Afghanistan Current Update – Srilanka, Malaysia Pakistan

Afghanistan Current Update - Srilanka, Malaysia Pakistan:

What is happening in Afghanistan?

What is the latest update?

Srilanka is in a very peculiar state. 

WIll Malaysia support the Taliban?

Malaysia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan have some kind of coalition. 

Will this Coalition work?

An Important post that will include India and the Geo-politics. 

In Afghanistan, the Taliban are in control. But an Anti- Taliban Group has also been formed. VP Saleh has been organizing these Anti-Taliban groups. Many Countries are ready to equip these Anti-Taliban groups. 

Turkey issued a statement that it will allow the refugees to enter its border. Turkey has said that It will not allow the refugees to enter Europe by crossing its border. Turkey is not allowing Muslim populations into borders. 

Why is Turkey against the Afghan people?

Turkey says that it is an Ismalic country that will protect the Islam people. In the OSC group, Turkey was supported by Pakistan. Pakistan said that it wants Turkey to be the leader of the OSC. But Pakistan is staying silent when Turkey refuses to open its border for the refugees. 

Turkey has been Building walls, A Similar wall that exists in Mexico and Israel. This is the current status of Turkey. 

In Malaysia, The Ninth President has been announced by the King of Malaysia. There are many issues in Malaysia and Coronavirus is spreading fastly. On a daily active case, nearly 22000 cases are active. The Situation in Malaysia is getting worse due to the virus. So right now Malaysia has so many internal issues. It will not come forward in the Afghan Issue. Malaysia is Out.

Next Is Pakistan. Imran Khan said that the Taliban have changed their way. He praised the Taliban for giving Amnesty to Afghan People who worked with the US and against the Taliban. Imran Khan didn't even talk about the incident when the Afghan People were shot by the Taliban for carrying their National Flag. Some say that the Taliban fired warning shots. 

But how are three people dead?

Three Innocent people were dead.

Is this Taliban 2.0?

The Media and the Journalists who were writing and reporting against the Taliban. The Taliban are searching for these journalists door to door. The Taliban have acquired a Biometric database. The Taliban are going through the database. The Taliban are going door to door to conduct investigations. The Taliban found a Journalists Relatives and shot and killed them. The Official news says that One Has been confirmed Dead. We still don't know the remaining numbers. We also don't know what will happen to the remaining Journalists. 

You could have heard the news where two Afghans fell off the C-17 American Military flight. One among them is a new Football Player who wanted to play for his country. This kid who wanted to make his country proud by playing football is now dead. Female Football players have been asked to burn their player identity. Many Women have already said that they are unable to go to work. 

We collect our news from many News Websites. These Websites have different agendas. We analyse the News and then Publish the truth to you. This news from Afghanistan is happening now. 

So Malaysia cant get involved in this issue. Pakistan has no other way but to participate. But We don't know which Taliban Pakistan is supporting. Pakistan said that a bomb blast happened and nearly 9 Chinese were dead. Pakistan said that it was an attack from Afghanistan. But the Attackers were not Taliban but they were Tehrik-e-Taliban. This was the report sent by Pakistan to China. China has now signed an agreement with the Taliban. 

Next, we must discuss Srilanka. Both Srilanka and Pakistan are slaves to China. Ranil Wickramasinghe has also written a report. He has said that The Taliban have not followed the Law of the Quran but have changed it to suit them. He has also requested the Srilankan govt not to recognize Taliban rule. If Srilanka Recognizes the Taliban it will become a Big Issue for Sri Lanka. 

He also adds that the Taliban destroyed a Buddha Statue in 2001. In The long history of Afghanistan, many kings tried to destroy this Statue and failed. In 2001 the Statue was destroyed. He said that the Taliban hate Idol Worship. So he doesn't want the Taliban to grow and it may become an International Issue. 

UNESCO has said that there are many Recognized Artifacts in Afghanistan. UNESCO wants the Taliban to protect these Ancient Artifacts. 

What is going to happen?

In Sri Lanka, Rajapaksa has close relations with China. If Rajapaksa dares speak a word he will have to answer to many countries. So Sri Lanka will have to remain silent. China will immediately call upon its slave Sri Lanka to support China in this issue. China will barter to reduce the Interest of the Huge Loan Sri Lanka has undertaken. So Srilanka has to obey China. 

So Malaysia, Srilanka and Turkey will not get Involved. The Only country remaining in Iran. 

America for so long has been saying that they will have a new agreement in the Nuclear Deal. Iran has to face this issue first. So Iran will not involve itself in the Afghan Crisis. 

Russia and China have announced that they will support the Taliban. 

America has deployed its Powerful Spy aircraft to watch the Taliban. The Advanced RC-135V\W is also called Airseeker. The news says that the Aircraft is spying on Afghanistan. 

This is the Updated News from Afghanistan. 

What has Donald Trump Said?

Trump has said that he could have not taken a foolish decision like Joe Biden. He says that the American troops could have left Afghanistan but in a Different Strategy. 

His plan was to evacuate the American People from Afghanistan. Which will be followed by bringing back The Military Equipment. Then he said that he would Bomb the Bases before Pulling out the Military. Thus the Taliban will have nothing to gain. This will cripple the Taliban. This was the Plan of Trump. 

He continues that Joe Biden has reversed Trump’s plan. First, he called his Military out. Then the American Aircraft came in, he didn't destroy any bases with bombs. The Final Stage for Evacuating Americans is currently happening. 

There is a lot happening around the world due to the Taliban crisis. This is just the beginning. We will see a big issue after one week. 

Who are the Taliban Leaders?

What kind of rule will they give the people?

The Taliban has announced their law. We still don't know how they will rule. 

How will they manage the Country’s finances?

This information will be available to us within one week. 

How will the western countries react to the Taliban?

We will have to wait and see. 



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