Pulse Oximeter – Will India follow Sinagapore?

Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Singapore?:

Will Corona Virus be destroyed or not?

Will My Exams Happen?

Can I get a Job?

What is the answer for Celebrations like Marriages?

The Answer to all questions is that Corona Virus will not leave us alone.

Why Corona Virus cannot be removed from our Society?

Corona Virus cannot be removed from our society. There are a lot of Explanations and definitions for this question. We, Will, discuss these in this post.

But First, Let’s discuss how we can Defend ourselves from this Coronavirus?

What should we follow?

This strategy may look simple, but the International Community is going to use this Strategy.

Let’s discuss in detail. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

The main reason behind the Coronavirus cannot be removed from the Society is there is no Vaccine yet. If they find a vaccine also coming 6 months the number of affected people will be increased. 

Now they have decided to open Tasmac and Industries can operate, trains will also be run. There are so many possibilities that the virus may spread. For Ex: Take The Incident in South Korea, today alone South Korea has 35 to 50 new patients. 

How did it spread?

Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Sinagapore? | Tamil Pokkisham

Nearly 35000 Bars and Nightclubs are now open in South Korea. People gather in large numbers in these Bars and Nightclubs after an extended lockdown.  Nearly 35 people who went to bars and Nightclubs have contracted the virus. The govt has traced 5000 People. But they are unable to trace 3000 People. They cannot trace these people.

So even is small gatherings the virus will spread rapidly. Only Normal People are getting affected not the govt. India is in an Economic crisis. In China, there are no jobs for 8 Crore People, America also faces the same situation, India will suffer the same. 

But the govt is having issues with Nepal. The Border dispute continues amidst the Corona Virus issue. Iran and America have a dispute, there are signs of war. Israel and Syria have dispute also. So events around us continue to happen. 

Now the govt slowly will say to us that this is the new normal way to live in the world. The world which will have corona and people must learn to survive. 

How can we escape?

Don’t spend your money on unwanted items. Please don’t inside shops or anywhere if it is crowded. In Indonesia, the shops should have at least 3meteres away. So this method is good for traders and customers. India should adopt this method. Maintain your distance from another person. 

Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Sinagapore? | Tamil Pokkisham
Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Singapore? | Tamil Pokkisham

Can we control the crowd in buses?

This is a Million Dollar Questions. IF we don’t control it then the virus will keep spreading in India. When the virus starts to spread again. We have already discussed the Agenda21 and Vaccination Program, these programs or conspiracies will be boosted by us. So the spreading of Coronavirus rapidly will ease their jobs. Finding a vaccine or Population decreases they will do their job perfectly. So our awareness is our future.

Is Social Distancing enough for Corona Virus?

They will open theatres and bars. These are not essential things for us. So entertainment according to many people will not be available to you. This govt says 20 people in marriages and death ceremonies. The govt may allow up to 150 people for a social gathering celebration. 

So Youngsters in Villagers and Cities if you want to protect your house. You have to get equipment like Thermometer and Pulse Oximeters. 

Why do we need Pulse Oximeters?

We know Thermometer. The thermometer is used to measure the heat of the body. Please know about the New Pulse Oximeter. 

Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Sinagapore? | Tamil Pokkisham

In Singapore, the govt has given workers free Pulse Oximeters. This act should be praised. Till today Singapore Total Affected cases is 23000. 90% of them are workers from aboard. The govt is providing help to these workers. Many places in Singapore have Liosk. These are like ATM’s, the machine will tell you your heartbeat, Temperature and the results will be printed and given.

These devices are kept in many places in Singapore. This is to calm the population. So the people have to stand in front of the machine and pay 1rs or free you will get the complete details. 

Why Did Singapore Govt give Pulse Oximeters to workers?

 The answer to this question is lies in the coming question?

The Random checkup for Corona Virus is very random. Why?

We imported many test kits from China and were disappointed by receiving Defective Test kits. The remaining Test kits are used for patients who have respiratory problems, Cough and Fever. Before even starting the tests they take the Travel History of patients and their relatives. 

Pulse Oximeter - Will India follow Sinagapore? | Tamil Pokkisham

In Singapore, 23000 Patients are there. 90% of them are from Aborad who are workers. The symptoms are not visible in these workers. After some days the symptoms start to show up. After two days they are affected and some people die. 

We should learn about the Ventilators. Ventilators are used to function our lungs properly. When We are Contracted by SARS or similar virus we have a difficulty to breathe. So when this problem arises then the Oxygen needed for the body will decrease. Due to this low-level Oxygen, our body parts stop to Function properly. So to stop this from happening they use ventilators. 

So according to the ventilator is the last thing which can help him. That last time recovery has been done by only 20% of people. The reason is they could have had lung diseases. The patients who are most affected by the virus will have small symptoms. 

So Lack of Oxygen is the reason behind the Death rate. This is controlled or Measured by the device called the Pulse Oximeter. Many Countries are stocking up on this product. These countries know the importance of the device. 

When we use Pulse Oxi Meter it will give you results how much oxygen is in your blood. This device is capable of doing its work.

In 1970 Japan’s researcher invents this device. But America’s BIOS uses it as Commercial product. So this small device has become the most popular device in the world. 

So if the Device shows that the OXygen Level is below 88%. Our bore is a problem in needs oxygen or there is a problem in the lungs. This can be a warning sign to check for Coronavirus.

This device was given to patients and they have to test them three times says Italian govt and many countries. This device has become a defence weapon. 

For a village or a street one Pulse Oximeter is enough. The price maybe 2000  to 3000rs. We request our govt to give these devices to our people living in villages. 

So when Oxygen is very Low in our body its called Silent Hypoxia. We can escape the Coronavirus through the symptoms. This is a necessary Device.

In Singapore, they have followed it means it is a wanted device. This must be the first post in India detailing this device. We believe that many people will start talking about this device.

For a street, you can a Pulse Oximeter. For one day you have to test three times. All age groups can use this device. 

We need to take this info to many govt officials. We believe this is a positive post for some they may think it a negative. After we start to disucss we will know the truth. Please search for device. 

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