2021 Shocking Geo World | Islam vs Arab World | India Pakistan China America

2021 Shocking Geo World | Islam vs Arab World | India Pakistan China America:

2020 is going to end. 

What will 2021 bring to the world?

There are expectations. 

What will happen in Geo-politics of 2021?

Which will be the Country to lead in Geo-Politics?

What is the future of India?

Let’s discuss in detail.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Events which happened in 2020. Please do a recap. 

The first incident is the India China Border dispute. Second, comes America and China’s Trade war and issues. Third Comes Brexit. The fourth is Israel and the Arab World coming to a peace agreement and discussions. 

These 4 events will be the main cause of Geo-Politics which will happen in the world. 

Are these four the only reasons?

Coronavirus Pandemic is an issue in the world. But the countries which were involved in the 4 issues will have many New Geo-Politics issue in 2021. 

Let’s discuss the First Dispute. India China Border Dispute. 

Will India China Border dispute end in 2021?

Surely there is no chance this will end in 2021. The Chances may be very low. 

The reasons are two weeks ago India’s Foreign Minister and Army General.

Did you guys know which countries they have visited?

They went to the UK, Qatar, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Why is India concentrating on South Korea and Arab Countries?

We know that India and Vietnam have conducted a Joint Military Exercise in the South China Sea. France is locked and loaded to help India. India will be supported by Germany. Germany is going to take a stand as #AntiChina Policy. We heard this news in 2020. 

2021 Shocking Geo World | Islam vs Arab World | India Pakistan China America

Vietnam, Australia, Japan is supporting India against China. China now has to stand alone against this Allied Countries. 

In 2021 China will try to make Pakistan its Closest Ally or its Biggest Slave. China has already prepared Pakistan for this outcome. Pakistan Imran Khan Party will be thrown out. Already there has been a cry against the Imran Khan Party by many Pakistani Opposing Parties. If there is a change of Leadership in Pakistan, this will be a huge warning to China. 

China had already sent three very important Chinese members to Nepal to solve the political crisis, but they were unsuccessful. So recently China has sent a High-Level Team of Six Members to effectively solve the crisis. The reason they are sending in teams is to keep Nepal at China’s side. 

Similarly, China will try to dominate Pakistan in 2021. 

2021 will be called Fragmented World. You will hear this term in many news. 

In this Fragmented World, there are three divisions. The Divisions are America, China and The European Union. Based on these three divisions will be Geo-Political news in 2021. 

Many commented in our videos of continuously speaking about America and China. This will continue in 2021 also. 

Let’s discuss the European Union starting with Britain’s Exit. Germany’s stand against China. Russia’s Intervention. This will turn The EU into a talk of the town in 2021. 

Has America’s game based on Israel over or not?

What Change in Policy can be seen in Joe Biden’s Presidency?

Donald Trump didnt make any new enemies for America. He warned and Sanctioned Economical Bans on Countries which are confirmed as America’s enemies. America in 2020 stood away from many World Organizations which included the UN, World Bank, World Health Organization. This all happened in 2020. 

2021 Shocking Geo World | Islam vs Arab World | India Pakistan China America

But After Joe Biden becomes President they will say “America is Back”. America will try to re-enter and dominate these World Organizations. When America does this, its reach will extend to Afghanistan and Iran. 

Israel during this time could have made peace with many Arab Countries. But Iran will stand against Israel. Israel has taken precautions in handling Iran. 

Last week we heard the news that in Syria there is a war tension. If there is a war Tension in Syria, Turkey and Israel will be involved. 

Israel will use Air Strikes in Gaza Region. When this happens Iran has to support Syria. 

Will Iran involve itself in direct war?

Iran will try their best to change it into a Proxy war. They will not directly declare war, but with their Proxy Military Organizations, they will wage war. This will be the Policy of Iran.

 Pakistan also will have the same Policy. If the Ruling Party has to stay in Power. Imran Khan will always keep blaming India. He will say that India is acting and Provoking Pakistan. Pakistan will try to make India a culprit in the eyes of the International Community. Pakistan will create issues in Afghanistan to Balochistan. This is happening right now. In Afghanistan, bombs have been blasted on a daily basis. They are saying the reason for bomb attacks are Taliban. They say that The Taliban are helped by Pakistan. Pakistan is trying to dominate Afghanistan with the help of China. 

During Trump’s, Presidency America went out in its own way. To return to the fold, Joe Biden is in a position to prove that America is the Superpower of the World. America will try to distance China from all countries. 

Can America takeover by just discarding China?

America has to join and have a close relationship with Israel. But during this time, Israel is facing new Elections. So America and Israel change of Govt will be based on a single point. 

Based on this single Point, The Arab Countries will have to fight against the other Islam Countries. 

The Arab countries will include Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many countries. The other Islam Countries are Malaysia, Turkey and Pakistan. Malaysia is right now staying away. But Pakistan and Turkey together are trying to make Turkey the Leader of Organization of Islamic Corporation. They have been trying from 2020. This will continue to do so in 2021. 

When there is a difference of Opinion with Arab Countries and other Islamic Countries. Israel will say that it will support the Arab Countries. For Israel to do this, Saudi Arabia should slightly stay away from the Arab Countries. This is happening right now. 

Israel has started its peace talks with Qatar, UAE and Morocco. The World thinks that Saudi Arabia is the reason for peace talks. But Saudi Arabia refuses this statement. 

Turkey has recently said that it is ready to have peace talks with Israel. But Turkey wants Israel to give some kind of Importance to Palestine. There is an Organisation which oversees the Welfare of Palestine. But Israel and Qatar Coalition are trying to dismantle this organization. If this happens. 

Who will support the Palentine People?

This will remain a question. Pakistan is the only country which directly opposed Israel. So there are chances that Pakistan will be Singled out. This may be an opportunity for India to put Pakistan in its place. 

SO the Geo-Politics which will create issues in 2021 will be based on these four countries and the EU. China, America, India, The EU, Pakistan and Turkey. This Geo-politics which has been done by these countries will also affect the remaining countries in the world. 

2021 Shocking Geo World | Islam vs Arab World | India Pakistan China America

If there is an issue in the South China Sea, India will be affected. India is in the QUAD Countries. The Base of all these issues has been laid in 2020. We can see the Real Geo-Politics game which will be played in 2021.
There are chances that Countries will become Allies, Countries will go to war. 

Iran recently announced that within Jan2021 America or Israel must not attack Iran. If this happens it will be an all-out war. Trump before leaving his presidency may make a move against China or Iran. If this happens nobody can stop a war. 

Many countries are getting ready. 

The Indian people must keep a close watch on their Foreign Minister and Army General. Their Visits to other countries. If we closely watch these two Indians will understand the Geo-Politics which is happening around the world. The Indian people must watch the activities of these two as it will result in the Future of India. 

This video is a small Virtual Film of 2021. 

The detailed report will be shared with you in the upcoming videos. 

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