2021 Radio active Water – Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

2021 Radioactive Water - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster:

“War without War” have you heard this Concept anywhere. 

11th March 2011, The world saw the Concept “War Without War”.

A warning was given that a Tsunami with nearly 60 feet waves may hit the land. Due to this event, there may be damages to a Nuclear reactor. If the Nuclear reactor is damaged then people who live in a radius of 80 Kilometers should be evacuated. 

Nearly 1 Lakh People were evacuated. The People who evacuated did not return to their homes or refuse to go back home. 

What could be the reason for their refusal?

What does the Fukushima Accident teach us?

What is the lesson learned from this accident?

Are these accidents happening every 10 years?

Let’s discuss this in detail.

1935-1940 there was hope that Nuclear weapons could be used for energy. In World War2 America used Nuclear weapons for the first time in human history. America bombed Hiroshima and Nakasaki. The world was engulfed in fear when it came to know about Nuclear weapons. The International community in fear stood with America. 

When they separated the Atoms, there was the heat. The heat energy in those years was considered Waste Energy. But in the years starting 1940,45,50 there was a doubt that fossil fuel resources would become scarce. This doubt was asked by Scientists. 

So the scientists wanted to discover a different type of energy that would replace fossil Fuel. They wondered whether they can use the Waste Energy which was obtained by splitting the Atoms. This idea must be turned into a reality.

How could they achieve their goals?

With the use of Boilers, they wanted to heat up the water. The Heat Exchanger will convert the water into steam. When the steam is produced the Turbines will get into work. For Eg: Take the Windmill. Due to air, the Wings of the Windmill will rotate. Due to this process, Electricity has been produced. 

This same technology was used in steam. So the technology was discovered for an alternate type of Energy. This led to many countries building Nuclear Reactors which produced Electricity. 

In 1970 Japan didn't have Coal or Fossil fuels. Japan depended on Nuclear reactors for energy. So they started a project. Nearly 30% of Japan’s energy will be dependent on Nuclear reactors. Japan wanted their project to reach 50% of Energy obtained from Nuclear Reactors. Japan started to Build Nuclear Reactors in many places. These Nuclear Reactors were built with the help of America’s General Motors and Japan’s Hitachi. So many corporations together built Nuclear reactors for Japan. Thus the Fukushima Nuclear reactor was built. The plant had nearly 6 Nuclear reactors. 

The date is 11th March 2011. 

You may ask us a question,

Who had control over these Nuclear reactors?

The Corporate called Tepco had control( The Tokyo Electric Power Company). So Tepco was maintaining these Nuclear Reactors. But Tepco made a Critical Mistake. Tepco failed to check or conduct tests to verify that the Nuclear reactors were functioning properly. Tepco did not conduct any Checks or tests for 15 years. 

2021 Radio active Water - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

In India, these issues happened. But let’s discuss this topic in another video. 

In 2011, there was a warning given of a possible Tsunami. Fukushima Nuclear Reactor authorities said that the Power plant can withstand a Tsunami. 

After the warning, on 11th March 2011, 9 Richter earthquake hit the region. People were scared due to the magnitude of the Earthquake. There was fear that the earthquake may lead to a Tsunami. 

The time was 2.46 AM when the earthquake hit the Nuclear plant followed by a Tsunami First wave hit the Plant at 3.27 AM. 

What was the height of the Tsunami Wave?

Nearly 35 Feet high Tsunami Waves hit the plant. The Second Wave of the Tsunami was even bigger which reached nearly 60 Feet. In the Fukushima plant, three of the SIx Reactors were working at that particular time. These Three reactors were called Unit1,2, and 3. Unit 4 was unloaded as it was not working properly. Units 5 and 6 were on Cooldown. So three of the Six Reactors were working. 

When the Earthquake hit the region, the power circuit to the reactors was shut down automatically. This is a safety Procedure that has been seen in all Nuclear Reactors. This system is called the Automatic trigger System. After the Automatic Trigger system cut down the Circuit the Reactors stopped working. The reactor was separating the atoms under extreme heat conditions which produced Steam which is extremely hot. If this process is suddenly stopped, the Steam should be cooled down and sent to the core. To enable the cooldown process, they will have a cooling system. The Seawater is used to cool down the reactors. If the Cooling process is not done then it will lead to a Reactor meltdown. 

So to enable the cooling system they started the backup generators. Through the power of the Generators, the Cooling system was working. But sadly, The Tsunami Waves have reached the Nuclear Plant. Nearly 10 to 12 Generators have been destroyed by the Tsunami. The Cooling system of the Nuclear Reactors has been shut down. This started the Melting of the Nuclear reactors. 

Due to the Meltdown of the reactors, Extreme Heat was produced. The Core of the reactor started to melt down. 

2021 Radio active Water - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

The time was 7.00 AM, The Japanese Prime Minister announced the evacuation of people within a 3KM Radius stating a Nuclear emergency. But the PM changed his statement at 9.00 AM stating that the radius was increased to 10 Kilometres. 

The Steam from the Reactors was now mixed with Radiation. The Steam produced in the reactors was creating High Pressure. To release the High Pressure, they had to open it into the atmosphere. So there are high chances that the Radiation may reach a 10 Kilometres radius. Using the Vend method, the High Pressure was released into the atmosphere. When this radiation hits the atmosphere, the People who inhale this radiation may be affected by Cancer. There were possibilities that their Human DNA destroyed by the radiation. The order to evacuate the people within a 10 Kilometre radius was given. 

After the Tsunami hit the Nuclear Plant, the Govt had to evacuate nearly 1 Lakh People to safety. On 12th March the 10 Kilometre radius was increased to 20 Kilometres. 

The date was 13th March. The Tsunami waves have killed more than 16000 People. The Fukushima Nuclear plant was surrounded by Nine Municipalities. So people who are living in these Nine Municipalities should be evacuated. The Govt officials give the people 1 to 2 hrs time to gather their necessary belongings. The Mass Evacuation led to Public Fear. People were given small tablets to stop the radiation infecting the people. 

Many Kilometres from the Nuclear plant, the houses were filled with People. This was not an organized Evacuation. The people Suffered greatly. There was no drinking water, no milk to feed their children. Many people greatly suffered. But the biggest fear among the People was Radiation. 

Among various issues, Nearly 10 Lakh People were evacuated from their houses. 

2021 Radio active Water - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

America announced that an Evacuation of nearly 80 Kilometres must be done. The American government wanted to help the Japanese People in this operation which was named Operation Tomodachi. The American People were residing in the Radius of the Nuclear plant. The American government warned its citizens to evacuate the region which covered 80 Kilometres. The Japanese people after the announcement from America started their Mass Evacuation. 

Three days after the terrible Accident, the Process to cooldown the Reactor meltdown started. The Army uses the Helicopters poured Water upon the Nuclear reactors. Slowly this process started the Cooldown of the reactors. The water which was poured upon the Nuclear plant is now Radiated Water. 

Now in 2021, The Radiated water was stored in Tanks. The accident happened in 2011. So the amount of radiated water is nearly 137 Lakh Ton Radiated Water has been stored in tanks. 

The Nuclear Core had melted in the accident. The water which was poured upon the melted Plant was stopped by using Sand Bags. The Radiated water is still leaking into the Sea. 

For the Japanese government to Clear the Nuclear Plant of Radiation and Nuclear Waste, it will take nearly 40 years. To Clean the Plant the Japanese are using Robots. Uranium is Spilled in various locations. They have concluded that for 40 years no human can live in the environment. The Japanese government has announced that people can return to some parts of the region. But the Japanese People are fearful of the deadly radiation. They have started asking questions to the government. Their fear is from the Chernobyl Accident. 

Similar to the Fukushima accident, Radiation leaked into Chernobyl. Children born in the nearby regions are affected by cancer. This is the Undeniable truth. When a Human is affected by Radiation, it may affect the Next Generation. This is the cause for the fear among the Japanese people. 

The Japanese Govt is now asking whether to release the Radiated water into the Pacific Sea. Countries like South Korea and China are against the Japanese agenda. 

They say that the technology to separate the Isotopes from water doesn't exist. But there is technology to dilute the Radiated water. They can add Huge quantities of water into a small quantity of Radioactive water. Thus Cleansing the Radiated water. The Diluted water then can be released into the Sea. 

2021 Radio active Water - Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

The next issue is The Tanks that are holding the Radiated water will reach their Maximum Capacity within 2022. If the Capacity has been reached, the Japanese govt has no other solution but to directly release the Radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean. 

This suggestion by Japan has been accepted by One country which is America. America says if Japan has no other solution to the issue, they can directly release the Radio Active water into the Pacific Ocean. 

The next big issue is the radioactive water diluting itself will take maybe 38000 Years. There are so many issues in this process. 

For Eg: If it takes 40 years, The radioactive water will be active for 40 years. After 40 Years it will slowly start the process of changing into other elements. This slow process may take upto 200 to 300 years. The radioactive water can be active for nearly 38000 Years. 

After this dangerous accident, The Japanese Govt doesnt want any Nuclear reactor for Energy. But in India, the Nuclear reactor numbers are going up. 

What could be the reason for this rise in numbers?

If India does not use Nuclear Reactors,  India will slow down in the Race of Technology. 

What is the truth behind this statement?

What happened in Chernobyl?

Let’s discuss this topic in the upcoming videos. We will also discuss whether these accidents have happened in India. 

If there is an accident similar to the Fukushima Accident.

How will India respond?

We discussed the Wastewater from these Nuclear Reactors. 

What is the process to Clean these radiated waters?

How are they destroying the wastes from the Nuclear reactors?

Is there a technology to do this process?

Let’s discuss these topics in the upcoming videos. This series will have three Episodes. In the next video, we will discuss the Chernobyl Accident. The third Episode will contain India's Nuclear Reactors locations. 

Students must study about this topic. The students are the ones who can protect the next generation. A clear study about this topic will be very useful for the Next Generation. 

Is there a way India can move on to another type of Energy?

The purpose of this post, Students will make a Clear study about this topic. Today this topic may be useless. But if a student realizes that these Nuclear reactors are deadly. That will be the success of this post. 

Comments about this post are Most Welcome.

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