Ram Lalla – India Follows Pakistan

Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan:

A Small Virus is threatening mankind. Not only the virus the business which is happening with this virus was also discussed in our Channel through World Politics. But now a new type of threat called Religious Politics is also happening. We told Sorry Pakistan and Sorry Malaysia in the last post. But this time Sorry India. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

In Malaysia not only Tablighi Jammat conducted a gathering in March 12th. But before that, nearly 30000 Hindus gathered to celebrate Mahamaham. 

Why didnt you talk about it?

People asked this question to us. Please understand that Stage 1 of the virus has been spread from people coming from other countries. So Tablighi Jammat gathering had nearly 4000 foreigners. This was the reason the World media talked about it and didnt speak much about Mahamaham. 

You will ask this question.

Is there no wrong in celebrating Mahamaham?

This is also wrong. The virus doesn’t know the difference between Hindus, Christians or Muslims. It is wrong if any religious gathering has been held. 

Why did the virus spread rapidly in South Korea?

A Part of the Christian community called its followers to a gathering. Nearly 2,40,000 Members attended the meeting. The founder promised his followers entry into “New Heaven and New Earth”. Many followers accepted his calling. This causes a huge issue which is Virus VS Religion. 

Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan
Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan

When it comes to religious leaders there are a lot of them who want to promote their religion. If there are no prayers happening in the religious places then the people will start to lose their beliefs. This is the main reason behind these religious gatherings. We are saying to escape these gatherings. 

Tablighi Kammat after the gathering nearly 10 of them came to India. They have visited Madurai, erode and Salem. This is also the main reason for the spreading of the virus in Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu’s first victim came in contact with Islamic Preachers. 

So now there will be a religious business going to happen. They will call people to convert so that the virus will not affect them. They will call for secret prayer. Police can’t protect each and every one of us. All religious leaders will brainwash people that by praying they can eradicate the virus. Please don’t go to these events. Every religion says that peace is the way. Don’t hurt anyone for someone. There will be peace on you. God doesn’t say this but all religious texts say this. 

Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan

So we know that through Tablighi Jammat the virus has spread into Tamilnadu. 

Do you know about Ram Lalla?

This happened Yesterday in Uttar Pradesh. There has been confirmation that Ram Temple can be built. But when India is in Lockdown, to build the temple they are getting ready, this was announced by the Chief Minister of UP.  Ramar statue was taken and kept in place, then happened Prayings and there were Photographers, Videographers then the CM and the security. Everybody was there.

How foolish is this?

Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan

Prime Minister of India says that people should not come out of their houses. All religious locations have to be closed. 

How can you open a particularly religious place and held a prayer?

So if we ask this question to the Cm of UP. He says that it was not a Social gathering. He has held it in their location. So if every religion says the same thing we have to face so many issues. So this issue is not based on any religion but based on some Foolish people. 

Are they doing their prayers or spreading the virus?

The world is the witness. In Iran, the virus spread rapidly due to Religion. The same happened in Pakistan and Malaysia. In India, the virus started to spread in Tamilnadu because of religion. So when they say that it is ok to venture out. Please don’t go to Temples, Mosques or Churches. We have to take steps ourselves to prevent the spreading of the virus. Even after one month, your God will stay in the same place, He will bless you if you pray to him. Please don’t panic. 

Ram Lalla - India Follows Pakistan

We have discussed the situation in India and Pakistan. The countries which are poor and have illiterate people are the worse. In 24 African countries, the virus has spread. 

Has any news channel spoken about this?

No. We think that African countries are safe. We also don’t want any news about African Countries. If an American dies it is a headline, but if an African dies it is not even a sideline. These Religious leaders go to every country and visit every country and say that their religion will protect the people from the virus. We don’t know how this is going to end. 

WHO and IMF say that the poor countries don’t have to pay their debts back. Instead, they want to take steps against the Virus. The fake news travel fast similarly Religious news and Superstition spread fast too.

Two days ago there was a similar issue in Kerala. After the lockdown was announced, a Priest calls for a meeting. He calls a meeting in a house where many people prayed together. Please the people in villages to worship your gods and celebrate please don’t come out of your houses. After the Spread of the virus decreases, you can continue to pursue your religious believings. No god will punish you for not going to religious places, whether it is Jesus, Allah, or Sivan. A god is for humans. 

Some may feel that this post is targeted towards their religion. But you should also search for the truth behind this post. We are not speaking against any religion, we are not atheists. We all pray to our gods. But there is some connection that gathering for prayers and spreading of the virus. If you pray from your home no virus will affect you. 

All religious places offer some kind of food to people. Now they have Tissue paper and Soap. They say that wash your hands and come in. This will surely lead to people getting affected by the virus. This was the reason we discussed about Malaysia and Pakistan briefly. We have also discussed India.

So whichever Religion follows this is totally wrong. We should ask questions against this and also spread awareness. So if a person from another religion is doing it. Why Can’t I do it?. If this question rises in all religious followers. We can’t stop the spread of the virus for even ten years. 

India is in between Stage 2 and Stage 3. Please understand that Italy was affected badly due to their carelessness. The virus has started to spread in India, Pakistan and Malaysia because we are also careless. Whether its Religious Carelessness, Superstitious Carelessness or Anger. 

Why should I listen to the govt?

All these carelessness will affect you and your Children. 

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