North Korea’s Threat to South Korea – North Korea 2020 Plan

North Korea's Threat to South Korea - North Korea 2020 Plan:

North Korea’s Leader didnt appear for long due to health concerns. But after his re-appearance, many said that it was not Kim Jung-Un but it was his body double. Many were debating about this topic. 

But today the World Politics is turning towards North Korea. 

What is the reason?

North Korea has said that it will take Military action against South Korea. 

Why is Noth Korea saying this statement?

Is June 15th an Important day in their History books?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

When we talk about Geo-Politics we must talk about North Korea. It s a very important country when it comes to World Politics. The reason is there are many economic sanctions against the country by many countries. The important reason is Nuclear weapons. North Korea is supported by Russia and China. These are the reasons why the International Community is talking about North Korea. 

Kim Jung-Un’s sister Kim Yo-Jong. She has said that South Korea is causing issues against North Korea. She threatens that North Korea will use its Military against South Korea. 

Does she have the power to initiate a Military action?

She has replied that she has the power to initiate a Military action against South Korea. Kim Yo Jung has said that she has the power to order and organize the Military. The People of North Korea is standing with them. 

North Korea's Threat to South Korea - North Korea 2020 Plan

We already know that after Kim Jung-Un, the next leader will be his sister. Majority of Decisions taken by the Leader was planned by his sister. Kim Jung-Un didnt give this statement, but his sister has given this statement. Now it has become the talk of the town in the International Community. 

Saturday Kim yo-Jung has given her statement. On Sunday all officers in the south Korean Military attend a Virtual meeting. 

What was spoken in the video Conference?

The tensions between both countries have increased, So the South Korean army should be ready. Organize the army, at any time there could be a Military action against South Korea. 

Has this issue become an important one for the South Koreans?

Yes. There is an issue. The reason which Kim yo gives is South Korea refuses to act on its promises. She accuses that South Korea is using Spies in North Korea to gather information. South Korea didnt try to stop this flow of Information. 

It is very hard for Spies in North Korea. Sending a Spy report from North Korea is very hard. 

How is this spy network working from North Korea?

Balloons are the answer. Helium filled Balloons which carry messages. These messages consist of Military bases, North Korea’s next actions. So these messages are sent in Helium Ballons into the South Korean Territory. They are sending these Helium Ballons in the night time. The North Korean army cannot find these Balloons. 

The next method is using bottles which carries messages. These Bottles are sent through the sea to the south Koreans. North Korea has accused South Korea of its actions and it also says that it has proof. 

Why is this a big issue in the International Community?

Spies sending messages in not big news for the International Community. But this has been turned into big news for two reasons. 

The first reason is the issue between America and South Korea. The other is the ongoing issue with South and North Korea. Two years have gone by when Trump had a meeting with the North Korean leader in Singapore. Trump says to destroy North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons and Military Warehouses. North Korea should provide proof. Then Members from various countries will come for an investigation in North Korea. During the investigation, there should be no Nuclear weapons or Mass Weapons of Destruction. If the North Korean Leader accepts it, then all Economic sanctions will be cancelled. Kim Jong-Un accepts the offer and wants the Economic sanctions to be removed. This happened in 2018. 

North Korea's Threat to South Korea - North Korea 2020 Plan

On 2018-19 there was another meeting in Vietnam. Trump said that North Korea didnt destroy its Nuclear caches and it should also destroy long-range Missiles. North Korean Leader didnt like this offer. When there was a third meeting in the Korean Border. South Korea supported the meeting. 

North Korean Leader said that nothing has happened after three talks. So he said that North Korea will Reconfigure its Military Structure. He also says that he is going to ready the army and has started production weapons from the army. 

America cannot force North Korea into anything now because it has no power over the country or its leader. The reason is the decision taken by America in Afghanistan, Germany, China. These decisions are bad decisions. Then George Floyd’s Murder. America is suffering from Various issues now including the Corona Virus.

North Korea targets South Korea now. There was an issue between North Korea and South Korea. Nearly 28,000 American Soldiers were stationed to protect South Korea. This started from the 1950s. South Korea was paying 860 Million USD to America for its protection. 

Trump comes to a bargain that South Korea should pay 5 Billion USD to America for the protection. We know that Trump is a very good Businessman. This bargain is ongoing now. Any time now America can call back its troops from South Korea. America also called back its troops from Germany. America is facing an economic crisis, North Korea knows the American situation that they will not interfere between North Korea and South Korea. 

Who benefits if there is a war tension between North Korea and South Korea.

America surely benefits. There are chances that South Korea will go to America if they think North Korea is going to wage a war. They may accept Trump’s bargain of 5 Billion USD. Trump needs a twist before the presidential election in America. 

Trump is searching for this twist. IF Trump decides to attack North Korea this will become a huge twist. So the War Tension between North and South Korea is a useful happening to America. 

Why is June 15th Considered a Very Important day?

20 Years has been completed of Peace talks between North Korea and South Korea. On 2000 both countries leaders had a meeting. After the 1950-53 Korean war, this was the first time the two leaders had a meeting. On 2000 they had a meeting and signed various agreements. This agreement is called Inter Korean Agreement.  For signing this agreement, South Korea’s Leader received Nobel Prize for bringing Peace. 

North Korea's Threat to South Korea - North Korea 2020 Plan

What happened after the agreement?

On 2003, Six parties talk happened. Six Countries involved in peace talks. Their aim was to bring in North Korea into their fold. The Six Countries are South Korea, North Korea, China, Russia, Japan and America. These 5 countries palace many requests to North Korea. They wanted North Korea to stop its Nuclear Program. 

For Decades many countries want to sign agreements with North Korea. These countries order many actions to be done by North Korea, North Korea will refuse it. North Korea will exit the organisations. 

On 2012. Kim Jong-Un becomes the leader of North Korea. He says that the country will be at peace in his rule. But other issues were raised against North Korea. On 2018 Leaders of Both Countries has a meeting. The meeting had three stages of Peace talks. They come to a conclusion after the meeting in 2018. Peace will prevail between the countries. Soth Korea will have an important place in this peace talk. In return, South Korea will support North Korea in the International Stage. This was the 2018 agreement. 

What did North Korea for this agreement?

They build offices for these agreements in North Korea. Two Countries together started many factories. North Korea’s Mines in the Border were removed. So weapons and the Minefields in the border were removed by North Korea according to the agreement.

Now South Korea, China, Egypt Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the countries within Two months. In this time of Crisis, North Korea offices which were opened after the meetings were closed now. Kim-Yo has said that those Offices will be permanently shut because South Korea has not supported North Korea in the International Stage. She said that South Korea is planning to take down North Korea. The Offices will be closed, The Factories which were opened jointly will be sealed and the weapons production needed for the army will be increased. She has warned with this statement “South Korea wait and see”.

North Korea's Threat to South Korea - North Korea 2020 Plan

After this twist what will Happen next?

Will South Korea pay America 5 Billion USD?

Will the relationships between North Korea and South Korea increase?

Will there be a war?

We cannot predict future events. There may be peace between North and South Korea. 

Now you could have understood the 2000 Agreement, Six Parties talk which happened in 2013. Finally in 2018 the Meeting between North and South Korea. People who understand this topic correctly. You can predict how North Korea has been Fooled. 

The International Community thinks that North Korea has Mass Weapons of Destruction just like they did it in Iraq. The fuse of North Korea should be removed. But North Korea is not accepting it but they want to live in peace. Please let us live in peace. 

What is the truth?

Only time will give us the answer. 

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