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Mosquitoes are everywhere in India. Dengue, Malaria, Zika Virus, Yellow Diseases mosquitoes are the reason. 

The Mosquitoes which are now will be called OX5034. This Mosquito type may spread all over the world. 

These mosquitoes are already among us. This post will explain the details. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Aedes Mosquitoes we all should have heard about this one because it is the reason behind Dengue. These mosquitoes will not fly above the Knee level. They don't come out at night. SO we know details about the Aedes Mosquitoes.

A good Corporate which said that it will destroy these Aedes Mosquitoes. Their name is Oxitec. After the announcement from Oxitec. Nearly 2 lakh to 15 lakh people have started their protest against this Oxitec. The Protest was not to destroy these Mosquitoes. 

We would wonder, Oxitec is doing good to the world by destroying these Mosquitoes which are spreading a lot of diseases. So the questions are

Why are they protesting against Oxitec?

So we went to research this issue. 

The name Florida Mosquito Control District keys came upon our research. They have given an order to release 75 Crore Mosquitoes in the State of Florida. The order was given to Oxitec. Oxitec is a British corporate.  But this British Company is in America under an American name called Intrexon. So Oxitec and Intrexon are the same. 

Intrexon has patent rights for Apple and Many fruits. 

Can they buy Patent rights for Apple?

No, they can't. They have got patent rights for Genetically Modified Apples. In Our Country, they cant grow Genetically Modified Vegetables as the Protests were huge. But we are using the Genetically Modified Cotton Seeds. 

Intrexon has said that they will bring these Genetically modified Fruits to kill Sry Save the People of the World. 

Who has the maximum shares of Intrexon?

We will discuss those details in Part2. 

Intrexon doesn't work with Mosquitoes only. Three or four months ago you could have heard the news of locusts. 

Are these Grasshoppers Dead?

No. They are alive and well. But Intrexon says that they are developing something to kill these Grasshoppers. They submit a report, this report is scientifically proven and is submitted. TO oppose this report many Science papers have been released.

 Intrexen says that they have genetically modified viruses programmed to insert a Locust Resistance gene into the Maize plants. So this corporate is asking farmers to plant the Locust-Resistant maize Plant and stop planting Normal Maize plants which may be destroyed by the Locusts. The issue is India doesn't have these Genetically modified Maize Plants seeds. India has to buy these genetically modified seeds from Foriegn Countries.

Intrexon also says to buy the compost which they have created. While the farmers use it on the land. This compost will spread through the land. This compost will create a virus which creates a virus to oppose the Locusts. So the locusts which come will die to leave the area. Thus saving a poor Farmers crop. 

What about the virus you released?

They will say don't ask unwanted questions. They will say that they have protected the Crops. 

These viruses will be in the seeds and farmers will grow it and the yield will be sold in our markets. We will buy the maize and feed it to our children which has the virus still in it. But we have stopped the locusts from destroying the crops. So this is a win for the humans. 

But What about the virus?

This is how Science operates now. Intrexon says that they have built this virus against the Locusts.

What have we achieved?

The Normal crops which our farmers grow will become Genetically modified crops by the usage of the VIrus. 

Imagine there is a drought.

Our Normal crops will not have any chance against the Drought. But the Genetically modified seeds will stand against the Drought and continue to give Yields. Remember there is a virus which will fight against the Locusts which is present in the crops. Now they say about powder. This powder will create another virus which will stop your crops from dying if there is a drought. 

So the Result is no Hunger throughout the world. Everyone in the world will be fed. This is a great and very good idea. 


Ok, let's come back to reality. 

Do Genetically modified Seeds produce food which humans can consume?

What will happen to the two viruses?

Now they are saying that they are going to release 75 Crore Mosquitoes into the State of Florida within 2021. In Brazil, they have already released these mosquitoes across their country from 2006. From 2013 to 2017 Every week nearly 4.5 Lakhs mosquitoes have been released into the country. So this routine will continue for 28 weeks. These Mosquitoes are created in a lab. These are genetically modified mosquitoes. 

The released Mosquitoes are all Male Mosquitoes. So the female mosquitoes which produce offspring. The Offsprings will never fully grow as they are designed to die when that happens. This is the work of the Oxitec Mosquitoes. So when this continues the Genetically modified mosquitoes will remain alive and the normal mosquitoes will all die eventually. 

Is this a good idea?

In Brazil, another Science paper was released. The author of that paper has said that the Brazilian government has released mosquitoes from 2006 and from 2013 this has become severe. The paper said that the Disease Spreading normal Mosquitoes are 90% Dead. But when tested the remaining mosquitoes have the OX5034 Gene present. 

How was this possible?

This is the question against Oxitec. But the Corporate has not given a reply yet. 

What happened in Brazil?

The Genetically modified Mosquitoes mated with the Normal Females and produced Genetically modified Offspring. These Offspring by birth have a Genetically modified gene. These Mosquitoes started to survive where they are supposed to die. Now every mosquito in the country is Genetically Modified Mosquito. 

What are the consequences?

Oxitec said to stop the Zika Virus they are killing the Normal Mosquitoes. Zika virus had its peak before one or two years. This truth has been released in the medical journal. The authors of the paper were intimidated. They wanted the authors to remove their paper. To prove the paper wrong they conduct other research. That medical journal is removed from the website. 

The American government has now given permission to release these Genetically modified Mosquitoes into the State of Florida to overcome Dengue and Yellow Fever. 

Has the American govt initiated new laws to release these mosquitoes?

No using the old laws for the Normal Mosquitoes. These laws are there for Mosquitoes which appear naturally. Laws are not changed for Genetically modified mosquitoes which are from the labs and man-made. 

Who is accepting these projects?

Who is funding these projects?

This has been done by the American Dept of Defense. This dept has control over the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency.(DARPA). 

WHo does DARPA Control?

What is the information available?

DARPA works closely with the Department of Health and the Department of Defense. These two departments are different from each other for the services they offer to the people. But DARPA controls them both. DARPA is the one who gives permission for these projects. DARPA is funded by the Department of Defense. There is another project name called Insect Allies. 

Insect Allies project was started in 2016. For four years for this project, nearly 45 Million USD is invested. 

They have given a go for the Genetically modified Virus to oppose Locusts and the Mosquitos. They have also approved Genetically modified Apples. 

What is the role of Bill Gates in this project?

Bill Gates said that when the government across the world given permission to the Genetically modified Food, then only we can eradicate Hunger and Poverty. 

What is the truth behind Bill Gates Statement?

Why are some people protesting against Bill gates?

Let's discuss this in the next post. 

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