America Profits & Sanctions – Who is benefitting from the Ukraine war?

America Profits & Sanctions - Who is benefitting from the Ukraine war?

There is a term called Corporate Politics. Corporate Success is determined by Advertisements. There will be promotions and ads for the product. People after seeing these ads may decide to buy the product. 

If we use this method in Politics it becomes Corporate Politics. Celebrities will take Photos with Politicians. The Political party will help the Celebrity. This is called Corporate Politics. 

These Corporate Politics is the same on the International Stage. Politics is the same everywhere. 

Due to emotional support, some countries benefit from it. We need to view the Ukraine Russia War as a Corporate War. 

Ask Anyone about the Ukraine war,

Why is this war raging?

They will tell that Ukraine has been invaded and Civilians are killed. They will say that their support is for Ukraine. Some will support Russia’s Cause. 

But the real reason involves Agreements, Geo-Politics, Natural Resources and Climate Change. If we understand the entire Concept we can identify the cause of the War. 

In a Blind Eye, There is war and Ukrainian people are killed. So many people support Ukraine. But there is an emotional Corporate Game that is played in this war. 

What is this Corporate game?

We will also discuss the update on the Ukraine War. 

We already predicted that the Crude Oil Prices will go up if there was a war. One barrel of Crude Oil costs 111USD. This price has been recorded for the first time since 2014. 

Joe Biden has said that he will support Zelensky. The US lawmakers gave a standing Ovation to the Ukraine People. The EU also gave a standing ovation for the courage of the Ukraine People. The Media is constantly barraging Viewers with this news. 

If there is a war, both sides' views and causes should be noted. The World Media has muted the Russian cause for war. The Russian media has been banned. Even In Social media platforms these Russian Channels and Media have been blocked. The West is making sure that the Russian voice is not heard on the International Stage. 

Is banning the Russian Media right or wrong?

Are there a media that says that other part of the Story?

This will happen to India. If India acts against Western countries. India will also be placed in Silent mode. They will make sure that our voices are not heard. 

UK Boris Johnson said that Putin has miscalculated two things. One is the Ukraine Resistance, second is the Unity between the Western Countries. But the larger impact is created by Russia through the Unity of the Western Countries. 

This is a perfect example that No Country in the World can go against Western Power. Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Other countries must re-think their Strategy. This is a stern warning to these countries which are against the Western Powers. 

Joe Biden has said that American airspace is closed off to all Russian Flights. Russia has been banned from the Olympics. 

What is the Connection between Sports and War?

Who asked this question?

Nobody can and Nobody will ask these questions to the Western media. They will never let you think in a different direction. The OPEC+ Countries say that there is no connection between war and Russian oil. If you connect war and Sports then you should avoid Russian Oil as well. They will not connect it because they need the Russian oil. 

Olympics, FIFA, F1 Russian and Belarus Athletes are banned from participating. All Russian media in Google Playstore and Apple Playstore and Shut. Apple also has said that it will not sell its products to Russia. Boeing has said that it will not supply any Spare parts. 

The Worlds three biggest shipping lines Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM have suspended deliveries to Russia. 

The West want Russia to withdraw. They are passing sanctions that are unheard of. The Countries which support the West sign these agreements. 

If the war is over, the Economic sanctions must be withdrawn. But the West will not do it. They will say that they will form a Committee and check whether Russia has followed the Guidelines. After checking they will lift the economic sanctions. 

Will the West form a Committee Properly?

There will be powerplay. They will extend the Committee decisions. They will keep the Sanctions on for years. So passing Economic sanctions is easy, but cancelling them is hard. 

There are examples like Syria, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Libya that have standing sanctions that are not cancelled. This is called Modern Slavery. 

Any Country against the West Powers will be brutally crushed. This is Geo-Politics. No Country can raise their voice against the West. 

Russia is fighting this war. Belarus has announced a Withdraw. Moldova has refused to pass sanctions on Russia. 

The Russian troops are slowly advancing in Ukraine. Many cities and regions are under Russian control. The second stage of talks will be held. 

Even before a decision has been taken in Peace talks. The West has sanctioned Russia. 

The US has announced that it will not be directly involved in this war. But Biden has said that he will send American Troops to join the NATO Forces. 

The World Bank is preparing to lend 3 Billion USD to Ukraine. It has been announced that 350 Million USD is Immediate funds. 

What do we understand from this news?

If someone has committed a crime he should be punished. 

For Ex: In Srilankan Civil war, Human rights violations were conducted. There were witnesses to horrific incidents conducted by Srilankan Army and Proof was submitted to the UN. There were witnesses who told horrific stories. 

What did the West do against Srilanka?

If China attacks Taiwan or China invades another country. This will be the time Srilankan Crimes will be exposed to the World. A Resolution against Srilanka will be passed. The Human Rights Violations which are recorded will be taken and Punishment will be given to Srilanka. 

The West will start acting against China and Srilanka. 

There is a lot of planning by many countries behind the Ukraine war. 

The US is saying that due to Crude oil Prices going up. They are selling their reserves. The US bought Crude Oil for low Prices. Now after stocking up, using the Ukraine war the Crude Oil Prices have gone up and the US is profiting. 

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Crude Oil prices to Minus. There was no location to hold the Oil reserves during the Pandemic. The US bought Crude Oil and stored it. After the Ukraine war started the Barrel of Crude Oil price is 114 USD. 

The US could have manufactured many weapons and Ammunition. They needed to dump these Obsolete Weapons and Equipment. Many Countries gave military aid to Ukraine. 

These Weapons and Ammunition which are given to Ukraine will not be brand new. 

Estonia gave Howitzers to Ukraine. These Howitzers have been used by Estonia. The used Weapons and Equipment will be dumped in Ukraine. 

Now the US which bought Crude Oil during the Coronavirus pandemic is selling those Reserves for 114 USD per barrel. The obsolete weapons and equipment are sold to Ukraine as debt. 

Ukraine has become a debt country. 

While these countries are profiting from war. They also blame Russia for their business. Russia has committed a crime.

Is Russia the only country that has committed a crime?

If you think about it. You will understand the Geo-politics. We will update you more on the Ukraine war. 

As Normal Human Beings seeing Ukrainian people suffer we feel against Russia. But if we closely watch the World Politics which is played. You may understand which side to support. 

What is NATO?

What has happened due to NATO Creation?

What good has NATO done for the World?

If you search answers for to these questions. You will know the truth. 

Why was NATO created?

What is the reason?

Please learn more. 

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