Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish – New Orders for the Indian Army

Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish - New Orders for the Indian Army:

Which country Corona Virus originated from?

From Kids to adults they know the answer is China. This name has been given to China. But India is called the Pharmacy of the world. Our Indian army has been ordered by the Defence Ministry to take QUick and Effective Actions. 

What is the reason?

Through the Defence Ministry, different strategy and funds are given to the Indian armies. 

What happened in the last 4hrs of June 15th and June 16th?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

We know Shanghai Corporation organization. The Organization’s headquarters are in China’s Capital. From 2017, the Important countries which are in the Shanghai Corporation are India, Pakistan, China and Russia. This organization has now praised India as the “Pharmacy of the World”. 

During the Corona Virus crisis, India has helped nearly 130 Countries. SEO has praised India for supplying medicines to combat COVID-19. This must be irritating for China. There is another reason also. 

Donald Trump has become an enemy to China. We know about the FLU. Trump has said that he calls the Corona Virus as “Kung Flu”. This irritates China because Kung Fu is there Martial art. History says that Kung Fu originated from India. 

Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish - New Orders for the Indian Army

He has termed Coronavirus as Kung Flu. 

Have the tensions between India and China reduced?

No. HWne the news of releasing 10 Indian Soldiers by the Chinese came out, General VP Singh gives a press meet. If 20 Indian soldiers have been killed then the Chinese should have 40 or more Casualties. India also captured the Chinese soldiers and released them. This is army news which cannot be released to the public. 

Did the Indian army capture a Chinese Colonel?

Many media have confirmed the news. 

What happened in the last 4 hrs?

Zeenews or Times of India using various sources have released news. We don’t know whether this news is real or not. We cannot confirm the source. But we would like to discuss the news with you.

After so many failures in the peace talks. June 5th and 6th had a Military peace talk. The result of the peace talk was to go back to their own borders and not to create any issues. Both Sides who were occupying Territories were Retreating. 

In Galwan Valley there is a place called Patrol Point 14. On June 14th, the Chinese army left the patrol point 14 and went back to their borders. On 15th June the Indian army receives news that the Chinese Army has occupied the Patrol Point14 and have built their Tents. 

Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish - New Orders for the Indian Army
Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish - New Orders for the Indian Army

So after hearing the news from the Bihar Regiment, Colonel Santhosh Babu and 35 Army Soldiers have gone to the Chinese Occupied Patrol Point14. The Chinese soldiers were not the Border army. But it was the Death squad which has built tents. Colonel Santhosh Babu started a Peace talk with the Chinese Death squad to destroy their tents and go back to their borders. 

But when Colonel Santhosh Babu was speaking with them. He was suddenly attacked by the Chinese Death Squad. The remaining soldiers seeing their Commanding Officer attacked, started engaging the Chinese army ferociously despite being heavily Outnumbered. So this skirmish took nearly 30 minutes to end. The Indian army has snapped the neck of the Chinese Soldiers and Killed them. The Indian army broke the Chinese Soldiers bones to kill them. We cannot confirm this news. But we can clearly see that our Brave Indian Soldiers have stood up against the Heavily Outnumbered Chinese Army.

The Second attack happened for 40 minutes. So the time was 9 pm. Many Soldiers bodies were on the ground and both armies came back to retrieve their fallen Comrades. The Chinese have sent to Drone to Scout the area. The Drone send back information using its Night Vision and Infrared Cameras to map the damage and to mount another assault on the Survivors of the Indian army. This is China’s Cunning ways, They used the Guerilla warfare, and the Indian Soldiers gave the Chinese army a fitting reply. 

The third attack happened for 3 hours. The news said that it continued from 11 pm to 2 am on the 16th of June. Both armies have retreated to their borders. Then The Chinese Helicopters flew in to pick up their dead and injured soldiers. 

When the Skirmish took place. Both armies crossed the borders and were held captives. 10 of our Indian Soldiers were captured and the Indian Army caught 15 Chinese Soldiers. We have exchanged the prisoners with the Chinese. This is the Unconfirmed news from the Sources and Media. This news will be confirmed it the Indian govt or the Indian army confirms the news. 

What were the orders from our Defence Ministry to the Indian Army?

The Defence Ministry has said to the Indian Soldiers that “don’t wait for orders engage the enemy if you have to”. The army can function according to the situation. The Defense Ministry has changed the Rules of Engagement to use Firearms under Extraordinary Circumstances. 

Last 4 Hours India Vs China Skirmish - New Orders for the Indian Army

There is a reason behind these orders, Our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has to attend the meeting in Russia from 23rd to 26th June.  So the Indian army doesn’t have to wait for the orders from the Defence Minster it can act Spontaneously. This order has increased the Strength of the Army. 

India has given fund to buy equipment needed for the Airforce, Army and Naval army. The news is for each army 500 crores fund was given. This is a small boost to the Indian Army. 

After the URI attacks, similar financial powers were given to the Armed Forces. The Airforce benefitted by using these funds to buy advanced weapons. The situation is now the same, so the fund has been dispatched to the Indian Armed Forces. 

Our 20 Brave Indian Soldiers have stood their ground and have fought the Outnumbered enemy, and will be remembered as Real Life Heroes of India. This is a New Hope for the Indians. 

Our Indian Soldiers had a Heroic death, after Killing more than 40 Chinese Soldiers. 

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