Adam Eve Bramma Jinn – Annunaki Part5

Adam Eve Bramma Jinn - Annunaki Part5:

Whether aliens are present or not ? Many science channels have proved alien is not present. But on February 15th BBC news says, SETI project, that is, search for extraterrestrial intelligence project which is organised by private, helps to find whether any living being is present in other planets. Private organisations announce that they want public funds for this project.

Whether they only invest money ?

India and America have invested many dollars in this project to know whether the living being in other planets present is true or not. 

According to science aliens are not present but on the other side the same science is searching for aliens. This is Anunnaki part 5.

Sixth Sense is not necessary for human beings if he says that I believe things only when I see through my eyes. Because animals also believe things after seeing with their eyes. What is sixth sense and why do we need it ? Analysing through the situation, historical studies and our thinking skills to find out whether the thing is present or not , the sixth sense is used. We go through this Anunnaki series by sixth Sense. People who are religiously fanatic please don't watch this series and after that don't comment bad words show please stay away from this series. 

Now we are going to see DNA, stories of Adam and Eve and about Giants told in Ramayana and Mahabharata. These are all links with Anunnaki. You will get a doubt, from where we are going to begin as we have seen 4 parts and previously visited about DNA and the red mountain. Another doubt, people say mythology is a fictional story and it is apart from science. According to human beings and their findings , if they don't know about any matters, science will declare that a particular matter doesn't exist. For example, mythology says human beings of 15 to 35 feet existed , who are called Giants but people make jokes about it and didn't analyse the science behind it. Why can't this be true ? If we think and analyse about the history till now there are chances for the Giants existence. Science says that they are not called as human beings, they have a different name like homosapiens. 

Dinosaurs have existed and a very big giant animal is called a dinosaur. In the current world, human beings are the wisest living being , as they know how to drive a car, operate the computer and many more things. If human beings are the wisest one in the current world then why should there not be a wisest living being in the period of dinosaurs ? As scientists say that the world has been destroyed three times in different periodicity . Diagnosis had existed before 6.5 crores years and destroyed completely and the world slowly moulded after that which we have learnt before. If you ask the name of the wiset living being in that period , the science will say that that type of living being does not exist, but rationalists say that a type of living being called Drago had existed. If you take it as a conspiracy then it is a conspiracy, if you say the truth then it is a truth. Drago is a  living being which looks similar to a human being. In the sumerian period a doll was taken which was sculpted before 7000 years ago which looks like a human being that is Drago as the scientist told. 

If you ask whether you got any proof that a type of living being like Drago had existed in the period of dinosaurs ? Yes . To know that I have to go back to 1983. Professor Amanniyazov, director of the Institute of Geology Turkmenistan, gets a call from Russia as they have found footprints of dinosaurs in Turkmenistan. Amanniyazov usually gets these types of calls . They went to the place with the group and they got a strange experience because they saw 30 - 40 footprints of dinosaurs including a man's footprint . If we see the age of that footprint, it will be 15 crore years. So scientists are confused whether human beings have existed 15 crore years or 30 lakh years ago. One part says it will be a living being from another planet and the other part says it will be an animal footprint which has existed on that period.

Whether we got any footprints again from any other place ? Again they got shocking news. They got the same food Prince from 2 - 3 places . If you want the proof you can Google on tracking dinosaurs to know the truth. Human beings have existed. The four scientists have given us a conclusion. 

The next question will be what's the size of the footprint ? We got the answer from Euphrates valley in Turkey. A digging work is going on for the creation of the building and at that time I got a bone fragment . Suddenly they informed Joe Taylor , the director of the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum and he took that to the museum . He has analysed that it is a thigh bone which is of 120cm and it is found as a human being's bone. If the thigh bone alone is 120cm then the human beings height will be nearly 14-16 ft . The present human beings height is nearly 5.5 feet . we can talk face to face to the ancient human only when three people stand up on the present human being. It is a strange truth. While researchers started research about this, they got a footprint in South Africa, Muflisi , the size of that print alone is 4 feet. With this 4 feet the researchers have told the human being would be 25 to 30 feet height . Researchers concluded that 30 feet of human beings had existed before. 

Now we shall come back again to the mythologies. We can come through all mythologies like Hindu, Muslim, Christian. In Muslim the calls as jingle , in Christian in Hebrew Bible according to Genesis on chapter 6 there was a living being like human being called nephilim which is of 15 to 30 feet height and even in mahabharata and ramayana Giants had existed. Darwin's theory and science says not only human beings had existed, many living beings had existed.

Whether it's a lab testing area for aliens ? The reason for this question is, for example, if we are growing rats whether they are affected by disease or not for a lab test in a room . According to that rat the room will be its world as like we're considering the earth as our world. After a period of time we bring new rats to that room and kill the existing one. As like this the world has been destroyed three times by aliens and aliens use our world as a testing scientist 's opinion.

To know about it we have to ask questions relating to mythologies. Example we shall take a novas boat, which is the length for 450 feet, height 45 feet and width is 75 feet. God announces to bring a pair of different animals to the boat and he brings it. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights as God said. After 220 days the boat has reached the land. 

Whether Nova loaded all the animals in the boat? If he had loaded, if we took a pair of animals like an elephant , the food which is in the paint by the elephant alone would be 36000 kg plants. Whether a 450 foot boat can afford 36000 kg plants or not ? If we ask this question the science will tell the mythology is wrong.

Other matter, who created Adam and Eve? according to the book of Genesis God has created human beings and named Adam and Eve. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma is for creating human beings. Anunnaki created a human being in this world and was named adamo . It's like this link between Adam and Eve and adamo and Brahma. God says you will die if you eat this Apple and the evil says you will gain more knowledge and become intelligent if you eat this fruit ,they ate that Apple they didn't die as God says they can't have more knowledge as evil said .

Whether they ate fruit or any DNA ? The role of a snake's structure looks like DNA. We know about Naga mostly Hindus praise the goddess of Naga and the sculptures of naga exactly look like DNA structures. Our forefathers had left many hints , whether it is only about DNA study or to find any other new findings , we shall search more in Anunnaki part 6 . 

It is an interesting part, don't see it as science , as I told you before it's like a fantasy film. Share it across with people who love hearing fantasy stories. Spend a minute and tell your opinion about this part in the comment box.Stay tuned with Tamil pokkisham channel subscribe if you have not yet subscribed.

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