1971 War PsyOperations – Destruction of PNS Ghazi | RAW Part15

1971 War PsyOperations - Destruction of PNS Ghazi | RAW Part15 :

In war, if the Army count is lower. The Soldiers who stand before the enemy bravely will love their country and will be ready to give their lives for their country. If there is an army that fights for their country then that army will win any battle. 

This is RAW Part15. 

People asked us the questions,

Where are we getting these details?

Are we going to discuss Operation Trident & Python?


Are we going to discuss the Destruction of PNS Ghazi?

3rd Dec 1971, the war has started. Indian army has started fighting. 4th Dec 1971 India has tasted Victories through Operation Trident. Every Year the Indian Navy is celebrating Dec4th as Navy Day. 

During Operation Trident the three Indian Warships sunk three Pakistani ships in Karachi Port. The Indian warships also destroyed Fuel tanks. Operation Trident was a major success. But for Pakistan, it was a devastating Defeat. 

Did the Indian warships leave after the fighting?

Karachi Port has been an issue for Pakistan. The Karachi Port had the Navy Base. Other bases for army and Airforce. No Base had an equal amount of Strength to fight the enemy. RAW and the Indian army knew about this weakness. 

Many Analysts said that if India has started their attack three months early, it would have not achieved this decisive victory. So strategy and time are very important in a war. 

3rd Dec 1971 India started its attack. Within 10 days India has to end the war. 

What was the reason?

Indira Gandhi, R.N Kao and General Manekshaw knew that after ten days, the UN will be involved and India will be forced to the negotiation table. So if India goes to the Negotiation table, it will be a total collapse of their plans. So the Indian army should the Hammer to give Pakistan a terrible defeat. RAW was the one that created the plans for the Indian army. 

After 3rd and 4th Dec Operation Trident was a Success. But Still, the Karachi Port was active. The Indian navy has to conduct Operation Python. But Operation Python started on 8th Dec1971. Two Pakistan ships and remaining Fuel Tanks were destroyed in the Second attack. Still, the Pakistani Navy was not able to stop these attacks. The Pakistan army had a dilemma of Protecting East Pakistan and Karachi Port. Pakistan did not know the next attack of the Indian army. 

1971 War PsyOperations - Destruction of PNS Ghazi | RAW Part15

R.N Kao started his Psychological warfare. East and West Pakistan were One Country. Many Soldiers from East Pakistan were in the Pakistan Army. When Yayha Khan ordered the Genocide of the East Pakistan People. When Rahman announced in the radio about East Pakistan. The Soldiers from East Pakistan quit the Pakistan army and joined the Rebels. So Pakistan was losing Military Personals. This Psychological warfare was perfectly done by R.N Kao. He asks the Indian media to relay the message, “Pakistan soldiers are quitting their Army, the soldiers in the army are not ready to harm their own People”. This news was published in Newspapers, media and Radio. When One Soldier quit the Pakistan army many started to follow him. 

When the Indian soldiers were giving interviews to the press, The Soldiers always talked about the help they received from East Pakistan. When hearing this news Pakistan was in the confusion that there are Spies within its Ranks. When A East Pakistan Captain who was Dedicated to the cause of West Pakistan was not given the Captain rank by Pakistan. Pakistan was not ready to believe in its Soldiers. The Pakistan army cannot identify the allegiance of its Soldiers. Yayha Khan was too confident in his army. Yayha Khan strategy was a myth whereas R.N Kao had a perfect plan and Strategy. 

PNS Ghazi was a Submarine that was rented by Pakistan from America. In 1963 they have rented the Submarine. A Submarine capable of travelling 11000 nautical Miles. When Pakistan acquired PNS Ghazi they said that they will easily destroy the INS Vikrant. INS Vikrant was a very important Aircraft Carrier in the Indian navy. It was capable of Carrying 23 Fighters. It was nearly 19000 Tons. If INS Vikrant is destroyed or damaged it will greatly affect the Indian navy. When the attack on 3rd Dec happened. 

1971 War PsyOperations - Destruction of PNS Ghazi | RAW Part15

Was India protecting INS Vikrant?

India knew that Pakistan will try to destroy INS Vikrant. So the Location of INS Vikrant was kept Secret. But PNS Ghazi will hunt INS Vikrant so the Indian navy had to destroy the Submarine. 

How can the Indian navy destroy PNS Ghazi?

Navy Captains, R.N Kao and Indira Gandhi had a plan. Using a lightweight warship to destroy the Advanced PNS Ghazi was the Plan. Ins Rajput was selected for this mission. Krishnan was the captain of the ship. A false Signal from INS Rajput was sent. This false Signal emits information that it is coming from INS Vikrant. INS Rajput was in Vishakappatinam Port. The Signal was also shared in an Open Channel. Pakistan’s ISI was also looking into the Open Channel. ISI informs the Pakistani Navy that INS Vikrant may be stationed in the Port. To confirm the news the Pakistan Spies were put into work. 

India which predicted this move has ordered a lot of Equipment. All Equipment must be bought to the Port was the order. So the Spies knew that Provisions was transferred to an Indian Warship. They passed this information to ISI. So the Signal, Provisions and Equipment for a massive Ship. This all leads to INS Vikrant. Pakistan navy was fooled. 

PNS Ghazi, Ghazi Means Holy Warrior. The Pakistan navy ordered PNS Ghazi to destroy INS Vikrant. On Nov PNS Ghazi has started its hunt for INS Vikrant. RAW knew about PNS Ghazi, but they needed the current location of the Submarine. Finding a Submarine in Open Seas is a hard task. 

INS Rajput was the Bait to lure in PNS Ghazi. PNS Ghazi thought that it had achieved its Target. When they saw that it was not INS Vikrant. They wanted to retreat. They ordered the Submarine to dive. INS Rajput seeing PNS ghazi Diving launched its Missiles. INS Rajput has destroyed the Submarine. But Pakistan still says that India didnt destroy the submarine. 

1971 War PsyOperations - Destruction of PNS Ghazi | RAW Part15

Pakistan’s story is PNS Ghazi was laying mines for Indian warships. One Mine exploded and the Submarine sunk. This is the Official statement from Pakistan. INS Vikrant has destroyed the Holy warrior of Pakistan. When PNS Ghazi was destroyed the Pakistan Navy has fallen. The Pakistan navy didnt have control over its own seas. The Pakistan Navy had been shut down completely by India. 

Pakistan will need American warships to help in the war. Russia was ready to launch its Warship against America. Fearing a World war, America and Russia stayed Silent. 

The War entended from 8th Dec to 16th Dec. 

What were the Military Operations?

We have discussed Operation Trident, Chengiz Khan, Eagle, Jackpot, Searchlight.

Please comment on the next Operation. Let’s discuss this in Part16. 

Who is starting the war is not important, But when they are starting it and the strategy, Soldier morale will determine the victor.  

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