Malaysia Pakistan in Danger – Corona Update

Malaysia Pakistan in Danger - Corona Update:

Sorry, Malaysia. Sorry, Pakistan. Down Down Malaysian Govt, Down Down Pakistan Govt. A Govt which doesn’t care about the lives of its people, what the use of the govt existence?. YOu will know Tsunami. Now you will hear about Tsunami Corona. This will surely affect Malaysia and Pakistan. We have discussed Sleeper Cells. These Sleeper Cells are in both Pakistan and Malaysia. After you have read this post you will understand the meaning of Sorry Malaysia and Sorry Pakistan.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

In Pakistan, the affected people have hit 1000. Above 10 people have lost their lives. In Malaysia, a curfew is in place from last week and they have extended it for two weeks. Nearly 1600 People have been affected. In Malaysia, 17 people have been dead. 

This is normal across the world. Why should we target and discuss Malaysia and Pakistan?

One Recent Mass Religious gathering and a community which spreads hope. Due to these gatherings, a lot of People in Malaysia and Pakistan are going to be affected by the virus. This gathering is called Tablighi Jamaat. Jammat means people will gather in a location. The people will sleep in the mosque and will go house to house and preach to the people. Nearly for 100 years, it is active. 

Where did this organisation last travelled?

They have travelled to Malaysia and Pakistan. In Malaysia, they were there from Feb27th to March 2nd. They have also travelled to Singapore. Then they have come to Pakistan till March 12th. 

This organisation will hold a meeting. Nearly 16000 people attended religious gathering. When the World was preparing for Lockdown, the Malaysian Govt didnt ban the gathering. The 17 People who died in Malaysia, 15 People attended this Gathering. The govt said not to hold the gathering. The Religious leaders have said that None of them has a fear of Corona. They also said that they believe in God and nothing will affect them. 16000 People before starting prayers they gather in a place. They will wash their hands together, they have shared their food with one another. The virus was already in these religious leaders. They didnt care about it, and they have conducted the meeting and completed it. 

Malaysia Pakistan in Danger - Corona Update

The affected people in Malaysia, nearly half of the patients are relatives or friends to the people who have gathered for the meeting. The Malaysian Govt has traced only 10000 people. There is no info about the 6000 people. The traced ones are not confirmed that they were a part of the gathering it is in doubt. 

Who attended the gathering?

Through them how much has the virus spread?

Malaysian govt will not give us this information. The reason is Religion. If the govt declares this then it would cause many issues for the current govt and its politicians. So the Malaysian govt will shut their mouths. Nearly 1500 foreigners also attended the gathering. People from Philipines, Singapore, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam attended the gathering. This is unbelievable how the govt gave permission for a gathering. 

Malaysia Pakistan in Danger - Corona Update

They complete the gathering in Malaysia and go to Pakistan. Pakistan govt should act quickly. The Pakistan govt gives permission for the gathering. Nearly 10000 People attend the meeting. The gathering was held until March 12th. It was supposed to continue another two days but they stopped it. There was a warning message from Malaysia to Pakistan. The news said that the people in the gathering were affected by the virus, so stop the gathering. The gathering was stopped due to rain. This virus can spread through water also. In Sindh Region 4 newly confirmed case have been discovered in Pakistan. These 4 people were a part of the gathering. So the 16000 in Malaysia and 10000 in Pakistan are all sleeper cells. Because in the gathering they have spelt side by side, ate shared food. Through this, the virus would have spread to many people. There was a request from the govt not to conduct the gathering. The religious leader said that if they don’t conduct the gathering then there will be issues, so ignoring the warnings they have conducted the gathering. Many Media says that it is a Criminal Carelessness. 

Malaysia Pakistan in Danger - Corona Update

These Religious leaders are now affected by the virus and admitted in hospitals. People who have gathered are also affected by the virus. The Reporters who went to report the gathering are also affected. Three reporters are affected now. These reporters came to check whether the hospitals are capable to treat the patients. These reporters are so careless, imagine how the 10000 people would have been. 

This happened in March 12th when the whole world is in lockdown. Pakistan and Malaysia govt is very wrong. These foreigners have returned to their countries. This is causing panic as well. 

So people in Malaysia and in Pakistan please be careful as your govt’s have set in motion a tragedy. Please save yourselves.

Was Pakistan informed about the virus?

In South Korea, the virus spread rapidly due to a religious gathering. In Iran, the virus spread rapidly from Qom a Religious place. So the belief is the cause for the virus to spread rapidly. We are not talking ill about religious gatherings. This is all about humans staying alive. The Virus has spread, but to contain it it is the responsibility of the People and the govt. 

If Pakistan and Malaysia didnt give permission for the gathering, their rule will be stopped. So they gave permission. Sorry Malaysia, Sorry Pakistan. News will not come out Pakistan, even the people affected numbers will not come out. There is a lot of deaths and the economy of the country is suffering greatly. India told that it will help Pakistan by giving them 10 Million USD. Pakistan govt rejects the offer. There is a strict rule not to give info about how many people are affected. 

So there is a lot happening in our neighbouring countries. There is also fear that the virus may spread from Neighbouring countries. India should be cautious.

People in Malaysia and Singapore please be careful. There are a lot of Corona Sleeper Cells in your country. 

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