Will Pakistan become China’s Slave – Loans and Debts

Will Pakistan become China's Slave - Loans and Debts:

India is protecting its border. 

What is the reason?

We have answered this question. Pakistan within some years will become a Slave country to China. On May 17th in the World Health Assembly, China announced an important announcement. China says that it will help its allies and especially its ally Pakistan. 

Why should China’s Govt say that it will not give up Pakistan?

What are the issues Pakistan will face?

Will Pakistan overcome these issues?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Pakistan is our neighbouring country.  It has been an enemy of India. Whether its Cricket or War, the world watched it closely. The relationship between India and Pakistan is Hatred, this hatred is now fueled by China. China wants Pakistan to stand against India. 

CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor). We know One belt One road the new Silk route was started by China in 2013. The project cost was 1 Trillion USD which included more than 120 Countries. Till now China has spent nearly 466 Billion USD for the initiative.  

Will Pakistan become China's Slave - Loans and Debts

The initiative has the word “One”, One world or One currency causes a stir among people. So the Chinese govt decided to remove the word” One” and renamed the initiative as Belt and Road initiative. 

So through BRI, many agreements were signed between China and Pakistan. Totally China has leased Pakistan. On 2019 June Pakistan’s total economy was calculated, Through CPEC alone, Power generators or Power producing industries have been given importance. Nearly 49.6 Billion USD through CPEC china gives Pakistan. In that amount, 30 Billion USD has been spent in Energy Sectors. So through CPEC Pakistan gets help which amounts to 70% are spent in Power production and energy. 

The same energy sector has released a report this week. The power units Produced by Pakistan is 13% to 20% energy than India in Price. So due to this Pakistan is suffering huge losses. The Pakistani govt appoints a group of 9 members. 

Why the govt is facing losses in electricity?

Why are people paying high bills for electricity?

So the govt requested to find the issue and employs 9 Members. 

Will Pakistan become China's Slave - Loans and Debts

In April Pakistan govt writes a letter directly to China. In the letter, the Pakistan govt clearly stated that it can’t pay back the interest of its debt through CPEC. They also stated that they are suffering greatly with the Coronavirus issue, so they said that for some time they cannot pay the interest. Pakistan is one among many countries which have said that they will be unable to pay the interests to China. 

China due to this have issues and also they have found a way to solve this issue. Already China has spent nearly 460 Billion USD for One belt One Road Initiative. The countries which are in the route are suffering greatly due to Coronavirus their economies are down. These countries are unable to pay the interest. They requested that for 6 months they cant pay interest or China should reduce the interest rate. This is the issue for China.

China found a way to solve the issue. The countries are asking this question to China.

What can we do We are unable to pay the interest?

China uses its Mastermind and orders the countries that the Belt and Road Initiative must be completed within 6 Months. If order to do that the countries must sign various agreements. These are the chances China can take. If China chooses the second option, then many countries will leave the Belt and Road Initiative. 

Will Pakistan become China's Slave - Loans and Debts

Malaysia and China have issues in the South China Sea. Through BRI the projects which were given by China was cancelled by Malaysia. Malaysia has seen China’s real motive.

We know that Pakistan in deep in this problem.

How did this happen?

Last year the tax collected from its Citizens, nearly 72% of the profit was paid to China only as Interest. Pakistan govt cannot do anything. When in this critical stage Pakistan writes a letter to China and the IMF.  They requested 1.4 Billion USD as debts. They write a letter to the World Bank and the Asian Bank. Before two days they have asked the World Bank for 2 Billion USD in order to help its people. 

So adding these debts, IMF Debt 1.5 Billion USD, from World Bank 2 Billion USD, Asian bank 1 Billion USD so totally it comes to 5 Billion USD. But thorough the Chinese companies, the loss for Pakistan is 11 Billion USD. If Pakistan has avoided China then this 11 Billion will be a profit for Pakistan. So if this 11 Billion USD was available then there are no debts. Because they have 11 Billion USD shortage Pakistan is requesting loans from all banks. 

How to believe this theory?

A group was formed by the Pakistani govt which consisted of 9 members. In this group, there were people from Pakistan Intelligence. The world doesn’t know who is ruling Pakistan whether the govt or the army. 

There is a group who praised Imran Khan for successfully leading Pakistan. Before Imran Khan, Pakistan’s debts were 24.8 Trillion USD as Public Debt. But now this Public Debt has increased to 37.5 Trillion USD. So within two years, the debts have increased to 10 Trillion USD. 

Why are you talking about Pakistan’s debt but not speaking about India’s debt?

We cannot compare India and Pakistan in an economy scale. India’s economy GDP debts are 60 to 72%. But whereas Pakistan GDP Debt is 91%. If they continue to do this the Pakistan govt profit will be used to only pay back their debts. The govt cannot do anything to the people and has to remain a slave to China. This was the reason we said that Pakistan is becoming China’s Slave. Through Pakistan, China will try to enter India. So to stop this India’s borders should be well protected. 

The nine Member committee in Pakistan submits a report of 278 long reports to the govt. The report was called Committee for Power Sector audit, Circular Debt reservation and Future Road Map. 

When they talked about these reports the Pakistani People understood that China has been earning nearly 10 to 60 %. According to Pakistani law, these companies should earn only 15%. But these Chinese companies are taking away 60%. Pakistan govt didn’t know about it. They believed that these companies are earning 15% only. So Pakistan govt earnings dropped from 10% to 2%. So within two years, they looses are 11 Billion USD. 

China says that it will be built a Power sector or a company. China will say that it will need 2 Billion USD to build it. After starting the project the Chinese govt will say that the project has reached 8 Billion USD. Pakistan has no other way but to accept it. These Power sectors built by china produces low electricity but to produce it they have to spend more. 

India releases a report. A Power project which is in Pakistan will cost only 234 Percent lower in India. Pakistan is being deceived. There is a chance the Pakistani govt knows about it. But still, they have no other way they have to receive loans from China. 

Pakistan has no other way they have to get loans and run the govt. The last 2 Prime Ministers of Pakistan were declared Corrupted Politicians in their investigation. This situation may rise again in Pakistan. 

Pakistan will be no more, China will own it. The same situation is happening to Sri Lanka. China, Srilanka, BRI Updates let’s discuss this in another post. There is also another post today. 

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