Will there be a war between India and China? – American Super Carriers

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers:

Pakistan Govt has requested its Hospitals across the country, to ready 50% of the beds for the Pakistani army. Any time now the Pakistani army soldiers can come for treatment. 

What is the reason?

The Pakistani govt Top Leaders have expressed their fear that the Indian army will invade Pakistan. 

Why are they spreading this information?

We already know that the American and Pakistani Relationship is shattered into pieces. 

We will discuss in this post that every Citizen in India is an Army Personel. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

India - China Border Dispute is going in various directions. Understand that the Countries of the World are moving their pieces appropriately in this issue. You Could have heard much news from many media. But now we request you to analyze the news which you have heard.

Many Media could have told #BoycottChina. In other media, they could have told us that we could not win a war against China. America may betray us. We could have heard about Russia’s activities. Now we should come to a clear conclusion on this issue. 

This border dispute will not end. The reason is Our Chief of Army has briefed Our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and he has placed some Important requests. There was also a report that the Indian army is ready. A list of Requirements for the army was also given to the Defence Minister. 

Why has the Indian Army submitted this report?

The report contains information that China’s Airforce is landing in Pakistani’s Airbases. China is rebuilding its Airbases in Tibet. China is also massing its forces against India in its border. Lastly, India cannot ignore China now. 

All these Information are send through our Intelligence Dept Raw. We should understand the truth behind this news. 

So the first news is the Indian army is ready to face the Chinese armies. The Opposing Party and all parties are asking questions to the govt. Their question is 

When will India retaliate against China?

Now the Indian army is ready. The Indian army officials have said that till October both nations will gather their military strength in the Border. The four Contested regions are all above sea level. To deploy the troops immediately is not an easy task. China is rebuilding its airbases and it is also helping neighbouring countries like Pakistan to rebuild their airbases to be used against India. So the massing up of troops will continue until October. 

Will there be a war after October?

The Situation in the world stage will determine the chances of war between India and China.

June 19th America passes two laws in its congress.  One act is called NDAA 2021(National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. 

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

What is America going to do using this NDAA 2021 act?

America is going to train the armies of India, Japan and Australia. We know that these four countries are called Quad Countries. The birth of the Quad Orgainsationw as in 2007. But from 2017, The world knew that these four String Countries will act against China. Through NDAA 2021 Act has sought fighter Jet Training detachment for India, Japan, and Australia in the US Pacific Territory in Guam. 

America will not help countries of this magnitude. There are important reasons for America to conduct this training. America and China are competing for the Super Power of the World. Each and every news are indirectly directed towards two countries by both countries. 

What is the indirect Message America gave to China?

The US has deployed its three Super Carriers in the Indo-pacific region. These Three Super Aircraft Carriers are a big threat to China. Among the three there is One ship which is named USS Theodore Roosevelt which is three times larger than the Indian and Chinese Aircraft carriers. This Carrier is capable of landing any type of Aircraft in its runway. This US Ship is now stationed near Vietnam. The remaining two carriers are in the US Pacific Coast and another near the Philippines. 

If China again Provokes India, The USS Theodore Roosevelt will enter the Indian waters are will engage against Chinese Targets. This is a big twist in this border dispute between India and China. So When America is moving against China. 

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

Will India become a Scapegoat for America?

This question must arise within ourselves and to our Indian govt. On many Occasion, America will not take these kinds of actions without any benefits, whether its Afghanistan or Withdrawal of troops from Germany. 

But today India needs America. We should use America against China. Until now America was using other countries for their own benefits, but now India will use America for our benefit against China. 

If we are going to war with China.

Will we have to oppose Russia?

We will never ever oppose Russia. The reason is China’s Dream is to become a Superpower within 2049. For China to become A Superpower it has to occupy two Important islands which belong to Russia. If China occupies these two islands from Russia it will become Super Power.  

So within 2049, China has to oppose Russia at one point. Russia knows the strategy of China. 

The Two Countries Russia and China actors in this World Theatre. When the time comes Russia has to face China. The World could have not seen a war like it. 

China has stationed IL78 Tanker aircraft in the Airbase situated in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. 

What are the capabilities of this IL78 Aircraft?

IL78 is a four-engined aerial refuelling tanker, it is capable of refuelling the other aircraft. The airbase which the tanker has been stationed was rebuild before two months. China has planned it perfectly says our Indian Army. 

The two airbases in Tibet are being rebuilt and upgraded. So if they are rebuilding these bases, this clearly says that they need these airbases fully operational for the coming two months. 

China has Russia’s S400 Anti Missile, Some idiots from India are saying that the Indian Airforce cannot fly against these Missiles. This missile is an Anti-Missile system which is yet to be tested in war fields. There is no Official Report on this Anti-Missile system. 

Two weeks ago we could have read the news that America provided F-35 Stealth multirole Combat Aircraft to Israel. Many experts say that the F-35 Jet Fighter will blow up the S400 Anit- Missile system. 

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

Can the S-400 take down the F-35 jets?

The results are unknown. So we cannot predict the outcome.

China has S-400 Anti- Missile Systems. What does India have?

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

India does have many Anti-Missile System. The Indian made Akash is a medium-range Mobile Surface-to-Air Missile System. We also have the Indian made Prithvi Air Defence(PAD). Spyder SR is a mobile short and Medium range Mobile air defence system bought from Israel.  Barak-8 is also a SAM system which is used in the Indian army. 

The Chinese Jet fighters are known as 5th Generation Jet fighters such as J-20. China has never tested J-20 on the war fields. But these J-20’s called as the Mighty Dragon can be a real threat to India. To stop the J-20’s we need the American Airforce to engage the Chinese Advanced Aircrafts. America will definitely help India in this regard. America’s Grumman B-21 Raider is Strategic Bomber is under Development for the United States Airforce, this Bomber is capable of Destroying S-400 Missile System and it can overcome the Chinese J-20 Jet fighters. 

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

If there is a war these weapons and strategy will come out. America and India have many missile systems which are not introduced to the World. Russia also has these Systems but China has low numbers of these systems. 

China to show its strength in Military Parades have introduced their most advanced Jet fighters and Missile System to the world. America and Russia have an agreement that they should not test a Long-Range Missile System. This agreement will be over in Feb 2021. So due to this Agreement America and Russia have not introduced many missiles to the world. 

As we have already discussed Russia will stay Neutral if a war against India and China happens. Russia will test their missiles by selling those missiles to both China and India. If America allies with India, America’s Advanced Missile System will be given to India. This is a huge warning for China. 

America passed two laws. We have discussed the first one called NDAA 2021. The Second act is Hong Kong autonomy act. China has passed a law against Hong Kong. America is pressuring the European Union to pressure China aimed at defending Human rights. The EU is Equally divided in supporting America and China. America wants China to Leave Hong Kong. IF India and its allies join with America in this issue. Then China will be Isolated from other countries. 

Will the International Community Isoale China for Hong Kong?

It’s not only Hong Kong, but there is also Taiwan and Tibet. Tibet in their News magazines release news that China and its Airforce are spying on Tibet. Tibet is giving a warning to India. This is how China slowly started to occupy Tibet, now it has fully occupied the Whole Country. 

So there are new enemies for China to face. India’s support is increasing. If there is war, China should be shattered into Pieces, for this to happen all countries have to join to face the Power Hungry Dragon. #AntiChina.

There is a Confusion, Who spread the Corona Virus? America or China. We are going to say that China must have spread this Corona Virus. We will campaign #AntiChina in Social Media. Every Citizen should make #AntiChina viral in the Social Media as Indians it is our Duty. 

We cannot ban all Chinese Products. But you can neglect Chinese products which are un-necessary to you. 

Will there be a war between India and China? - American Super Carriers

China Spread the Corona Virus. Due to this virus, many Indians have lost their jobs. If any Indian says that he says money and he is going to buy a New Chinese Made Mobile Phone. That person will be the Greatest Traitor to his own country. 

So think ten times before you purchase a Chinese made Mobile. If not join the #AntiChina Team. Please check before buying a product whether its made in China or not. If you have no way to avoid this Chinese product buy it. If you have other products to choose from then avoid Chinese Products. 

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