Malay Dilemma – Malaysia’s Trap to China

Malay Dilemma - Malaysia's Trap to China:

What is the issue between Malaysia and China?

Is Strait of Malacca a very important place?

What is the reason when China’s relation started to dwindle with Malaysia and move towards Pakistan?

Is China currently working on creating a strait in Thailand?

What is the reason China doing this project?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

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Malay Dilemma - Malaysia's Trap to China

Now we are going to discuss Malaysia and China?

China is pressuring a lot of Countries. In Yesterday’s Video, there was an Image in the video which said the Philippines is going to buy Brahmos Missiles but some commented that it was not the Philippines but Indonesia. They requested us to confirm the news. Both Indonesia and the Philippines are ready to buy the Brahmos Missiles. 

We have already discussed the issues between the Philippines and China. Indonesia has a Similar issue with China. We have discussed the Natuna Regency. Natuna Island belongs to Indonesia. But China which is 1500 kilometres away is saying that Natuna Island belongs to them. There are so many reasons China has in this issue. The Most Important one in Malaysia. 

This Video will be concentrated on this map. Please have a look. This is where Natuna Island is Located. Natuna Island lies in between The Malaysian Regions. So The Sea region comes under the authority of Malaysia. 

Malay Dilemma - Malaysia's Trap to China

Now we should look at the Strait of Malacca. China’s 80% of Crude Oil was transported through this Strait. Nearly 25% of the World’s Trade is happening through the Strait of Malacca.  The Strait of Malacca is the main reason Malaysia is a rich country. Malaysia on many occasions says that they will close the Strait of Malacca. The Strait’s authority belongs to Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The Majority of the control is with Malaysia. 

On 1947 China shows a map and draws 11- Lines. After 1950 they erase two Dash Lines. So now the count is 9- Lines. In the last video, we discussed that China wants to take over nearly 80% of the South China Sea to itself. China is occupying so many regions and they are creating an Artificial Islands as well. 

In the past 11 years, China has bought more than 200 Ships which create these Artificial Islands. These ships are called Dredging Ships. 

What are they doing with these 200 Dredging Ships?

They keep on creating Artificial Islands. We all will have a doubt.

How can they create these artificial islands?

The Dredging Ship stops in a location on the sea. from the Ship, the tubes will go down to the Sea bed. So they will dig the Sea sand and they will heap these sands in one place. One side it will become a Crater and the Other side will come up as an Island. This is the work of these Dredging ships. China has the most Dredging ships in the World. In the Upcoming Ten years, China says it will create more Islands.

Malay Dilemma - Malaysia's Trap to China

Now you may have another question in mind?

Why are they creating these Artificial Islands?

These Islands are created so China easily can say that 200 Kilometres from this Artificial Islands will be their Exclusive Economic Zone. We have to discuss the two Island groups in the South China Sea. The first is called Paracel Islands. The other is the Spratly Islands. The Paracel Islands have been contested by China, Taiwan and Vietnam. The Spratly Islands are contested by Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Malaysia. In this issue, Malaysia is involved. 

If you search for an answer to find the issues happening in the South China Sea. The Spratly Islands issue will come first. From the Spratly islands, Natuna Islands are not far. Malaysia controls both regions which surround the Natuna Island, the Island is Dead centre. If China gains authority over the Natuna Islands, China will create Artificial Islands near it.

 If this happens China will be able to Control Malaysia from the Center of the Country. So if Malaysia dares to close the Strait of Malacca, then China will say that Malaysia will become its enemy. 

In One belt One Road Initiative China has invested in Many Countries. Russia is the first country where China has invested more money than other Countries. There is an Expensive project between China and Russia. Then comes Malaysia, China spent a lot of money for projects in Malaysia. Now you can understand How Important Malaysia is to China. 

There came a time when there was a political issue within Malaysia. One Corruption changed the Govt. 1MDB  Corruption. Najib was the person who committed this corruption. 1MDB Corruption paved the road for Mahathir Mohammad to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. The accusations against Najib was that he transferred 1Billion USD to his Personel Bank account. 

Najib rejects the accusations and says that he was gifted 1 Billion USD. There were so many issues around this Scandal. When a Change in the govt happened, Mahathir Mohammad immediately cancels the unwanted agreement with China the One Road and One Belt Initiative. Mahathir Promises the Malaysian People he will cancel the projects and he wins the Elections. 

When he becomes Prime Minister True to his word, He cancels a project called ECRL Project. ECRlL Project means East Coast Rail Link Project. This Project has estimated a total of 25 Billion USD. This project was to build a just railroad. 

You would wonder 25 Billion USD for One Project?

There were 24 agreements signed.  So the total Estimation of all these Projects which Malaysia has to pay to China was more than 100 Billion USD as Debt. Mahathir speaks with China, they finally come to an agreement that the project will be completed for a cost of 12 to 16 Billion USD. China accepting this deal has its own reason. We discussed the 1MDB Corruption, the assets of that project was not sold because no one wanted to buy Corrupted Assets. The Chinese Govt buys all these Corrupted Assets. China has helped Najib by saving him. Now it also wants to become an ally to the Present Prime Minister to they invest a lot of money in Malaysia. All this has been done for Strait of Malacca. 

So after spending huge amounts of money, China has started the ECRL Project. China knows that Malaysia may change its views and Close the Strait of Malacca. If Malaysia does that China will never receive the 80% of the Crude Oil Resources. 

China wanted to create an alternative route, so they start their research. There is another strait called the Sunda Strait. So the Chinese test their ships along this Sunda Strait. This Strait is so short. Large Ships cannot use the Sunda Strait so China cannot use this Strait. China now needs the Strait of Malacca. 

Strait of Malacca is a small region which connects the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. So using this Strait the Ships can easily travel from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. 

There is another route through Thailand. 

Is there a Strait near Thailand?

No. But if China builds it then it is possible. The narrowest part of the Malay Peninsula is kra Isthmus. If China obtains this region, China will have no need for Strait of Malacca. Malaysia’s Trade, their Economy all will be completely stopped. If Thailand gives Kra Isthmus to China. But China’s bargains with Thailand for Kra Isthmus failed. The Country has enough economy to sustain itself. Thailand knows about China and refuses to believe even a single word China says. So Kra Isthmus is shut for China. 

Now China looks for another Alternate Route. So the crude oil normally is transported from the Middle East Via Pakistan to the Indian ocean, it crosses the Strait of Malacca and reaches China. 

Why can’t China just build a Pipe Line through Pakistan to China?

This was the reason why Pakistan gave the Gwadar Port to China. China’s Aim is to make Pakistan its Slave. If Malaysia closes the Strait of Malacca, Pakistan is the only hope for China. This is the reason China is lending huge sums of Money as debt to Pakistan. 

Malay Dilemma - Malaysia's Trap to China

In Today’s news, the World Health Organisation says to Pakistan not to unlock the Lockdown. The Corona Cirus is spreading rapidly in Pakistan and its economy is not able to sustain this situation. Pakistan is asking for 15 Billion USD as debts to many countries. Pakistan’s economy has hit rock bottom. The reason why Pakistan is in this situation was because of China’s Debts. 70% of Pakistan’s taxes are paid to China as Interest for their debts. China has completely occupied Gwadar Port from Pakistan. 

If there is an issue in the Strait of Malacca. China will use the Pakistan route to transport the Crude oil into China. This is China’s Very Important Project. There are so many issues for China with these Pipe Lines. There is a threat of Terrorists. There are so many issues China has to face. 

Are there only these two alternate routes available to China?

China has aimed at other countries. We discussed Myanmar. The last two videos were based on Myanmar. China can use Myanmar as an Alternate route they have the plans to do it. 

What is China’s Plan in Myanmar?

Are all these reasons why other countries are opposing China?

Are there benefits for these Countries?

Will China be opposed in Africa and Pakistan after the Corona Virus Pandemic?

We can discuss this in another video. 

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