Alien Theory vs Pyramid – Built by humans or Aliens

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens:

50 Lakh Ton is the weight of the Pyramid of Giza.

This Pyramid was built by Humans. One Theory strongly suggests it was built by humans using the Stones from Aswan Quarry.

We discussed this in Part5.

This is Ancient Egypt part6.

There is another question,

Did Aliens build the Pyramid?

What do the theories say about Aliens building the Pyramids?

The Human Theory says that the stones were brought on the River Nile.

Are there buildings that used this ancient building technology?

Are there buildings in India?

Is there a connection to the Tamils?

There are so many questions. We will answer them in this post.

SpaceX Founder Elon Musk tweets saying that The Pyramids in Egypt could have been built by Aliens. After seeing the Elon Musk tweet, The Egyptian Officials replied with their tweets. The reply was they have seen the achievements of SpaceX. They also asked Elon Musk to bring along his engineers to Egypt. The Egyptians wanted Elon Musk and his team to study Ancient Egypt and then reveal the truth to the world.

Can we use Modern Technology to measure the exact height of the Pyramids?

No. Because the Egyptian govt has bans on measuring the pyramids. The Egyptian Govt says that humans cannot measure the height of the Pyramids. But estimation suggests that the Pyramid could be 482 Feet in height.

What about the Slope of the Pyramid?

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens

The Slope may be approx 52 degrees. This is called the Perfect angle.

How did they build the Pyramids with mega stones?

Did they use any Crane Type Technology?

After 1960 we started to use cranes for buildings. The Pyramid was built 4500 years ago.

Many Researchers asked a question,

Was the Pyramid built for the Khufu Pharaoh?

These researchers who ask the question are not your average People. They are not fact Checkers in youtube. These researchers are Experts who have studied the Pyramids and Dedicated their lives to find the truth. They have released many books. These people have Doctorates in their fields. These researchers give different types of theories.

According to Science, Nothing has been provided as fact when it comes to Pyramids.

We asked a question,

Who is god?

Gods should be more powerful than the Human Kind. Gods are able to do things that cannot be done by humans. This is the explanation which humans have given to gods. God created the World.

Humans began to wonder whether there could be ET’s in the Universe or not. Through the Program Called SETI Science is looking for answers. Humans are sending Radio Frequencies into Space and waiting for a reply. HumanKind has been involved in the search for Extraterrestrials. We have sent satellites into space in hope of communicating with Aliens. This is a search to confirm that humankind is not alone in this Universe. The humans are expecting the First contact.

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens

Or Has the First contact been already made?

This is the Question from many scientists. The person who asked this question was Carl Sagan. He suggested that before sending Spacecraft into space, a camera should be installed in the Spacecraft.

Spacecraft is used to map another planet. It's because of Carl Sagan Recommendations we now can see the images of other planets. In the 1950's Carl Sagan said that Humans will go to the moon before 1970. He was called a mentally affected person. Carl Sagan has taught in Many Universities regarding space.

In Science, it is not described that the Set of questions should be asked in Sequence. So questions that arise in your minds with a Solid Thinking Capacity. These questions may make history in the future. If the Question is considered to be right in the Future. Then that Particular Question will become a Science Question instead of a Conspiracy.

In this Modern World, We use Traffic Signals and Roads. But people who lived 3000 years ago,

Do you believe that they had these kinds of technologies?

They have used the technology.

So the Modern Technology which we use today may be used 5000 years ago. There is another theory that says that advanced technology could have existed nearly 15000 years ago.

Coming back to the Pyramid, Aswan Quarry is nearly 800 Kilometres long. So they had to move Heavy Stones to the Pyramid Site.

How could this be possible?

One Person answered and his name is Joseph Davidovits. He says that the stones in the pyramids may have been created by humans.

Can humans create stones?

We have learned about Alchemy. We have played games where we can mix ingredients to create a Different type of ingredient. So Joseph says that Alchemy may be used to create the huge stones. Joseph Davidovits is not your normal scientist whereas he has worked in Many Universities and for the govt. He is a very important researcher. He is an expert in Chemistry.

Joseph says that they should have used Alchemy to create these Heavy Stones. Egyptians should have possessed the Technology to create these stones.

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens

Who is saying they have created Stones?

He is called the Father of GeoPolymer Chemistry. Many researchers and scientists did not accept Joseph’s theory. Many questions were raised to Joseph Davidovits.

At this moment we know about another person called Zecharia Sitchin.

Who is this Zecharia?

Zecharia is the person who suggested that humans were created by Annunaki. His theory says that Annunaki came from another planet and created Human Beings. He also suggested that Annunaki used humans as a Labour force to dig up gold from Earth. We have discussed this in Annunaki Series Episode1. Zecharia says that the study of Howard Vyse who is the discoverer of the Pyramids is false.

Howard Vyse is the reason we are discussing Egypt's Pyramids. Zecharia says that the Pyramids were not built for the Khufu Pharaoh. The reason for building the Pyramid may be different.

Did Howard Vyse Lie?

Did they tamper with the evidence?

There are still theories that say Zecharia Vs Vyse.

According to Vyse’s theory, the Pyramid was built for the Khufu Pharaoh. Zecharia asks a question,

Did they find the Mummy of Khufu Pharaoh inside the pyramid?

But there was no Khufu mummy inside the Pyramid. But the researchers said that Grave robbers would have smuggled the Mummy. There are many pyramids that were unlocked. In these locked Pyramids there were no mummies.

What could be the reason?

Tutankhamun Mummies were found in the Valley of Kings. These mummies were never found in the pyramids.

What could be the real reason for the building of the pyramids?

Were the Pyramids built to signal the aliens?

Zecharia says that they have to study the theory to know more. Another person called Christopher Dunn says that the Pyramids were used as power plants. Wireless Electricity. Christopher Dunn says that the Pyramids were built to generate Electricity.
Many Researchers and Scientists have different types of Theories regarding the Pyramids.

Let's discuss the theory of Joseph. He says a wooden box which will be filled with small stones. A particular Chemical combination will be added to the box. This will also contain Natron Salt. In the mummification process, they added the Natron Salt.

So using this technology they could have created Limestones. So using the Wooden box and Chemicals they could have created these Large Stones. Thus resulting in the perfect aligned Stones of the Pyramid.

How would this be possible?

Many questions were raised in the Science world. Many who supported Joseph wanted to prove the theory by doing it practically. Joseph was asked to create stones using chemistry. So he examined the Stones in the Pyramids and sent them for results.

How can they test Joseph’s theory?

It is said that the Stones from Aswan Valley were used to build the Pyramid. They wanted to compare the Stones in Aswan Valley with the Stones used to build the Pyramid. If the Stones are similar, then the stones used in the Pyramids are brought from the Aswan Valley.
So they conduct research. The final results say that The Stones from the Aswan Valley contained 96% to 99% Calcite. .5% to 2.5% Quartz were present. But the Limestones from the Pyramids contained 80% to 90% of Calcite. The results said Opacity, Silico Aluminate was present in the stones. So the stones in the Aswan Valley don't match the Pyramid Stones.

The next question is,

Are these Stones created?

Who could have provided the technology to ancient Egyptians?

How could Egypt be a power plant?

Please wait for the next part to know more.

In this part, we will assume that the Stones were brought from the Aswan Quarry.

Using this technology, have the Tamils built any Monument or Buildings?

Are there other temples in the world built using this technology?

The greatest example is the Angkor Wat temple. The temple was built using granite. The temple was built by King Suriyavarman.

How were the Granite stones moved?

Nearly 32 kilometres away, Kulen is the location where they took the granites. Transporting the Granite through the water they built the Angkor Wat temple. Next, let's discuss Thanjai Periya Kovil.

A temple which has 1 lakh Tonnes Stones. It was built by the Cholans in Thanjavur, tamilnadu. Raja Raja Cholan built the Temple. The Temple is built using Granite Stones. But the granite was not available in Thanjavur.  From Thanjavur, nearly 70 Kilometres away is a stone quarry. There is a theory that the Stones could have been moved to the temple location. In order to move the stones quickly, they needed a Water route and they created one. Thus the granite was moved to the temple site.

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens

If we look at Rapa Nui Easter Islands.

What is the meaning of Rapa Nui?

This series will move towards Tamils and Mayans. It will also move to unknown Civilizations.

Alien Theory vs Pyramid - Built by humans or Aliens

So the Sixth Part is the End of Ancient Egypt. We will move to Mayan Civilizations to answer more questions. When we complete Mayan Series, we will continue the Annunaki Series.

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