Keezhadi Excavations – Will Change Indian history

Everybody, Did you have your coffee?

There was a Excavation going on in Keezhadi right.

What happened to that Excavation?

There is a reporting statement which has been submiteed about the Excavation. The fourth stage of the research and the inspection report has been submitted. That inspection report is going to change the history of India up side down. Tamil people all around the world now can pride themselves as The first Language in India is tamil. We can easily say that, but when it comes to World Languages we all believe in our hearts that Tamil is the First language used by humans. If the world has to accept this fact we need Proof. Everybody will ask about the proof.

As a Proof to show the world all we have right now is the Keezhadi Excavation site. The fifth stage of Keezhadi Excavation has started now.

So what is happening really in Keezhadi?

What about the results from the Fourth Stage of research?

We will discuss all this information in this article.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

From Madurai District, Approx 15 kms away in SivaGangai District is where Keezhadi village is present. In that village approx 1.5 aAcres only we are doing this excavation research. We are digging these sites to know the truth. A lot of People have said that there is a Huge city buried below ground for nearly 100 Acres.

What happened to the 3rd Stage of this Excavation research?

First two Stages were conducted by Mr. Amarnath and it was perfectly executed. He submitted a interim report about the research to the Indian govt. In that Interim report the information was that this place dates back 2600 years. Civilization was well developed, Definetely there was trade between the people who lived here and the world. If we excavate more sites we might get a lot of information. We should send this proof to all over the world. This is the request from Mr.Amarnath after submitting his reports. Immediately Mr.Amarnath was fired as the Lead Researcher by the Central govt of India. Then they appointed Mr.Sridhar to take over the research. He was responsible in conducting the Third stage of the Research. He said that there are no building blocks available in these sites. So we dont need to do any more research here. So the tamil people got into action. Someone somewhere is working too hard to hide our identity, our history and our Civilization, we shouldnt leave this get hidden.

So the tamil people started doing research on their own, they protested against the govt. Each and every Thamilian came to know about the history of Keezhadi. Thamilian's who were spread across the world came to Keezhadi to search for their lost History.

What was there in Keezhadi?

What is hidden below the land?


Keezhadi Excavations - Will Change Indian history

They got so curious. So the research was transfered into the Tamilnadu Archeological Department. After the transfer, the fourth stage of research was done by the Tamilnadu Archeological Department. So we have completed 4 stages of Research and currently the 5th Stage is on going. The money which has been sanctioned by the Tamil Govt to do this research was only Rs.55 lakhs. But at this time there have been Other research going on in other parts of India. That location is in Baghpat District Sinauli. In that Particular Place the Central govt has decided to setup a Museum. The funds which have santioned to build this is Rs.6000 Crores. So right now its our duty as people of Tamilnadu to educate the Central govt. We have to raise our voices to know the real truth about our History and our previous generations. It has been lost to us for a while but now we have to go find it ourselves.

Tamilnadu People asked for it and as a result 4 stages of the research has been completed. So what is the result which we were eagerly waiting to know. Our Civilization has started before 2600 years ago. There is a Big connetion between Indus Valley Civilization and Keezhadi Civilization. The marked letters which were dug up denotes huge similarities between Indus and Keezhadi Civiliaztions. So Before Christ Birth-BC , to be exact its 600 years before the birth of Christ, they have confirmed that there was a Civilization living in Keezhadi, there was a city standing tall in Keezhadi. 70 Varieties of Animal bones has been found. These Bones are not from normal animals of today. They are from Dim Bulls. So bulls, Cows and goats are used to do agriculture in that civilization. Keep in Mind that People who lived 2600 years ago did agriculture using methods which we use now. So 2600 years ago they had the Knowledge to tame these beasts and use them for agriculture. This reveals the Truth that our People were an Advanced civilization.

Pottery containing tamil Letters were found in large numbers from the excavation sites. The sangam period was 200 years  before Christ's birth and this was just an Assumption. Nobody believed it. But now we have obtained the Proof stating that Sangam Period was there 600 Years ago before Christ's Birth. It is now our responsibility to Protect these finds and Keezhadi. There has to be a Grand Museum erected in Keezhadi.

So has the mission to find our history stopped in Keezhadi?. No. Within the Area of 1.5 Acres we have got 89 DhayaKattai Dice made of clay has been found. Combs which have been made out of Ivory has been found. Varieties of Pendents which have been made from Gold, Clay and other materials are also found. So pins made of bones, pottery of various shapes and sizes have been found. There was a total of 1000  codes which have been found which has not been cyphered yet. kuviran and Adhan were the names found on some pottery. So if you take a look at this pottery there are two colors. The one is Red and the other one is black.  After they have created this pottery the could have written the names on the pottery. So there was written Knowledge and Civilization, they had also round walls around the houses.  The houses had walls and above the house there have been roofs which had been setup. To drain waste water there has been pipes. these pipes were created with sand and Lime. Iron was also added.

So if we told this to the world would it believe us?

So we took 6 of the findings. The depth where these maerials were found were 353 cm and 200cms depth. So get a report from these materials we send them to Beta Analytical, USA, Florida for further testing and to get exact results of Accelerator mass spectrometry. We have also send the Pottery to University of Pisa which is in Italy for further analysis.  We also send the bones which have been found to Deccan University in India. So many tests have been completed like carbon dating. The truth which is obtained by these results are " Tamilnadu was Civilized before 2600 years.There were trade in these region".

So if there were trade, did we find any materials which are connected to the rest of the world. Yes we have found materials which connect Keezhadi with the Romans. Materials which have been dug up in Rome are also found in Keezhadi.

Keezhadi Excavations - Will Change Indian history

What more evidence do we need to prove to the world?

The answer is, If they complete a thorough Research on Keezhadi , our Indian History will be changed forever. In this time we need to Congragulate Minister. Pandiyarajan, Mr.Amarnath and people who have worked on this Archeological  project. A Big Thank you. Even the opposing party Leader Mr.Stalin has congragulated the governing Party Minister in this endeavor. This is definite proof of how Tamils orginated. This has to lead to a world wide eye opener. Even they have released a PDF regarding the findings.

In the future, The Sixth stage of research should be promptly done. In this depth we have found out so many information, so if we dig deeper we would find more. So the total landmass was 100 Acres but we have only dug 350 cms in 1.5 acres. Imagine what would be found if we dig up the rest of the sites. this whole world will turn its heads and would see what our tamil culture is all about. When it comes to Civilization everybody said that it started in Indus Valley Civilization. Now they will also speak about Keezhadi. Who knows we maybe the oldest civilization than Indus Valley. We all know in our hearts that we were the First Civilization of the world. But the world has to accept that fact. So inorder for them to accept this fact we need Proof. In search of the Proof we need to travel towards the truth.

Each and every one of us have to contribute to this.  If you see any news about Keezhadi Start sharing those posts. If there is some information have been found in other countries and an article is published. There would be lakhs of shares of that article. We have found Gold ornaments, Combs made of Gold and Ivory, but we will talk about this. If we speak with Pride about our culture then and there only this world will lend it ears to hear what we are saying. This is our Life styles of our More elder genarations who have lived so long ago. This is our history, we ahve to speak a lot about our history. Our Culture, our books , our identity have been erased. it is our responsibilty to Protect which is remaning. We need to trigger their enthusaism by sharing these posts to other people within our community. If we have found treasures or gold that is a major news, but safeguarding our Culture and lost history should be our primary objective. This is the thinking which should come to each and every one of us.

So The results which have been found out is very massive success to us. This results shows that there was a Civilization before 2600 years. So Before this Civilization even blossomed there should have been people living in these areas. So before the civilization even started we don't know exactly when the people started to reside in that  region. So a lot of truth is yet to be revealed. Lets wait and watch. Lets wait to reveal to this world about the tamil Culture, its language and its superiority. Your Comments about this article is most welcome.

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