One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing

One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing:

#BoycottChina is trending in Social media all over India. But the same day in Amazon, One Plus Mobile was launched. After the Launch, the mobile was sold out in minutes. The Next stock will be available in 22nd June. 

People commented on our videos. We were talking about #BoycottChina. But Indians are buying the Chinese Products without any hesitation. This is India and these are Indians. People also commented that Indians cannot Boycott Chinese Products.

How truthful is this Comment?

We have discussed many world Politics in our Channel. The topic which we are going to discuss in way above your previous topics in World Politics. 

World Politics + OurLifes intertwined series in this series of World Politics. We don’t know when we will release the next part. If we do release the next part each and every one of you will be cautious. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Before we go into the topic. We should understand the meaning of Brand. We will take for example two brands which are familiar to us. One is Tropicana and the other is Pepsi or Coke. 

Tropicana is a company which sells fruit Juice. We all know about Pepsi and Coke. 

In 2009, Tropicana wanted to change the label in the boxes of their products due to the heavy competition. Before 2009 their label was an Orange and a Straw. They change the label and release it. When this label was released Tropicana suffered huge losses. People were not buying the products and the product was not selling. Nearly 20 to 30% loss for the company. 

How many crores were their losses?

Approximately 500 Crore Rupees in 2009. The company investigated the loss. The Previous Label’s impression was on the people’s minds which brought in the sales of the Product. So their loss was the changing of the Label. So when they recognize their mistake, they advertise and give slogan and improve their sales. Due to this Tropicana spend nearly 35 Million USD. So the label was Returned to the original. These Drinks are artificially made Juices. People believed in the brand. So if they change an image of a product it will greatly affect the Brand, Tropicana is the Example. 

One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing

Next Ex: From 1980 to 1985. There was an issue between Pepsi and Coke. The issue is who is going to lead the market in sales. On 1984 Pepsi was on the top of sales in the market. By using Michael Jackson in their Advertisements. Pepsi became the Next Generation Drink and increased its sales by 53%. 

Coca-Cola changed its tin into New Coke. People loved the classic Coca-Cola label. They wanted to compete with Pepsi by launching a New Label in their Tins. It became a failure. The Company studies its losses for two years. Nearly 2 lakh people participated in a taste test. The Sweetness in Pepsi was higher than Coca-cola. When they stopped the Classic Coca-Cola tins the company received more than 4 Lakh Phone Calls.

Why did they stop the Classic Coca-cola?

Why did you introduce New Coke?

So they returned to their Old formula Classic Coca-Cola and they advertise it. For many years Coco-Cola was the leading Cool drink. We have to understand one thing in this situation, Classic Coca-Cola had Pure Sugar. But after New Coke, The Company reverted back to the Classic Coca-Cola but instead of Pure Sugar, they added high-fructose Corn Syrup. Due to the change, the Sweetness increased in the soft drink. Their sales increased. But the people are believing that they are drinking the Same Coca-Cola which they have previously drunk. All these happened in America. Across the world, this is happening even now. 

One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing

If you go to a nearby store or Shop. you will buy the Products which is absolutely necessary for you. 

But if you go to Hypermarket and Super Market. What will happen?

You will purchase unnecessary products. 

Why do we purchase unnecessary Products?

When you enter a Super or a Hyper Market, you will see a lot of fruits. All Colourful Products will be in the entrance. These Colours are called Vivid Colours. These Colours are so attractive. When you see these Colours it will make your mind happy. If you are happier then you will spend more. 

Who knows this strategy?

The Owners and the Corporates know the strategy. If you go to a Hyper or a supermarket, a mild song will be played to make you happy. So when you become happy, you will start to purchase without you even noticing that they are unnecessary products. 

So this is just the beginning of the Brand and Marketing. 

So let’s get into the One Plus 8 Sales Now. 

Why is One Plus 8 sales is very high?

Ask Yourself, Did it sell in High Numbers?

Was there an Official Statement from One Plus 8?.

That they have sold these many Units. Nope. They didnt announce the units numbers which are sold. The reason is the One Plus 8 launch units were low in numbers. Indian people are against Chinese Products now. So they have reduced the number of units and those units could have sold out. They have hidden the truth. 

Why are they hiding the truth?

What is the reason?

What will they benefit out of this?

If you think that they have produced 1000 Mobiles and it would be sold out. This theory is wrong. No Mobile company will produce 1000 or 2000 units. They are producing Lakhs of units. If they have sold out all the manufactured products. 

How will they announce a second sale?

Within 5 days can they manufacture the units needed for sale. 

Is this possible?

No. Already they have a stock stored. For Ex: If they have manufactured 1 Lakh mobile. They will release only 1000 Units on Launch. They will advertise that within a particular date the stock will be over. In Amazon, there is Flash sale. In that sale you can see the messages Order Now or they could have mentioned a timeframe. They will also announce next day delivery. Please Underline the words Next and Now. Through these words, we have been fooled in many ways. 

One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing

One Plus 8 Marketing strategy name is FOMO( Fear of Missing out). A Fear which you may experience if you couldn’t obtain the product. 

So you have decided to buy a particular Mobile. The next day is the launch day. Nobody would have used the Device and it will not have any reviews. But you could have built a Good Review in your mind watching the Advertisements. The reason is FOMO. 

To Clearly define it. Let’s ask a question.

How will you define your freedom?

Your freedom is to select whatever is necessary for yourself. This freedom is from Love to studies. When your freedom is threatened by someone, you will try to take back your freedom.  

Please Apply your freedom on a Mobile phone. For Ex: Your favourite Phone is One Plus8. Many have said that the phone is amazing. 

But Was it really your favourite Phone?

No. Many peoples view influenced you to make that phone into your favourite phone. 

So if you want to buy the phone. Can you do it?

When they say that minutes after the launch they will say SOLD OUT. So when your desired product is unavailable to you, automatically your expectations for the product will increase. Your Expectations are their Success. 

How will the Corporates do it?

There are four types. 

So the first one is if you see your favourite Product in Amazon or Flipkart. You can see that there will be only two items left in stock. So if you check the next day, it will be 5 Items left in Stock. 

How did the Stock increase from 2 to 5?

These Corporates know what your needs are, there is an algorithm which tells the Corporates what you are searching in the Internet. So they will confirm that you are ready to buy a particular product. In Order to make you buy the product, they have to use FOMO(Fear of Missing Out). 

So your Favourite item will be displayed as Order Now, Near it, you can see Next day Delivery. When You see Next-Day delivery FOMO is broken in your minds. You will have this confidence that your favourite product will be in your hands the next day. So due to this, you will purchase the product. They will never let you think twice. 

The Second Method is Limited Time only buy now. This is scarcity Marketing in FOMO. The third method is if you buy a product you will receive a discount. The Fourth Method is to Notify Me. It’s just pre-order before launch. 

So these are the four ways the Corporates or the companies are fooling the people. This post is a shorter version of these Four Methods. 

Let’s discuss another Surprising part in their strategy. 

Its called Left Digit Value. So you see a product which is priced for 13 USD. You will not buy it. But if you see the Rate as 12.99 USD you will buy it. They have rewired our minds to see only the Left Digit Number. So what we see in the left is the price. We don’t want the right digit number. 

So if you buy a product for a price of Rs99.9, you will share the price with your friends and Relatives as Rs99. You will not mention it as rs100. The difference is only one paise. So with One paise, the corporates are fooling you. 

One Plus Psychology of Sales | China Mobile Vs Marketing

The Next Strategy is Offer Strategy. If you see a 10% to 50% we will never buy the products. You can see the offers in the shops which will say up to 50%. They will display 10 to 50%. Today’s trend is this Upto this percentage. There is another method From 199USD. 

If you check an Apple Product. Its cost could be 500USD. But its base price will start from 199USD.

 So will we buy the 500 USD or the 199 USD Product?.

We will never buy the products in these two prices. This method is called Decoy Pricing. If you understand the Decoy Pricing Method, surely you will be able to purchase your needed Products. You can avoid the Unnecessary products which the Corporates many try to sell to you. 

So We will discuss how to Escape the Decoy Pricing and FOMO in the next post. The next post will be a detailed version of the Decoy Pricing. Don’t miss out on the Next Post.  

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