America Against China – Russia New Entry

America Against China - Russia New Entry:

China was the one who spread the virus. The virus may have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This was announced by Trump in Press meeting. The reporter asks for proof. Trump says he has the proof but he cannot disclose the info yet. The reporter asks if you are unable to reveal the info.

What are you going to do Next?

Will there be Economic bans or sanctions upon China?

Trump says that the economic sanction will not be a normal one but a severe one. After Trump’s statement, Russia and China have made some decisions together. In the South China Sea in Support of Malaysia America cane into the fray. In the same place, China govt has announced that it has defeated America. 

Many changes are happening in the Geo- Politics. We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Who did spread this virus?

This is the question. The answer to this question, America says China spread it. China says Americans spread it. WHO says that it naturally spread there was no one behind the spreading of the virus. Many Countries say someone has spread the virus, but our Economies are struggling now. 

America Against China - Russia New Entry

America and WHO agree on one point. This virus is not human-made. This virus is not created artificially and no genetical modifications can be found in the virus. So America and WHO agree in this one point. 

When WHO said that the virus spread naturally. NO. America accuses that it may have come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

Did China reject the accusation?

Yes, China said they didnt spread the virus. China didnt give a statement for the International community to enter the country and check the origins of the virus.  America has some proof that the time when the virus spread was known to China. A Doctor has discovered the virus and his website was blocked. So there are so many proofs against China. 

Russia now says that America should not accuse China because Russia has proof against America. In the documents, it clearly says that the American govt has changed its own people into Lab Rats. 

Is this only done by America or other countries?

In 2014 Crimea rejoined Russia. There were a lot of issues. We now know that issues between Russia and Ukraine. So when Crimea joined with Russia. Russians find out a testing facility situated in Crimea which belongs to America. 

America Against China - Russia New Entry

This is not a normal lab, this is a Bio-lab which creates Bio-Weapons. This lab has been used as a hub, samples from various locations send and this lab produces the product. Then the product has been exported to various countries.

 The whole proof is in Russia’s Hands. When Russia discovered the Lab there were 108 pools of Ectoparasites, 46 samples of Internal Organs of Rodents and 105 Samples of Human blood Serum which were ready to be dispatched. So Russia says that many research has been conducted in Crimea. 

Russia also says that we have many issues with Ukraine. In Ukraine alone, there are 11 Labs build by the Pentagon. Crimea also had one, So America has so many labs in various countries. They are developing Bio-Weapons and testing them in these labs. Research about these viruses is conducted.

Is that it?

In Mar 2019, From Asia Meat market America has bought nearly 500 Dogs and cats. Through their defence budget, they have bought it. SO 400 Dogs and 100 Cats. The 100 cats were bought from China and Ethiopia. 400 dogs were bought from Columbia, Brazil and many countries. So these animals are tested in Labs. These tests are conducted based on the virus. So the whole testing process was done. After injecting the animals with lethal doses they killed the animals. This news in Confirmed news by Russia. 

Now Russia and China have become allies. Next Weapons sales. China has decided to buy Fighter Jets from Russia. Russia has placed the defence system in Place in its border. America showed its power through NATO surrounding Russia they have defence systems. 

If there is a nuclear launch from Russia and China, they want to shoot it in flight. It was America VS China. Now it has become America VS China, Russia.

When countries start to ally with other countries, we will start to think of a World War. When it comes to World War1 and 2 the allied nations is the reason which turned into a world war. The same situation is happening in the South China Sea now. 

China and Malaysia are extracting Crude Oil from the South China Sea. Malaysia says the region belongs to them, but China disagrees. China starts to occupy the Malaysian Oil fields. China’s warship enters into Malaysia. China thought that America is devastated by the virus so America will not raise its voice. But America responds with their own America Warship. 

America Against China - Russia New Entry

America’s Warship USS Bunker Hill and USS Barry are sent to the region. Malaysia sends its Warship in support of the American Warships. Vietnam also sends a Warship to Support America. Australia also sends a warship in support of America. 

Many Countries together are standing against China now. So through Geopolitics, the changes are happening in the world. Vietnam and America are enemies but when it comes to standing against China they will ally with one another. 

We should understand now how the virus situation in Russia. Russia’s Confirmed cases are increasing. Nearly 1 Lakh People have been affected by the virus. Yesterday alone 50 people have lost their lives. Nearly 1200 People have lost their lives to the virus. 

Let’s Discuss North Korea and South Korea situation. North Korean President Kim appears like a Hero. I am not dead and I will not do that easily. The International community in now analysing the Photo whether it is taken latest or not.

America Against China - Russia New Entry

America has good support now. If Kim didnt appear issues could have been raised in North Korea. So using this time China will say that it shares the border and will occupy the country. North Korea has Nuclear weapons and plants so to protect them China will enter the country. 

China and South Korea are becoming allies. There are many discussions between the two countries. There was a chance for China to reunite North and South Korea into one Country. With Kim’s appearance, the plan of China is spoiled. 

Now South Korea has released that there is no virus Confirmed cases in the Country. The virus will spread from one person to another, but we maintain Social Distancing. They also say that ones the virus is infected the person the same person cannot be infected again in his lifetime. 

But WHO says that the cured patients can be affected by the virus again. So based on One Virus the results vary, Then countries blame reach others. So if Corona Virus is defeated in the coming days a New Virus may come into this world the chances of this happening is very High. 

You may scold us for saying a new Virus. We should think what’s happening around us. America has so many Bio-Labs and Bio-Weapons with them. There is protection for these labs given by the govt. 

IF China becomes a Super Power?

Will America accept it?

Will American Allied Countries accept it?

Somebody will release a virus into the world. IF America succeeds and China fails. 

What will China think?

Already it has a bad name that it has spread the virus. Why not make the news true news?

The international community has to find a solution to this problem. 

Will there be another virus or Not?

What viruses are the labs checking?

America tested the virus on its won people to find out how they are getting cured. Many Countries do it. In this situation, How will The International Community handle this?

After a cure for the virus. The International Community has to get a list of Viruses which are tested in the labs across the globe. 

Will this happen?

America Against China - Russia New Entry

This Virus will start end here. There are chances that new viruses may come into this world. America supported Taiwan to be a member of the UN. This was a tweet. China after reading the tweet said In this world there in lone one China. Taiwan is a part of China. Taiwan cannot be announced a separate country. China placed it as an order not a request to the International Community. 

So One country is not allowing another country to prosper. Many truth about the Country has been hidden. The reason is Dirty Politics. What they do can’t even be imagined in our normal brain. 

Russia has allied itself with China. Whether its Weapons, Allied or Policies. This is a small alliance whereas America is forming its own Allies. We don’t know what will happen in the future. 

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