A Gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant – Cryptic Pregnancy Explained

A gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant - Cryptic Pregnancy Explained:

Siti Zainah, a woman who lives in Java, Indonesia. When she was praying, she was hit with a gush of wind. When she realized that the Wind had entered her body, within fifteen minutes she gave birth to a Baby Girl. This miraculous news was telecasted by many media. 

Is this a Supernatural event?

This has happened to a lot of women.

What is the truth?

Can Science give us an explanation?

There are a lot of questions. Let's discuss this mystery with a lot of twists and turns. 

Siti Zainah became Headlines in Indonesia. She is 25 yrs old and she already has a child.  She says that she was praying after she had her meal. When she was praying, A gush of Wind entered her body and filled Her Abdomen. She claims that she saw her abdomen grow bigger. After that, she went into labor. Within Fifteen Minutes she gave birth to a Baby girl. She says that her child is a Miraculous Child. 

A Gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant - Cryptic Pregnancy Explained

The Media has released information that the Miracle Birth is under the Investigation of the Police. This news is surprising. 

Has it been heard in history?

There are stories in Mythical Books and Epic Stories. But if this happens in this modern world. This is a miracle. 

Are there any real-life events that have happened in the world?

When we did a search on these Miraculous Events. There was a British army man stationed in Iraq. He receives a Phone call that his wife has given birth to a child in the morning. He was shocked, as his wife hasn't mentioned anything about the Pregnancy. His wife was speaking to him the day before, even then she didn't mention anything about Pregnancy or Visiting a doctor. His wife's name is Amanda. 

Who was the father of the Child?

This question became the Question for the British Soldier and it also became a Supernatural event. When the couple searched for the answers, they received them. 

When this is the case in the British Soldier’s life. There was another Miracle Event that happened to another woman. Her name is Klara Dollan. Klara Dollan got up from bed at 4.00 AM. She does her daily activities such as Exercises. She was using a tablet for two weeks.

She was using the Birth Control Pill. She was consuming the Birth Control Pills for Six Months. She was travelling to her office when she felt Pain in her Abdomen. After she arrived at her office, the Pin started to increase. She requested her boss leave because she was not feeling well due to the pain. She was granted her leave. She leaves her office and wants to go directly to her house. When she was on the way to her, she noticed that her house Keys are not her in Money Purse. She was in pain and she wanted urgent help. 

So she calls the Helpline Number and Lock Openers to open the house. The helpline says that she will receive help within Two hours. But her pain seems to be increasing. Klara thought that her consumption of birth control pills could be the reason for the pain. Klara also was sure that she could not be pregnant as she had taken the pills. She also knew that if she was pregnant her period should have stopped. So she believes that she could not be pregnant. 

A Gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant - Cryptic Pregnancy Explained

Klara starts to walk. After she took some steps the pain started to reduce. She had 2 hrs until her help arrived at her house. So she thinks to go for a walk. The people who can open her house arrive at the scene. They ask permission to break open the house. During this time, Klara was experiencing Extreme pain. She quickly accepts to break open the door due to the pain. The Door was broken and Klara entered the house. She enters the toilet in a rush. The pain started to reduce. She notices that there was blood in her house. She needed the help of the Neighbours. She looks through the door and finds a woman. But Klara has never spoken with her. Klara in Semi-nude approached the Neighbours door and Knocked it. 

The lady near her house comes to Klara’s house. She explains the pain to the lady. Klara requests the lady to call the ambulance. The Lady suggests that Klara may be experiencing an Abortion. Klara refuses and says that she was not pregnant. She mentions the Birth Control Pills. Klara thinks that due to the Pills the excessive Blood through Periods was happening.

When the Ambulance was on its way. Klara lies in her bed. A voice in her head says to Push as if she was going to give birth to a child. Klara pushes, but surprisingly she can see a Head coming out of her reproductive Organ. Klara gives birth to a baby girl. Klara names the Child Amelia. Two ambulances arrive at the scene. Mother and Child were taken to the hospital. The Doctors declare that the Mother and Child were safe. 

Now let's back to Indonesia. Siti Zainah and her child are safe. Siti says that a Gush of wind was the reason for her child. 

The British Army Soldier stationed in Afghanistan. He was thinking,

Who would be the father of his wife’s child?

Klara was thinking,

How did she give birth to her child when she knew she was not pregnant?

Siti in Indonesia says that she got divorced four months ago. She claims that her ex-husband is not the father of the child. 

The British Soldier recognised that his last visit to his country was one year ago. He was sure it was not his child. 

Klara on the other hand was in a living together relationship. Klara was taking the pills because she didn't want to get pregnant. Klara was using the pills for Six Months. 

Is Supernatural the Reason for three Incidents?

The Answer is Nope. This is not a serious video. It is not supernatural as well. 

This Phenomenon is called Cryptic Pregnancy. This is also called Stealth and Denied Pregnancy. Science says that out of 475 Women, One Woman may have this Cryptic Pregnancy. 

A Gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant - Cryptic Pregnancy Explained

Women who have Cryptic Pregnancy will not be aware that they are pregnant until the last moment. The Woman doesn't know that she is Pregnant until She goes into Labor. This type of Pregnancy is called Cryptic Pregnancy. This is common in the World. But in India, we don't see any Cryptic Pregnancy. This term is new to Indians. 

Many could have said that this could be Supernatural Occurrences. On some occasions, they even think that Women have an illegal affair. There are so many issues with this occurrence. 

Try learning more about Cryptic Pregnancy. Science says that out of 475 Women, One Woman may have this Cryptic Pregnancy. 

How is this possible?

Siti Zainah from Indonesia divorced her husband Four months ago. Through Sexual Contact with her husband before her divorce, she got pregnant. The Fetus started to grow. 

When the fetus started to grow the Woman's Abdomen started to grow. 

In the case of Klara, you can see her Pictures in the video, when she was six and eight months pregnant. In Ten Months time, Klara’s Abdomen was not huge, but her baby’s weight was 3.2 Kg. 

Is there a possibility that a fetus can grow without any outer signs of the body?

This type of Pregnancy is called Denied or Stealth Pregnancy. 


The next question is,

Will the Women feel the fetus growing inside their bodies?

How can the husbands identify these kinds of Pregnancies?

Usually, the women use the Home Pregnancy test Kit to check whether they are pregnant or not. The test kid will give them the results with a Urine Sample. If the testing Kit shows a Single line the Women is not pregnant. If there are two Lines she is pregnant. 

A Gush of Wind Made Her Pregnant - Cryptic Pregnancy Explained

But in the Cryptic pregnancy, there will be no HCG Hormone. The test kits are designed by identifying the HCG Hormone. In the Case of Cryptic Pregnancy, the test kit will show not Pregnant. 

Are there possibilities to identify Cryptic Pregnancy?

The Doctors say that it is not easy to identify Cryptic Pregnancy even through Ultrasound Scan. The couple should be aware of the Period Period of the Woman. But in Cryptic Pregnancy, the Woman may Experience Irregular periods. There are chances that Blood would have come out. When Women see this they decide that they are not Pregnant. 

Next is the Slow Growth of the Fetus. Normal Pregnancy may take upto Ten Months. But in Cryptic Pregnancy, it may be from 10 to 14 Months. Due to Slow growth, Pregnant ladies will not see their abdomen growing. So if they were nine months pregnant, they would not know about their Pregnancy. 

When will the Symptoms be visible?

When the Women go into Labor, to be exact Fifteen Minutes from the Birth of the Child. The woman will know that they were pregnant. 

What are the risks involved in this Cryptic Pregnancy?

Women will not know that the fetus is growing. Women may consume food that is not suitable for the Fetus. It may include Prenatal Care, Poor Diet which may result in a Preterm Birth. 

Babies born of Cryptic Pregnancy must undergo various tests and medical check-ups. So in Cryptic Pregnancy, the mother and the child should be looked after. 

The British Soldier and his wife after their meetings with the Doctors came to understand the Truth. The Same happened to Siti and Klara. 

Now you may ask us a question,

How was it possible for Klara as she took Birth Control Pills?

How was it possible when Klara was taking Birth Control Pills?

When it comes to Birth Control Pills it doesn't give you a 100% Guarantee. No Doctor or medicine can recommend this. 

How did Klara give birth?

There would have been side effects to the child because of the Pills. It could be a Miracle from god. 

Thus Cryptic pregnancy is widely considered as Supernatural Occurrences, but due to the lack of Knowledge about this Pregnancy. They consider it as a Supernatural Occurrence. 

So now you know about Cryptic Pregnancy. This information must be passed to many people. There are chances that women may approach the doctors if they feel they are Pregnant. Men will understand this if they know about Cryptic Pregnancy. Please share this information with many people. 

This was the reason we started the video as a mYstery and ended with a Scientific Answer. Please Comment. We expect at least 2000 Comments. 

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