Lockdown Extended – 7 Steps to follow

Lockdown Extended - 7 Steps to follow:

Lockdown has been extended in India till May 3rd. 

What should we know from Pm’s Speech?

Which issues were the priority?

What were the 7 things we should follow?

So let’s discuss the details from the PM’s Speech.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Our Pm started his speech by Praising and Thanking Dr Ambedkar. The Indian constitution was written by the people for us. We together are fighting against The Corona Virus. Every Citizen is now a soldier in the frontlines fighting against the Corona Virus. Doctors, Nurses and Non Profitable Organisations thank you for your efforts. Our PM ended on a short note. 

India was the one who bought in the lockdown earlier. Before the first case in India, we have started Screening in airports. In Tamilnadu, today’s Tamil new year. So these celebration days are celebrated within their houses. He thanked the people of India. 

In Screening and sending the foreigners back to their home country. But the screeing in India was very low and we all know it. Compared to other countries India is underperforming. But considering the situation in many countries, we have done something. India is upfront in fighting against the virus. 

Nearly 600 Hospitals are there only for Coronavirus. Nearly 1 Lakh beds have been made available. 200 Labotaries have been started. This is done by Limited Resources. Our PM repeatedly said these word “ Limited Resources”. 

Limited resources include Medical Equipment. He then requested the people to follow Social Distancing. Till May 3rd the lockdown will be extended. He also said that the people will have to face a lot of issues but the decision is final.
Daily Labourers list complete records will be released tomorrow. 

How they are going to organise and details about this lockdown?. We will discuss in tomorrow’s post.

Many farmers are still working. Their Harvesting period has come. So based on these the lockdown will be followed. So please wait for tomorrow’s report. Till April 20th the Lockdown will have many restrictions. These coming 7 days will have so many restrictions. After this timeframe, the hotspots will be contained and the other areas which have industries may be open, this is just a hint. Essential goods production can be opened. 

So if in an area they have lifted the lockdown. Anyone person becomes sick of Coronavirus again that area will go under lockdown. So April 20th is a crucial day. This week is very important. Please take extreme care in the coming week. The places where the virus has attacked will be isolated. The hot spots will be isolated. When there is full recovery only the lockdown will be lifted. 

He has also said that to improve our Immunity power we can follow the Ayush Mantralayam diet. 

Will the lockdown end in May 3rd?

This is a question we can’t answer now. The virus must stop spreading the sooner the lockdown will be lifted. In Tamilnadu, 144 is still in effect until April 30th. Our state has been divided into three zones namely Red, Orange and Green. So this colour code may be followed across the country. 

Agricultural sectors can function. Textiles can also function. So Sector-wise we can operate these orders may be given after April 20th. Arogya setu app should be downloaded. He has requested us to download this app. 

PM Modi has asked us to follow Seven Steps. 

  1. Take Proper care of the Senior Citizens of our houses. 
  2. Social distancing should be followed on all circumstances. Homemade face covers and masks should be used. 
  3. Increase Our Immunity systems by following the guidelines of Ayush.
  4. Please Download the Aarogya App. 
  5. If possible Help Poor families. 
  6. Help your Co-workers
  7. Respect the efforts of Doctors, Nurses and Sanitation workers. 

He ended his speech. India together is fighting against the Corona Virus. Our support and our will to fight against the virus are strong. Indian people will defeat the virus. Then he ended his speech. 

What will the report which will come tomorrow say?

Daily, Weekly and Monthly labourers how will this affect their lives. India will face a lot of economic issues because of the extended lockdown. Many ministers are discussing with the PM to resolve this crisis. So the complete details will be revealed tomorrow. 

So today we will post two more posts. 

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