Sathankulam Double Murder – Will there be Justice?

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?:

13 People Killed in the Sterlite Protest. Then Ramkumar Death. Then a Pregnant lady’s death.

How did these people die?

Police shot the people or when they were under the Custody of the Police. Lock Up death. 

Tamilnadu is speaking about the Murder of an Innocent father and a Son from Sathankulam.

Why do we call this a murder?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

This is not a post about World Politics but internal Politics. The Authoritative Politics which is shaking the Whole World. 

George Floyd a name known to all the people across the world. The World was against the Police when an Innocent African American was murdered. But the Tamilnadu Police has killed two Innocent People. Many commented that we should discuss this sad event. 

Many asked for a post about the two murders. We had to do a lot of research to find the truth. We had to investigate the news and deliver the news to you. 

What was the issue behind the Murders?

What was the issue behind Jeyaraj and his son Fenix with the TN Police?

There were no serious issues. Just an Authoritative power used wrong and could have been an Ego Clash. This is the first report which we have got from the news. 

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?

The People in power, Particularly the Police will expect the People to Respect them. Police are the ones who help us in many ways. But to some, the Police has been a nuisance. The Example is the Sub- Inspectors of the Sathakulam Police station. 

What happened really?

On 19th Jeyaraj didnt close his shop till 8.15 Pm. They had a Mobile Shop and they didnt close the shop early. The law is after 7 Pm the shops should not be opened due to the Corona Virus pandemic. The Police has asked them to close the shop. 

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?

We don’t know how Jeyeraj and the Police Officers got into an argument. It’s still a mystery to us. The Same Police officials came to the Shop the next day which was the 20th of June. Then The Police said that they will take Jeyaraj into Police Custody. Fenix Jeyaraj’s Son aged 31 and Jeyaraj was 58 to 60 yrs old. When Fenix saw the police arresting his father. He questioned the Police for the arrest. The Police take custody of the Father and the Son. The Police take them to the Sathankulam Police Station. This happened in 20th June. 

On June 22nd 7.30 PM, Fenix suffered from Chest Pain. He was admitted into the Kovilpatti Govt Hospital. The doctors confirmed that he was already dead. The Next day morning His father died of Severe Fever. 

Which news is believable or not believable?

What happened on 20th June night?

An argument between two Police officials and a Shop owner. The Shop owner didnt commit any Criminal acts. But the Police arrest the Shop owner. Sathankulam comes under the Thoothukid District. There is a guy called Kasi in Nagercoil. You could have read news about this guy. If the Tn Police could have arrested this guy and tortured him, then the Whole Public could have supported him. 

What happened to the Pollachi case?

We don't know the results. So there are so many criminal cases which go unnoticed by the Tamilnadu Police. A Shop owner took some time to close his shop. So the Tamilnadu Police file a case against the Shop Owner. The case was under Section 188 by talking or stopping the Police officer to do his duty. They arrest the Shop Owner and File case which was under 5 sections. When the son of the Shop Owner sees his father being hit by the Police. Fenix questions the Police officials for their inappropriate and cruel ways. Fenix was arrested for speaking against the police. 

Fenix’s sister tells to the media “ Her brother used to have Chest Hair, the police have pulled the hair with their hands and tortured him”. The Police have used the lathi is disgusting ways and due to that Fenix has suffered from Bleeding. Fenix has told his friends that he was unable to urinate due to the pain.

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?

Will the police officers act this violently and cruelty?

This news, when heard by the merchants, turned into a furious rage. 

Why has Thoouthukudi been stunned and shocked?

The FIR which was filed against the innocent father and Son. The Police said that when they inquired the two People they rolled in the floor so due to the act theory sustained injuries. So this FIR was released into the Social media and it became Viral. The Merchants see this FIR and start their Protests. 

Father and Son were arrested in Sathankulam. They were taken in front of a Magistrate. They didnt commit any crime but the case was filed against them. So take the father and son into Remand they were taken to the court.

Then they were put in Kovilpatti Sub Jail. They were taken to the Sathankulam Court. Near Sathankulam there are Srivaikundam Jail, Tiruchendur sun Jail, Perurani District Jail and all located near Sathankulam. 

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?

But the Police has taken the accused people to Kovilpatti which is 90Kms away from Sathankulam sub-jail. 

Did the Judge ask questions whether the Police have beaten the Accused?

Do you need medical assistance before going to Jail?

Did the Magistrate ask these questions?

21st June they put the father and son in Prison. 22nd Fenix lost his life. There were critical injuries. Before the accused are taken to the Jail, the Police should get a medical certificate. 

Did they conduct a medical test or not?

If there were no serious injuries.

How did the innocent Father and Son die?

Are they going to join the father and son in the Corona List?


Will they conduct a truthful investigation?

Now another court has to take the case of the two murders and inform the People of TN about the proceedings. Behind these two Murders are three Departments. One is the Police Dept. The Second is the Justice Dept and third comes to the Jail Dept. The Crimes committed by these three depts have resulted in the Death of these two innocent Father and Son. 

Sathankulam Double Murder - Will there be Justice?

What is the answer from these three Depts to the Murdered father and son?

The Tamilnadu govt has announced that the family will give 20 Lakhs as Compensation and a govt job for the family member. So arresting two Innocent people and beating them to death and offering 20 Lakhs and a govt job is an end for the dead. This is called Compensation by the TN govt.

Is this Justice?

Is this Katta Panchayat?

We should ask questions against the govt and the Police Dept which are doing KattaPanchayat. 

If we ask questions will Justice be delivered?

The Two Sub-inspectors were shifted to the Police armed forces. When the Police Dept knew that the people were against the Murders and the opposing Parties and many parties are asking questions to the govt. The merchants started to protest. So due to all this pressure, the govt has suspended the two Sub-Inspectors from their jobs.

If the people still continue to talk about the murders and ask for Justice. Then The Two Sub-Inspectors can be taken to custody for investigation. Conduct the Investigation is the Request from the People. Prove that the Police officials didnt commit heinous and terrible crimes. 

Changing depts or Suspended from work is happening for so long now. 

Can the govt install CCTV in all Police stations?

This is a good idea. The Police advised the People to install CCTV’s in their houses. The Police said that installing CCTV will reduce the crime rate. This is true. But the crimes are done by the Police dept themself now. So if there are CCTV’s installed in the Police station. 

Will, there be heinous are terrible crimes committed by the Police Dept?

Sub-Inspector Balakrishnan. He was working in the Panakudi Police Sation and he was changed to Sathankulam Police Station because he was in illegal activities with a female in a lodge. This news was released in Vikatan.

Vikatan released another news that there was another case 15 days ago in the same Sathankulam Police Station. The Police investigated the case and released a guy. That guy committed suicide the next day Police released him. Sub-Inspector Balakrishnan was the one who investigated the case. So these acts have been continuing for so long now we can clearly understand it. 

Now the People have started to ask questions. The Police Dept must and will answer to the People’s questions. Questions were not asked in the court or the Prison. So two people have lost their lives. 

Where they wrongly accused?

Where they murdered?

Tamilnadu people will continue to ask questions until the truth comes out. This post is a humble request for answers from the Tamilnadu govt and the Three Depts which are involved. 

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