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Can there be a riot in the jail?

No. It should not happen. One side of the Jail the Tamils are staying, the other side has the Tamils enemies. The Jail Officials open the doors of the section where the Tamils are residing. The Jail Officials arm the enemies of the Tamils. The enemies who are armed approach the Tamils. The Tamils are killed in the riot. 

How many Tamils died?

More than 30 Tamil Freedom Fighters. 

Why were they murdered?

We don’t know the truth. You would have heard about Kanmani. 

Have you heard about Kuttimani?

The Judge asks for the last wish to Kutti Mani. He says that his wish will be fulfilled one day, but he will be no more to see it happen. So he asks that his eyes should be donated after his death. The enemies of the Tamils in the Jail took his eyes by hands. 

How was this possible?

Do You know when this happened?

It happened on 22nd July 2010. 

Muttiah Muralitharan has taken his 800 wickets in the Test Cricket. They are going to direct a movie called 800. A lot of people oppose the actor Vijay Sethupathi. 

Why are they against the movie?

What is the Politics behind the movie?

What is history?

Let’s discuss History and Politics. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Muthaiya Muralitharan took his 800 wickets on 22nd July 2010. The Srilankan Cricket board celebrated this success. The Tamils are also happy because Muthaiya Muralitharan is also a Tamil. 

What life did Muthaiya Muralitharan live after his Cricket Career?

He says that he doesnt know Tamil and speaks in Sinhalese. He also says that he will debate in support of Sinhalese govt and people. He collects votes for the political parties. He supports Murderer Rajapaksa. The Tamilnadu people request VijaySethupathi not to act in the biopic of the Traitor Muralitharan. The Tamil Youngsters call Vijay Sethupathi as “Brother”. The People have praised Actor Vijay Sethupathi as “Makkal Selvan”. 

But now the Tamil People are totally against Actor Sethupathi. We should understand the pain of the people. There are politics involved in this topic. The things which we discuss may hurt someone. But we will tell the truth. 

This is not about politics, but the Tamil People’s Confidence or feelings. That Confidence upon Vijay Suthupathi should not be destroyed. The Tamil people are requesting Vijay Sethupathi to not act in the movie. The Director who introduced Vijay Sethupathi Tweets not to act in the movie. 

People who are in Social Media know how serious the issue has turned out to be. 

Let’s come back to the date when Muthaiya Muralitharan got his 800 Wickets 22nd July 2010. 

What happened in Muralitharan’s life on 23rd July 1983?

After hearing this story if we you still act in the movie then we will accept the movie. The date was called Black July 83. Many Tamils don’t know about this dark day. 

On July 1983 Thirunelveli, Srilanka. A News spreads that the Tamil Freedom fighters have killed the Sinhalese Soldiers. 18 Sinhalese Soldiers were dead. The Sinhalese army didnt sed the bodies to the soldier’s houses instead they were going to bury them in a location. They did this because they wanted to fill the Sinhalese PEople with rage thus resulting in the Destruction of the Tamils. The Sinhalese dreamed about it. 

Another Rumour started to spread that a Buddist Monk was killed. The Sinhalese govt gave an order to kill any Tamil On Sight. Many Tamil People lost their lives. 

Now let’s go back to the Jail. The Tamils are in one Section of the Jail. The Sinhalese murderers on one side. They say to the Murderers that the Tamils have killed the Sinhalese soldiers. With Armed Weapons the Sinhalese prisoners killed 34 Tamils. Among the murdered was the freedom Fighter Kutti Mani. Please watch video 5.39. The First day 34 Tamils were killed after three days 18 Tamils were murdered. From 25th to 28th Many Thousands of Tamils lost thor lives in Srilanka. In Thirunelveli, Srilanka nearly 51 Tamils were murdered. This event affects the life of Muthaiya Muralitharan. His house was surrounded by the Sinhalese Soldiers and many Tamils were murdered near his house. He has to hide from not getting killed. This is the real-life of Muthaiya Muralitharan. So if they add a segment where they clearly show us the Sinhalese murdering the Tamil People. The World will know the truth about the Racist Sinhalese People. 

Will the Film Portray this incident?

This is the only question. IF the Movie shows this, the Tamil People will welcome the movie and show it to the world. 

Can the Movie show us real history?

Thirunelveli, Srilanka the Tamil freedom fighters killed Sinhalese Soldiers. 

Is this history?

Srilanka got its Independence in 1948. Until that year the Tamils were safe in Srilanka. After Independence, Politics started to happen. We have already uploaded three videos showing proof that Srilanka belongs to the Tamil People. People who didnt see it please watch it. History is buried. The history has been changed. 

So the Tamils are the native people of Srilanka. Sinhalese people come to the country as Settlers. They start a feud with the Tamils. The Sinhalese People started to kill the Native Tamils. After 1948 the Sinhalese thought that they should live and rule the Island. Until 1948 the Tamils were peaceful they didnt fight. After 1948 a New Sinhalese law was introduced. Buddhism became a topic. Attacks on Tamils started to happen. After 8 years in 1956, many Tamils were murdered. This is called Gal Oya Riots. The riots happened because the Sinhalese Language was announced the Main Langauge. The Sinhalese thought that the Tamils will oppose this and murdered 150 Tamils. 

On 1958 there was an Ethnic riot. Throughout Srilanka, nearly 300 Tamils have been killed. But this time the Tamils fought back says the Srilankan History. On 1974 Yalpanam, World Tamil Conference has conducted. 11 Tamils who took part in the conference were murdered. On 1977 another riot more than 500 Tamils murdered. On 1981 Yalpanam Tamil Library was burned to the ground. 

This library was the biggest in East Asia. Nearly 1 Lakh Tamil books which said the History of the Tamils. The racist Sinhalaese burn down the library. After 1981 the Tamils started to rebel. The Tamils come to a conclusion to fight back against the racist Singalese. But this thought was not organized. When the Tamil Freedom Fighters knew that the Sinhalese Army is going to come to Thirunelveli, Srilanka. They took up arms. The Sinhalese took revenge by murdering 1000’s of Tamils in July. Muthiaya Muralitharan was part of this history. If the movie starts with this massacre. Then the Tamil People will welcome the movie. 

But if Vijay Sethupathi wears a Sinhalese Sports Jersey and spread false propaganda that Tamils are respected in Srilanka. Tamils are not fools to follow this message. 

Some People said that this is a movie to watch it as a Movie. Another group will talk about Cricket. To these two idiotic groups, we say one thing, Cricket in India is not a game but Religion. Sachin has been worshipped as a god. Dhoni as a leader. Kohli is a superstar. So in India Cricket is not a game but Religion. 

Cinema on the other hand has a big role to play among Tamil youngsters. When Cricket and Cinema combine at one place and wants to create a Movie called 800. So opposing this movie is right. 

The group which says that look Cinema as Cinema. Will say that the Cricket team consists of the same caste. So when they want they view the game as life. But When it comes to Tamil they will advise it as a game, not life. 

How is this Justice?

The issue is Vijay Sethupathi wearing the Sinhalese Jersey and acting in movies. There are many politicians in Tamilnadu who have met the Murderer Rajapaksa. 

Are there no Tamils in Tamilnadu who will oppose these dirty Politicians?

The son of a Tamil Political Party Leader who wore Sinhalese Cap and watched a match is going viral in Social media. The Tamil MP’s who met with Rajapaksa you guys could have known them. 

We should also ask these Dirty Politicians the same questions. The Tamil People who oppose Vijay Sethupathi must also ask their questions and oppose these Dirty Tamil Politicians. This is how you can educate the Tamil people.

If not the Tamil People will ask why we are against Vijay Sethupathi but not these Tamil Politicians?

So Overall we don’t hate Vijay Sethupathi. But if the movie is based on Black July and if they are showing Muthaiya Muralitharan’s achievements also they the movie is acceptable. 

If this is not possible, then there are movies which have been banned in Tamilnadu. This ban will be imposed in this movie called 800. Please share your comment. 

Please share the history to the opposing and supporting people of this movie called 800. 

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