Twitter War against Indians – Is this important?

Twitter War against Indians - Is this important?:

We all could have watched this video. Our Police using Drones are using them for surveillance. The drones come near a group who are paying carrom Board. They scatter after spotting the drone. This was a funny clip. 

How did you feel after watching that video?

We had a different thought. 

Donald Trump has tweeted a msg. Because of this tweet, our money in IT Sector nearly 43000 crores is gone. It just vanished. 

What is the reason?

A Doctor died due to coronavirus. People were protesting against the burial of the Doctor. 

Why this protest?

UAE VS RSS Terrorists. 

What is happening in India?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Police officers, please don’t give the drones to anyone this is a request. The Drones are being used against people, and the media is sharing the videos. Tomorrow there may be looting of sand.  A Police officer cant stop it. But they can use the drones to get an image of the robbery. If Police can use the drones against the people now, then they can use these drones to identify the sand robbers also. Please record that video and share it in social media. Please share that video also. IF this happens we can easily know who is robbing our sand. 

Twitter War against Indians - Is this important?

Next is Donald Trump. America is the most affected country by the Corona Virus. Nearly 2.5 crore people have lost their jobs and are asking govt for money. 

What could a president do?

He will give an order American jobs belong to American people. His tweet IIn Light of the attack from the Invisible enemy, Americans have lost their jobs. So he will sign an Executive order to temporarily suspend immigrants into the country. 

After this tweet, Our shares in the IT sector starts to decline. This one will tweet will take away many jobs from Indians. Media is speaking about this now. Indians are the ones who use H1B Visas in high numbers. Suppose if they ban the visas then Indians who are in America should return to India. Some are saying that H1B Visas will not come under this executive order. 

Twitter War against Indians - Is this important?

But there are many Indians in America now. There is a chance that they may have to come back without any jobs. 

Next issue.

A Doctor died of Coronavirus. He would have worked to protect ourselves. How dare these people to stop the doctor’s burial. This is not unacceptable. When reading this news we should be ashamed of ourselves. 

The 4th issue, RSS Terrorists. We on many occasions have used Islam Terrorists. All Muslims are not terrorists. But in a situation when some Muslims commit terrorism we are scared of Muslims. We are not going to discuss whether the people in RSS are all bad or not. So due to some people, RSS is coming under Terrorist organisations now. 

This war is raging in Tweeter. We know about UAE United Arab Emirates. Many Indians work in UAE or UAE based companies. In UAE Muslims are high in numbers. In India, Hindu’s are the majority and we have Muslims and Christians. 

Coronavirus comes to India. We all know about Tablighi Jammed. This event happened in Delhi, Pakistan and Malaysia. We have seen these as news. 

Based on the event in Delhi, Muslims are spreading the virus this was in twitter.

Twitter War against Indians - Is this important?

Who is the culprit here?

These RSS Terrorists are uploading tweets. These people are not doing anything good for the country. If they are the good ones they should have accepted their mistake and apologized for the tweets. Nobody has apologized. When it comes to Twitter normal people don’t give much attention. 

The trending topic in the tweeter is RSS Terrorists. People have used so many words against Muslims. These people are talking ill about the UAE. This is starting to create an issue between the two countries. Many of us are jobless. Now because of people like these many will lose their jobs. Many have lost their jobs because of the war raging in Twitter. We can accept that the people who are the real culprits be punished that’s ok with us. But many who have no connection to these tweets are getting affected whether they are Hindus, Christians or Muslims. 

Twitter War against Indians - Is this important?

How can we accept this?

A Community in social media. We can discuss so many good things. If there is a conspiracy we can even debate about it. We can search for the truth and make the post viral. So some of these people are making videos viral which should not be important. Due to these culprits, many are affected. 

So if you think your religion is best then the other will think the same also. So if there is RSS there are many organisations on the other side. So if you bring a clash of ideas into a community it will affect the entire community. 

This may be surprising to you. But due to this twitter war, many are affected. The educated people, Govt Officials and the Royal family in UAE. Many are talking about this issue. This will affect many Indians in the UAE. 

Due to Coronavirus, many have no jobs. People who work in foreign countries are also in lockdown. These people can’t even talk with their family and they don’t have money now. They don’t know whether their job will be secure or not. During this crisis, is this issue needed in social media. The people who have forwarded these messages please apologize. 

So if you have done something wrong apologizing is not a problem. The people who have done this should apologize.

So accusing a Community of the virus spread in unacceptable. This is just news. There were many prayers in Churches and Temples. But we don’t talk about these issues. So if you are a part of this shameful act or your friend or relatives. Please ask them to remove the post and apologize. 

If Corona Virus did exist after three months in the world. We all will die of Hunger. There will be no job or money. In this situation do we need a fight like this? 

In Tamil Pokkisham we work to change the community. We think that our members and family will understand the truth. This post may change some hearts. 

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