14 Nagaland Miners deaths – #JusticeforNagalandMiners

14 Nagaland Miners deaths - #JusticeforNagalandMiners

In Nagaland, India 14 Civilians have been killed by the Indian Military. 

Are our media speaking about this issue?

Many Indian media are avoiding speaking about this issue. 

There is another news which is Going Viral on the Internet. #JusticeforManikandan. 

Let's discuss this in detail.

Nagaland is called the Land of Tribes. There are different tribes that speak many languages and have different cultures. But the Indian govt announced that there should be a special law for Nagaland. From 1958 this Special law is in place which is a Special Forces Armed Law. 

The Special Law doesnt mean that the Armed Forces can shoot at will. The Laws were implemented to control the Tribes in the State if there is an issue. These laws existed when the British were in power. Nagaland then became a Union Territory of India. These Laws still exist in the State of Nagaland. 

An Intel was received by the Indian Intelligence. The Intel said that in the Mon District terrorists may infiltrate. The Indian army was on high alert and watched the movement of the people. 

At the same time, 30 Miners complete their hard work and exit the mine. The 30 members belong to the tribes. Nearly 15 have returned to their houses. 

The remaining miners were waiting for the next transport. A Truck approached them and they got in. The Miners were going to their families. 

Suddenly the truck came under heavy fire by the Indian army. The people in the truck didnt have any clue about the shootings. After the guns went silent nearly 8 people have lost their lives and many were injured. The first group of miners started searching for them. They find out that their Co-workers are dead. They are miners who do hard work for a living. 

When the Remaining Miners and people raised questions to the Army. It became a tussle. For defence, the Indian army has opened fire on the People who protested. The Numbers are 14 Dead. 

How can the world accept this incident?

The Miners didnt have any weapons. They were no threat to the Indian army.

How did the Indian Army open fire and kill 14 people?

As Indians, each and everyone should ask for an explanation from the Indian govt and the Army. We have the utmost respect for our soldiers who are our Guardian Angels. But if the Indian Soldiers act Blindly, we the Citizens should raise questions. 

If the Rich have been affected by this issue. This will be headlines in all the Indian Media. Imagine If a Cricket Player was affected by this issue. 

How will India react to this issue?

It Could have made International news. So the Law acts differently if the affected are Cricket Players, Celebrities, Rich people, Politicians. The law acts differently if it is normal citizens like you and me. 

Now the Indian military has killed 14 Innocent Tribal People. As Indians, we should condemn this act seriously. India should have witnessed an Uproar. 

From this act, we can clearly see the Inequality which exists in India. We only talk Justice for one or two families. But in Nagaland 14 Families are affected due to Military incompetence. 

Who will support the 14 Families?

There are many issues in Nagaland. But 14 innocent Tribal people have been killed which is a serious issue. The Indian Home Minister has said that the Army has Apologized for its actions. An investigation has been conducted. 

So for killing 14 Innocent Indians, The Military has apologized and an Investigation has been conducted. 

Is this Justice to the 14 families?

The Politicians should have gone and met with the 14 families. They should have apologized directly and govt must provide support and Compensations. The Indian govt should pay for the studies of children. 

What will the Indian govt do to its dead citizens?

If the Indian govt can only apologize and take no further steps. This is not equality of law for every Indian. 

Does the Indian law say this as Justice?

We can understand that there are so many issues and Inequality in India. The Home Minister has said that the army wanted the truck to stop. But the truck didnt stop and the army was forced to open fire on the truck thinking the truck was carrying terrorists. 

In India, If a Truck doesnt stop,

Will the Indian army open fire?

Where are the Human rights Organisations?

All human rights organizations should come together and fight for Justice for the 14 families. 

Let's discuss another incident that took place in Tamilnadu.

Manikandan a youngster didnt stop his bike when the Traffic Police signalled him. The police have chased Mainkandan and caught him. He was taken to the Police station. After hours the family receive a call from the Police Station. His family takes him from the Police Station to their house. Manikandan was unwell. After hours he was dead. Another Lockup death. 

The ADMK was the Ruling party in the Sathankulam Lockup death. Now DMK is the ruling party. DMK protested against the Lockup death of father and Son. When the Political scene changes there is no protest for the Lockup deaths. This is the Unwritten Law in India. 

We wonder whether Manikandan was horrifically tortured to death as it happened in Sathankulam Case. 

We are losing our Humanity. 

How do you get viewers on Youtube?

You get views when you release videos that are horrific, and which are presented in a Horrific manner. The Brutality of the news attracts more viewers. This shocking news is seen by the viewers because of its Brutality. This brutality leads to protests and Justice. 

The same Brutality could have happened to Manikandan. 

Are we asking for Justice for Manikandan?

Where is this community going?

How can we respond to this atrocity?

In these two Incidents the Army which opens fire upon Innocents because they didnt stop the truck. Another incident where the Police chase the youngster and take him to the Police Station resulted in a Lockup Death. Both Incidents are Abuse of Power. This is against normal Citizens like you and me. 

We talked more about Rajakannu because of JaiBhim Movie. Now we have lost 14 Innocent Indians. Manikandan has been tortured and he is dead. 

Are we going to ask for Justice?

We are on the Social Media. We say that Social media has different faces. 

The different faces are if there is injustice happening to a particular Minority and if there is Politics to be played. Social media lights up its weapons. Then creating a religion based issue which lead to Politics. This issue gets the Spotlight. Then comes the Revenge posts. 

Can justice be provided with the Power of Social media to normal people?

Many cases are not even discussed on Social media. On Many occasions, we have tried to speak against this topic. But the situation demands us to ask for Justice.

Now we have discussed the two least Popular news in the Media. 

What will be your reaction?

We don't give importance to many cases.  Many normal people will think that Justice will not be served if they get affected. This is Inequality. We are still seeing many events which are happening now. 

We should change. The users in Social media must change. Ask Yourselves, 

Why do you get angry when you see the news?

Now, these events may happen in the future. 

How are we going to react?

We must think and make a decision. Our Condolences to the 14 families. 


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