Agenda21 – Israel’s New World Order ?

Agenda21 - Israel's New World Order ?:

Tensions between Iran and America has dropped. We should understand and know about some more events which are happening. We are discussing about World Politics now so this is a very important topic. 

Every one of us know about the Australian Fire. Much Animal life is lost. In Australia, nearly 10000 camels are going to lose their lives. These camels don’t have any water to drink. The camels also release Carbon dioxide and Methane into the atmosphere so the govt is going to kill them. 

If this happens to Humans this will be the Shocking news in the world. There is other news which will shock you more, New World Order, Agenda 21.

How the world should be in 2030?. 

Who is the deciding authority here?

Who is writing our fates?

When was it written?

Who is behind these atrocities?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Agenda21 - Israel's New World Order ?

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham. 

One day, only day there was no rain in any of the regions in Australia. The planet hasn’t seen this day coming from its birth. The Australian people are scared about this event. 

How was this possible?

Is someone controlling the weather?

Why this fate for Australia?

What are we going to do as Humans?

There is no water. So could we kill wildlife in the country?. So kill the 10000 camels, they are only camels. 

Has Australia signed in the agreement to be Smart City?

Who is giving the fund?

WHO, World Bank and IMF have sanctioned it. There is a new railway route in Australia.

Which regions does this railway cover?

The route is from Melbourne to Brisbane. Australia’s new railway route is where the Forest fire is raging now. 

How did nature find out?

In which route humans are going to build a railway line. We don’t care about what is happening in Australia. Agenda21 India, Agenda21 Chennai, Agenda21 Nellai, Agenda21 Madurai, Agenda21 Canada, Agenda21 Sri Lanka if you search these in google, you can view some unbelievable news from these searches. We will discuss in detail now. 

UN 1992, Calls for a big conference in Brazil. This conference consisted of 178 countries, which had reporters or Politicians and many. Nearly 35000 people from 178 Countries attended this conference. They present Agenda21 to the audience. 

This agenda21 is how they are going to build our world. The information given should be used in every country, State, Village and House. Now they are going to control everything you have from your house to your country. This is a complex topic. We will go on a search for the people who are behind this agenda21. The root cause. 

So in front 35000, the agenda21 has been released stating how the world should be in 2007,2012 and 2030. 

So within 95%, the World’s Population will die. Only 5% of the World’s Population will live in Planet Earth. This is Agenda21 hidden truth. The primary objective is to divide the natural resources for all. To create a sustainability life for everyone. This is what the People of the world believe. So the hidden agenda is 95% People should die, but directly they say Sustanianbility for all. Now we should go back to the 10000 camels which are going to be killed. 

Agenda21 - Israel's New World Order ?

So if they have thought for Sustainability for the camels, they should have thought about alternative ways. There are 100 camels in the forest, killing the 10000 camels will make water available for the 100 camels. So kill the 10000 camels. So the 100 camels will have a sustainable life. So the 10000 camels are not worth it.  

Who is deciding this?

Humans. Its fate which decides what happens to us, humans. 

So if you want a loan even to your father say rs100. Your father may ask why you need the 100rs. If someone is giving you a loan they ask some questions. 

Take India’s Projects, Whether it is for water or Forest or Infrastructure. 

Who is giving loans?

World Bank and IMF. Imagine how many questions these organisations will ask India. 

What will blueprint will they ask?

What assurity will they ask?

Many Countries are getting loans. So we give them blueprint, saying that destroying this forest for a rail line. Australia rail lines are the fire which is raging on now. 

Are these fires man-made?

Trump will be president. Two towers will be destroyed. How were these possible?

So someone is writing our fate. 

So in the UN didn’t someone notices something strange?

There is an illusion which hides the real truth. 

There is a sentence,” Take Urgent Action to Combat Climate Changes and its impacts.”. So taking immediate action is in agenda 21. 

Agenda21 - Israel's New World Order ?

To the readymade solution is killing people. They said that using Vaccinations will prevent diseases. But new diseases are on the rise now. 5G is the fastest network. But some say that 5G will be important technology and will be the end of mankind. Some say this a conspiracy, some a fraud or a lie. 

Next, they say about Chem Trials, Irradiated Food. So these things are developed to kill humans systematically. The UN was the one to launch Agenda21. 

Who will implement this Agenda21?

One NGO. The NGO’s name International Council for Local Environmental Initiative ICLEI. This ngo will responsible in spreading agenda21.  This NGO will cover 12 Mega Cities, 100 Super Cities, 450 Large Cities, 450 medium-sized cities and towns in 84 countries. 

Which country does the NGO use?

Israel is the country which operates this NGO. Israel’s people from 15 Cities are the ones who are in this NGO 90%. So their objective is to reduce the population of the world. People should be killed. 

So for Ex If we are 700 crore people living, in 2030 we will not have any resource. To provide a sustainable life for the few people, many will be killed. This is agenda 21. This is a Conspiracy. 

How much truth does this contain?

We will start with the Australia Bush fire. 

How did it happen?

How did Smart City come to Australia?

Who opposed it?

India has now lent money from World bank. What are the conditions behind this deal?

We will discuss this in the upcoming posts. We will view this conspiracy from a different angle. 

This series requires time to research. We have to proofread the info. Determine whether the info is true or false.

We will maintain the playlists please check the channel for more updates. This is a complicated issue which can be done with your support. 

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