Agenda “One Medicine”- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir

Agenda "One Medicine"- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir:

People who are in Power can do anything Noone will ask questions against them. But the Normal Citizens if they commit a mistake they will torture them and even put them in jail. 

If a Normal Person says that he has discovered Petrol or Medicine. There will be Debunk Videos and Fack Checkers working very hard. So they will post these videos and make these people look like Frauds. So when they brand people as Frauds.

Where are the real frauds Hidden?

We should search for it. We should develop the skill to connect the dots when we hear or see news. This post will teach you how to do it. 

Small Introduction Bill Gates and the Geo-Politics played. 

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Connecting the Dots which we hear as news.

Which news are we going to Connect?

Three news. The first news is WHO has halted trails for Safety Concerns against Hydroxychloroquine. India is against WHO in this matter. We have discussed this already in the previous posts. 

SO WHO has banned the Drug. Two days ago WHO again said that the medicine will be researched. 

The second news is in India the most affected State by CoronaVirus in Maharashtra. The State has bought 10000 Vials of Remdesivir medicine. The state has got the permission to import this medicine. 

The third medicine is Gilead has given Permission to start production of Remdesivir in India. 

Agenda "One Medicine"- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir

So we are going to connect this three news. 

Why did WHO stop research on Hydroxychloroquine?

IF the media and the fact-checkers have asked this question. Then the news would have been popular. Some kind of change could have happened. Samples collected from Nearly 1 Lakh Patients and 621 Hospitals from 6 Continents. The data collected and 4 Doctors within two months have done the research. 

The 4 Doctors research paper has been released in the Lancet. This research paper says that if a person uses Hydroxychloroquine then the patient has chances to encounter Heart Diseases, this was found from the data. The research contained Nearly 1 Lakh Patients Sample. This was released in May 22nd. The very next day WHO announces that they have Temporarily banned Hydroxychloroquine from their Research because of the Lancet Research paper. 

WHO and the Doctors have done their part right?

Now Let’s get into the Connecting the dots. Two days ago the research paper which was released by Lancet was Retracted. The Research paper which was released by 4 doctors, 3 among them said that they cannot confirm the data which they have released. Lancet has removed this research paper from their Website. 

WHO stopped the research based on the research paper on Hydroxychloroquine. WHO has said that it will resume its research. If this issue was over there would have been no doubts. But some events happened in this issue. 

When WHO announced they are stopping Research on Hydroxychloroquine, many countries followed the advice. The other magazine which releases Research papers is called NEJM(New England Journal of Medicine). The research paper from NEJM says that Hydroxychloroquine has Minor Side effects so we can stop it easily. 

The whole world is against Hydroxychloroquine. But India says in May that it will continue to use the medicine. When we started our research on these papers we found out that The Hydroxychloroquine Study was funded by any Drug Company, Public donor or Political Organisation. So Lancet says it was wrong to release the Research paper and removes it from its records. 

Nobody asked DId the research was funded by any organisation?

So there is something going on in this issue. We should search for these 4 doctors. 

Agenda "One Medicine"- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir

Their names are Dr Mandeep Mehra is the Lead Co-Author. Next is Dr Frank RusChitza, Dr Amit Patel, and Sepan Desai. We have to discuss two doctors. Dr Mandeep Mehra and Dr.Sapan Desai. Dr.Desai is the CEO of Surgisphere. Many Countries have accused this company called Surgisphere. This company releases books and the info is wrong in these books.

 The people who work in this company their data in Linkedin says that they have studied Medicine. But in truth, they are not students of Medicine. These people are artists or performers who are portrayed as Students of Medicine. Surgisphere is the company which got the data from 1 Lakh Patients and gave it for research. Many Doctors from various countries request for the data from the Lancet. Many doctors said that the results about Hydroxychloroquine are wrong and they request for data. 

Did Surgisphere give the data?

No. They said they are unable to share the data. So if the data is unavailable many doctors from various countries have rejected the research paper. This was the reason the three remaining doctors left the research paper. 

The NJEM Research paper was written by these Four Doctors. So these 4 doctors have to be against Hydroxychloroquine and they have also released a Research paper against it. By showing this research paper they have stopped the research by WHO. So good souls in the world are against this act. So the truth came out. 

Who is profiting from all this?

To start our search we have to look at Dr Mandeep Mehra. He is the director of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

What is this Brigham and Women’s Hospital?

This Brigham and Women’s hospital has bought all rights to test the two medicines of Remdesivir which are going to be distributed in Maharashtra. So a Doctor who belongs to the Hospital which tests the medicine called Remdesivir. He releases a research paper against Hydroxychloroquine. He says that Hydroxychloroquine is harmful and no one should use it. 

Please keep in mind the medicine Remdesivir. The Coming segment will be about it. 

Agenda "One Medicine"- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir

What is happening now?

 Hydroxychloroquine is good medicine but it is not effective against CoronaVirus. Doctors have started to submit research papers from small to big. We don't have to tell you who is behind this conspiracy. If  Hydroxychloroquine is not used the Pharma companies can bring in their medicines against  Hydroxychloroquine into the market. 

Is  Hydroxychloroquine opposed because they want to change the market?

Surely this question should be answered by WHO. They are in an important position in the world. Dr Dedros is the current Director-General of WHO. He tweets his decisions on Twitter. First, he said that the virus will not spread from one human to the other. Then he changed his statement. There will be no need for masks. Then he asked us to wear Masks.  Hydroxychloroquine can be used against CoronaVirus. He again changed his statement that it should not be used and stopped the research. Now he says that WHO will restart its research again. 

So the people in Power are changing their statements. We don't fact check against these people. These events are happening based on India. Hydroxychloroquine is largely produced by India. Now India is in 5th Most affected Country list. So if Hydroxychloroquine becomes Popular in India no Medicine can enter the market. Maharashtra is the most affected State, it has requested to bring in a new medicine called Remdesivir to the Central govt. The Permission has been granted and they are going to import the medicine.

Who is going to import the medicine?

Who owns the medicine?

The Company’s name is Gilead. Gilead supports Dr Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates' close friend Dr.Anthony Fauci. He is the leader of NIH(National Institute of Health). He has control over a panel which consists of 16 members. This panel gives guidelines on how to treat the People who are affected and who to create the Vaccine. In that 16 members, the 3 Chairs have been bought by the company called Gilead. 

More than 8 Members in the panel are given money by the Gilead. This company has voluntarily given license to the Indian Companies to largely produce Remdesivir. 

Agenda "One Medicine"- Hydroxychloroquine VS Remdesivir

So is the Medicine pattern free?

 Hydroxychloroquine 100 Mg Tablets price is INR63. But Remdesivir 100 Mg Tablet price is INR 15000. In other countries, the Price is Inr25000 to Inr40000. But in India, they have reduced the price. Now you should have understood the Geo-Politics. 

So if a person consumes  Hydroxychloroquine then 90% of that person contracting the disease has been stopped. Medicines like  Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir cannot fight against the virus if it has already infected a person. But we can try to stop the spread of the CoronaVirus. These Remdesivir results are only 50% Possibility to stop the virus says the Clinical Tests. 

How is this Justice for a medicine which has 50% against  Hydroxychloroquine’s 90%?

We have to talk about Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir. These kinds of medicines will keep coming into our country. We have discussed only two medicines. Many details can be available to us in the upcoming days. Let us start to talk about this issue the World will follow us. 

The topic which we started about Pulse Oximeter has now changed into a debate in many media. Many friends commented that we started talking about it. We are proud to release the info to the people. 

Similarly, this issue has to be spoken in various media. We have to debunk the conspiracies which are set against us. If we do this we can send these Duplicate medicines back to their owners. Let us be ready to face the enemy. The first step is built by us. 

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