America Taliban Northern Alliance Turkey – The Great Game Begins

America Taliban Northern Alliance Turkey - The Great Game Begins:

Taliban through their media representatives have said that they will rule Afghanistan under Sharia law not the Democratic way. The Taliban Sharia law is different from the Islam Sharia law. 

We had made a mistake in the previous post. Many Islam viewers have given their views. 

If you think that the people who speak against Islam people belong to other religions. If you are capable of protesting against the people who we are going to discuss. You will understand the truth. 

Who benefits from unrest in Afghanistan?

America says that it has faced a loss of up to 3 Trillion USD. There are five major Weapons manufacturers in America. For Ex: If you have bought a share from these Companies which was 10000 USD. But in 2021 their share value has gone up to 1 Lakh USD. 

Who is really benefiting from the wars?

We know that there will be a fight between the Taliban and Anti-Taliban. Russia is trying to find a peaceful solution to the issue. 

But the latest news says that the Anti-Taliban group has announced that they have killed 300 Taliban. 

Is this news legit?

This topic is hot and a Sensitive one. But the truth must be shared. 

Many viewers asked that the issue is happening in Afghanistan.

Why must we bother?

This is happening near India. Events that happen in Afghanistan will greatly affect India. If there is an issue, this will create a panic among the Muslims living in India. This will directly affect India. 

The Real Islam Law is not the one that the Taliban Sharia Law follows. As non-Muslims, many don't know the laws of Islam. 

But Pakistan’s oldest media which was started by Jinnah is Dawn. After reading the news, you can understand who is speaking against Islam People or the Taliban. 

Turkey says that it is the Leader of the Muslim World. Turkey’s important media is called TRT World. This media’s news is against the Islam people. The news is against India. TRT World says that refugees from Afghanistan to India will not be safe. 

Turkey is building walls to stop the refugees from coming into their country. 

What right does Turkey have to speak against India?

Turkey wants to create an internal issue in India. As Indians, we should unite and fight against their agenda. Indians are living as brothers, but these countries want to create an issue in India. So News that is coming from the TRT world is against India and the Islam People. 

TRT World has published news “ Women fear a return to repressive regime and loss of freedom”. 

Who is asking TRT world to publish this news?

Why is the Media from Turkey releasing this news?

The Islamic world should have opposed this news. 

22nd August 2021, DAWn has published “ Going back to darkness”: Afghan women Students see no future back home after Taliban takeover”. This news clearly says that there is no future for Afghan female students and their future looks dark. 

How will the Islam people react to this news?

We should know about the Double role of America. America has warned that there is a Terrorist threat to their rescue Operations. America said that the Taliban's are heroes. But now it has changed its statement into Terrorists. America also says that there is an ISIS-K terrorist threat. ISIS-K is a branch of ISIS. 

Who was the leader of ISIS-K?

The Pakistan Taliban leader was the Leader for ISIS-K. ISIS-K also had a leader who is currently a leader in the Taliban. ISIS has terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. America has given a warning based on these terrorists. But America has killed these two Leaders. 

America’s National Security Advisor, Pakistan is the reason for this threat. Borris Johnson has called for an immediate meeting of the G7 Conference. Borris Johnson two days ago said that if the Afghan People can live in peace, Britain may work with the Taliban. But now Borris has said that he wants other countries to ban the Taliban. In The G7 Conference, the Taliban should be announced as a Banned or Terrorist group. He also wants America to continue its rescue operations even after the deadline of 31st August. 

The Agreement between America and the Taliban says that the deadline for evacuation is 31st August. When the date is near, America has started to release news of a Possible Terrorist attack. The UK also has started to support this nonsense. The Western media is supporting the American Agenda. But sadly even the Islam Media is talking against the Taliban's. 

TRT World published that Putin said We Don't want Afghan Militants in Russia. Russia will not accept refugees from Afghanistan. Russia shares the border with the country and two more countries. TRT World says that undercover as refugees terrorists may enter Russia. 

Russia and Turkey both said the same thing. So TRTWorld and DAWN are calling the refugees Terrorists. These are Islam Media. The Islam people who seek peace together has to fight against this Injustice. 

What is the Update on the Taliban's advancing to the Panjshir region?

Russia had talks with the Anti-Taliban group in which Saleh and Ahmad are present. The Northern Alliance says that it wants to group up with the Taliban and give a Rule which is equal to all people. There are many ethnic groups in Afghanistan, so they need a Govt that treats everyone as equals. The Taliban have rejected their offer.  So the Anti-Taliban has said there will be no more talks with the Taliban. They have also announced that they have killed 300 Taliban's which is Unofficial News. This is not normal news. 

Who has the Taliban appointed to speak with the Northern Alliance?

The Taliban have appointed a Tajik Leader. The Northern Alliance wants Equal rights. The Taliban's are considered to be the Native people of Afghan. But the Taliban is killing its own people. They will not try to impose their own law on all the people. The Taliban rule is different. Enslavement is going to happen. 

The Islam People must protest against the Taliban's. 

Who must the Islam People support?

What will be the reason for their support?

The Taliban Sharia Law is not Islam Law. The World will support the People. Please Check the Link in the video for proof and analyze the data before coming to a conclusion. 

If the Islam People start to protest against the Taliban the World will turn its attention. 

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