Nepal’s Occupation by China – Five Finger Policy

Nepal's Occupation by China - Five Finger Policy:

Vicky Bro Describing a Comedy did by Vadivel. Two Villages are occupied by the Chinese says Nepal. Nepal knew that if it believes in China the events happened to Sri Lanka, Pakistan will happen to them. Now its too late to act on its mistakes. 

Did Nepal has been defeated by China in 2020?

Did China had a plan to defeat Nepal from the 1950s?

We will discuss in detail in this post. 

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So it starts in 1950, China has declared that Tibet belongs to them. 

How did the Chinese call, Tibet?

Tibet is called Xizang. Leh means Ladakh. Kathmandu mans Nepal. Nathula means Sikkim. Thimphu means Bhutan. Tawang means Arunachal Pradesh. So we have mentioned 6 regions. 

For Ex: Take Your Fore Hand, the Center is Tibet and the 5 fingers are the other regions. On 1950 the Leader of China Mao Zedong said in the Tiananmen Square after occupying Tibet that the five fingers regions belong to China which is occupied by India now.

In this Tiananmen Square China faced its big level Protests by the Chinese People. Still, now the Chinese people are scared about what happened in the Square. 

Nepal's Occupation by China - Five Finger Policy
Tiananmen Square Massacre

We know Zoom App which is used for Video Conferencing. It is an America based Software Company. China requests America because many people were going to discuss the events happened in Tiananmen Square. So China wanted the People’s Accounts to be de-activated. This created an issue for America and China for banning the accounts. The Chinese people cannot forget the vents happened in Tiananmen Square. 

Mao Zedong speaks in the Tiananmen Square in the 1950s that they have now occupied only the palm of the hand. The remaining regions which are under the control of India should be liberated and joined with China. He says Tibet is China. 

When it comes to the Communist party, there will a lot of Leaders. Leaders decisions are final. Ask People who follow Communism. The Communism is growing based on leaders like Lenin, Marxist. 

The Chinese People believed in Mao Zedong. So the Chinese started to do what the leader wanted. Mao’s Wish is the 5 fingers Concept. If you search for the Five Fingers Concept you will see Mao’s Picture as the first thing. 

Now we should discuss the five fingers distances between China and India. From India’s Capital Delhi and From China’s Capital Beijing. From Delhi, Ladakh region is 1,258 by Road but from Beijing its 3, 490 Km. Kathmandu(Nepal) is 1,160Km from Delhi whereas its 3,160Km from Beijing. Nathula Sikkim is 1,782 Km from Delhi and 2,820 Km from Beijing. Thimphu (Bhutan) is 1,782 km from Delhi and 2,820 Km from Beijing. Finally, Tawang (Arunachal) is 2,315Km from Delhi and Beijing is 2,640 Km from there. 

Nepal's Occupation by China - Five Finger Policy

So all regions from the Chinese capital is long distances. 

Why do they need these long distanced regions?

TO Control the whole world. China needs the Tibetan Plateau. The Regions which is surrounding Tibet is the Five Regions. So rule over the world, China needs the Five Regions. This is the Secret told by Mao Zedong to China. This is the reason why they are creating issues in Ladakh, they are enslaving Nepal, they created a lot of issues in Sikkim. Till now China is Contesting over Arunachal Pradesh with India. So this is China’s Concept and Policy. This issue will never be over. Whether there is war or not, they will keep on trying to occupy these regions. 

Did Mao give instructions on how to control the regions?

The First concept is Enslaving these 5 regions or China’s Domination should be in these regions. China is now contesting with India that Ladakh Belongs to China. Then Comes Nathula- Sikkim 0n 1979 there were so many issues. Sikkim decided to join with India. So they cannot occupy Sikkim easily. Nepal is a separate Country. Bhutan is also another separate Country. Arunachal Pradesh is a state in India. So Mao’ dream is gone. 

Will the Chinese endure this loss?

We think that China is not capable of Controlling the five regions. But the Chinese want to create an impact in the five regions. Nepal had no relations with China. But China cunningly said that it will help Nepal economically. There comes a time when Nepalese Politicians start to Support the Chinese Regime. They pass a bill on their new map which was against India. The Radio Stations telecasted Propaganda against India. Nepal has been involved in actions against India. The Gandak barrage has 18 gates which belong to Nepal and another 18 which belongs to India. When India offered help to repair the 18 Gates of the Gandak Barrage belonging to Nepal. Nepal has blocked India to do its repairs on 22nd June 2020. So Clearly Nepal is against India. 

Do the Nepalese Govt understand what’s happening?

Nepal govt knows all the history and China’s intension. Nepal is ruled by a Communist party. The Communist Leaders god is Mao Zedong. So Nepal will follow Mao’s Command even if he is dead. This is the reason Nepal is siding with China. 

What are Nepal’s losses?

Two Villages. China occupies Rui Village. 76 Families lived in the village. Next is the Teiga Village has vanished from the Nepal Map. 11 Regions occupied by China. This is 33 Hector landscape has been occupied by the Chinese. 

How did China occupy these lands?

China building dams and Using Water as a Weapon. Watch the video again. Chaining the course of Rivers is done by the Chinese. There are some Boundaries in the Nepal border. Nearly 8553 Stines are laid to determine the border with India. Its called the Border Pillars. Nepal has 8553 Pillars against India but has only 100 Pillars against Nepal. One Pillar was in the Rui Village. Now it’s gone. 

So Nepal and China’s Agreement is that many rivers are flowing, these rivers act as Natural Borders between China and Nepal. China started to change the course of the rivers. So the river started to flow into Nepal and the river bed which the river flowed now belongs to China. So China has encroached nearly 33 Hectares of Nepalese lands. This report was released by Nepal’s Survey Department of Agriculture. If this continues half of Nepal will belong to China. This is China’s backstabbing to Nepal.

Do the Nepal Politicians know about it?

Nepal is now ruled by a Communist Party. Sharma is fulfilling Mao’s Dream. So He will act against Nepal but not against Mao’s China.

So Nepal has lost two villages and 33 Hectares land. The Chinese have now built roads in these regions. These roads are called TAR(Tibet Autonomous Regions). Co China will declare Nepal as lands belonging to Tibet. China will enter Tibet and Occupy Tibet. This is a different concept called One China. 

Next comes Ladakh, they tried it and we fought them and they retreated. Bhutan remains. Now you will start to hear the news that Bhutan Is acting against India. We know about the issues in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim. 

Can Nepal escape the clutches of the Dragon?

It seems the Citizen Amendment act will be changed in Nepal. When they do this, they will have a revolution from an ethnic group called Madhesi People. 

Nepal's Occupation by China - Five Finger Policy

How many Madhesi People are in Nepal?

Nearly 30% to 44% population are the Madhesi People. Their origins are directly connected to India. So the Nepal Govt wants to force law of these People. If they do it there will be bigger issues in Nepal. Nepal will be supported by China. They want to complete the tasks within the Communist Party rule. If they complete it Mao’s idea, in that 1 finger will be under the control of China. 

Then they will move to Ladakh. We can discuss in another post. 

So Please Search for the terms. Five Fingers China’s Policy, Nepals Citizenship act.

Who are the Madhesi People?

You will understand the truth behind this post. Also, don’t forget to search for Mao Zedong. 


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