Vizag Gas Leak – Two Accidents Reasons

Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons:

We all Believed we are safe in our houses. Now that’s not the situation. Two Accidents have happened. One Accident was In Vizag and Another in Tamilnadu. These Two accidents are based on Corona Virus. 

What is the truth?

Are there possibilities that these two accidents may happen in other states?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

First Accident:

Govt has given permission to Open Tasmac. In Chennai, it’s not open and in some areas, it’s not permitted. Nearly 376 Tasmac Shops can be open. This order is given by the Tamilnadu Govt. 

This order there is a time slot. 10 am to 1 pm, 1 to 3 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm. 50 yrs old, 40 to 50 and below 40 People should buy in this time slot. People will be in the queue and closely watched by the police. For Tokens Collectors came in when we heard this news it was heartbreaking.  This is not an accident but a War against Humanity. 

Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons

In Koyambedu Market, For food people went there and the virus affected them. Is Alchohol an essential product?.

So the People who go to consume alcohol if affected by the virus then their family also will suffer.

What will the govt do?

So if we ask this question they will tell as Anti Indian and lock us in Jail. Many People in India are asking the same question. 

IS TN govt depended on Alcohol Sales?

Yes says the govt. The govt which says yes every election time they say they will close these Tasmac shops. The govt said slowly they will close all the shops. The Corona Situation can be used to completely close these shops. People are asking this question. 

Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons

We could have solved this Alcohol issue in TN. Whatever the ruling govt is they will do the same thing. If Some Candidate says he will completely close the Tasmac Shops please ignore. In this situation even they cant close the shops means they will never close it. 

This accident will happen in the coming days. There will be an issue that people who go to Tasmac Shops are contracted and their families also will suffer. This is an assumption it may be possible. 

The WOmen who are in households please be cautious and save your money. There is a reason for this because People are buying Alcohol in large numbers and storing it in their houses. If the Govt initiates the lockdown the shops will be closed. So they want the stocks. So please save your money. 

Second Accident:

Vizag Gas leak. This is an accident but behind this is Corona Virus. In Tasmac Shops the queue is big everyone is holding water bottles. For many Kilometres, the queue continues and we can also see Girls standing in Queues. 

In Vizag due to Gas Leak, nearly 13 have lost their lives. Nearly 800 people are admitted in Hospitals. Nearly 5000 People have suffered from this Gas Leak. Many animals are dead. 

This gas leak happened in 2 Am to 3 am.

How did the gas leak happen?

Which Company is responsible?

LG Polymers is the company. LG Polymers is a branch of the Well Know LG. LG chem obtained this factory. They obtained it in 1997. This factory was built in 1967. During that time its name was HIsdustan Polymer.  On 1978 McDowell & Company Lmt they accrued Hindustan Polymer.  In 1997, South Korea’s LG accrues it as LG Polymer. 

Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons
Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons

How did this accident happen?

Due to Corona, We were in Lockdown. 

What is the purpose of this factory?

To Create Plastics the materials needed are produced here. This factory produces Plastics for pipes and packing. The gas which leaked was Styrene gas. This is also called Polystyrene. So it produces Plastics. This gas in lethal to humans. Nearly 10 People have died and many fainted. Its was 3 am when the gas leaked so for 3 Kilometres radius people were sleeping in their houses. They have isolated 5 Villages all together. 

Did they isolate the villages using the SOcial Distancing Method?

The Purpose of Re-Opening this factory is Production of Plastics. The Lockdown was lifted with 50% of workers working in factories.

Why are we pinpointing Plastic Producing Factories?

PPE. Personal Protective Equipment. Whether they are Masks or Protective gear of Gloves. All are produced from Plastic. The World needs a lot of PPE equipment. To produce this equipment they need Materials from LG Polymers. So when they wanted to reopen the factory this gas leaked.

There are many Plastic based Factories in TN and in India. So when they restart these factories they should be very careful. This accident is an alert. 

We searched for these Styrene Gas. These three months the demand for this gas have gone up. LC Chem is the third-largest pattern rights leader in Japan. LG Polymer is chemical-based. Their main source is to produce Batteries. They need Chemicals for their products. 

Now an accident has happened. Now People will ask to close the factory. People will protest.

Is Shutting down one Factory is enough?

There are so many factories in India. 

What will we do?

Chinese based companies many are coming to India. India is the hotspot for many companies. If we don’t want any of the accidents happening again. The govt should be properly run. 

Factories should be constantly tested whether they can be operated. Quality checks should be done periodically. We should keep on checking these factories. Behind all accidents, some Checks could have failed this is the reason. The Govt officials if shown by the factory employees we could have stopped the gas leak. 

Due to Corna Virus, we are using Plastics in Large Numbers. So Many factories are producing Plastics in huge numbers. The World Countries are in demand for Plastics now. 

If a Plastic reaches our ocean it will take up to 500 years to disintegrate. These small plastics which are called Micro Plastics. In Tamil Pokkisham Two Years ago we posted a video. Great Pacific Garbage cache.

The Humans have never seen the depths of some Oceans but these Micro Plastics are there. The fish which we consume contains plastics. After the Corona Virus threat, we will face Plastics threat. The opening scene is the Vizag Gas leak accident.  These accidents can happen in the future. IF this is to be avoided the Govt Officials should be on Guard. 

Vizag Gas Leak - Two Accidents Reasons

Many Companies are not operational for 30 to 40 days. When they become Operational these issues will happen. The govt should take needed steps and consider the People’s Lives as their Priority. This is a request through this post. 

What can we do Against this issue?

We can’t do anything now. LG is the 5th Top Company in the world. They wanted to become World’s top 3. Please Search for LG Polymers and LG Chems you will receive the details shared in this post. LG has become a Corporate Giant. 

Can we do against anything against this Corporate?

No. But our Govt officials can do it. They can test whether the factories are functioning correctly. 

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