senkaku Island. 

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

Japan has installed Air Defence Systems as a counter for the Chinese Invasion. This air Defence System is called Patriot or PAC-3. This PAC-3 is a ground-based lower Tier missile defence intended to intercept missiles in their terminal phase.  So it’s an Anti- Missile System. The Japanese are upgrading this PAC3 to PAC-3MSE, the reason is PAC3 has a range of 70 Kilometres whereas PAC2-3MSE has a range of 100 Kms. Japan has preplanned the installations and completed it on 12th June. 

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

When did the Senkaku Island issue start?

On 2012, There was a dispute between China and Japan. China has engaged in patrols around the region. But now for the past 15 days, more than 70 times China’s Naval Ships have patrolled the area. Japan was closely watching this activity. Japan said that it has passed a bill that changes the status of the Island. One Island in the SenKaku Island name has been changed. China opposed the bill stating that the Islands belonged to China. The Country will give a fitting reply to Japan. Japan has replied that from 1972 the Sekaku Islands are under Direct Control of the Country.  Japan is now against China. America is the backup to the Japanese. 

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

The World is Watching and waiting, Who will start this confrontation or war?

When the Dokhlam issue was on going Japan Supported the Indian cause which was against China. During the Galwan Valley dispute, World Govt’s stayed silent said the International Media. But this is not true, because the QUAD countries are together to oppose China and they have already started an Indirect War. 

India’s Dispute with the Chinese is trending in Australian Social Media. Australian People are asking the govt to support the Indian Cause. Australia is in a situation where it will declare that the disputes with China will continue and they don’t want any relationship with China. 

Will Australia, Japan and America support the Indian Cause?

These countries are opposed to China. It’s not about the support to India, but these 3 countries are firmly against The Chinese Regime. So China is their Common Enemy. 

What’s the reason behind China’s ruthless attacks on India?

From 2013 to 2014, there was a defence strategy followed by China. They knew their enemies and they also wrote a book about it and released it. Until 2014 India was 4th on that list which is mentioned as a threat to China. After 2014, India has moved to the 2nd Position in the book. 

Why has China declared India as its 2nd threat in the world?

The strategy of India has changed from Defence to Offensive. So India is following the First Attack Strategy. If the Indian army advances into Chinese Territory and claims the lands for India, What will the Chinese Army do?. This question was mentioned in the book.  

So in 2014 China changed India’s threat level. In 2017, it became higher. India has aggressively attacked Pakistan on many times. The Chinese Predict that India’s Next move will be Aksai Chin or Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The Chinese army and its officials are closely monitoring the Indian Army’s actions. The Chinese have thought that India will recover its occupied lands. But when we dive into the history books we can clearly see that Pakistan and Chinese Troops are occupying Indian Territories. 

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

So we can clearly see that Japan is ready against China. Our Defence Minister has gone to Russia. His first request will be not a request to intervene and Solve the dispute against China, but to ask 

When will Russia Deliver the Jet Fighters?.

When Will Russia Deliver the S-4 Anti Missile System?

If there is a war between India and China. China’s first wave of attacks will be through Air. So The Airpower is very important which will determine Victor. This is the reason why our Apache Helicopters and Sukhoi Jet fighters are patrolling the Ladakh area. 

So we have discussed that the first wave of attacks will be Airforce.

What will the second wave?

The second wave will be the army. India has sent the Special Mountain Force to the LAC. The Forces are well trained and the most experienced in Guerilla Warfare, they are experts in Mountain Climbing, and they know how to Survive the cold region. They know how to scout and focus on the area. The Special Mountain force has undergone rigorous training for many years. 

Japan's Mass Entry -India's Special Mountain Force:

While training man soldiers have lost their lives due to the Rigorous training in the regiment. This force is the storest among the Indian Army. 

India has dispatched the Special Mountain Force into the region. Many tanks have been stationed in the area. So the flashpoints or contested areas are now protected by Special Mountain Force, Tanks and the Airforce. 

India will see whether it can solve the issue through Peace Talks. If the Peace talks fail, the expectations are India will adapt the first strike Policy. There is a reason because now the army has the infrastructure, Manpower and Advanced Weapons to face the Chinese Army. All Commanders are ordered not to wait for orders from the govt. They can engage the Target under Extra Ordinary situations. Top Commanders in the army had discussions. The Indian People and the army are waiting for the results of the Discussions. 

Now We have to Discuss China’s Strategy. 

Chinese people have started to speak against their govt. When Indian govt announced 20 Soldiers were martyred, the Indian People expressed their deepest Condolences, and the army buried the soldier’s bodies with Military Honors. 

The Chinese people don’t know about their Casualties. 

Why is the news not published?

Chinese people demand transparency in Social media when it comes to PLA Casualties or Injuries. Indian Intelligence has released info that the Chinese People are sharing Indian Images and News Articles related to the Galwan Valley Clash. 

The Chinese People have now understood that the World is acting against their govt. The future will determine how the Chinese are going to live in the world among various pressures from the Whole World because of their Evil PLA Regime. 

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