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Anunnaki- Part 9,

The Gold rate keeps on increasing rapidly all over the world. To be honest, Gold is one of the most necessary and Crucial things for all. If we look at the Sumerian Civilisation, the Gods who lived there were also in the need for gold. Many claim Annunaki came to earth to loot all the gold. This is what History of Annunaki teaches us. Now in this Video let us look at Part 9 of the Anunnaki series by entering into the Fantasy world once again !!

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While talking about Gold, we know how much it was necessary for Gods. Not only Indian Gods were using gold. But if you go back to ancient times, Gods from all over the world can be seen wearing gold ornaments. Even if you look at Indian Gods, Egyptian Gods or Sumerian Gods they all have given very much importance to gold.

But why is Gold important to us?

We have already seen that in the earlier part of the series on how it helps in the manufacturing of Satellites and other Space research.

So from this, we can see how Gold contributes and helps us in the Scientific field.

Once NASA published documents on their website on how Gold helps our planet from various Harmful radiations in the space. Not only that but also the Face glass in the spacesuit of Astronauts are completely coated with gold. This is because gold prevents sunlight from entering the eyes of the person directly. We, humans, are only beginners in stepping onto space. But we use gold in most of our things like Spacesuit, Satellite etc.. for entering in space. Then just imagine how much Gold do Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence [Aliens] who travel from different stars and Galaxies could have utilised.

Well, that’s a logical question, but now let us raise another one.

In ancient time many claims, Egypt pyramids were made of complete gold. Even many research says Sumerian gods sought gold from the people of Sumerian civilisation. From this, we can sense that there was very much importance given to Gold at that time. Many can ask what kind of link is there between the last part of this series and Gold. That’s because in the previous part we had seen about  DYATLOV PASS.

In that, 9 Russian mountain climbers were considered to be no more. Many Speculations and Theories started to develop around this mystery. Soon a website was started about this incident named DYATLOV PASS. Now let us look at some of the major theories of this incident.

The most important one is How did those 9 Mountain Climbers die?

When researchers investigated their bodies, they found several Radio Active substances. This is where the most important question in the Theory arises. Actually, in some bodies of the Mountain Climbers, they found their rib cage and some of the bones to be crushed completely due to immense pressure. And also many parts of their body were missing some had a grey coloured substance in their body too.

So there were a lot of confusions and speculations in this incident. Some people gave explanations to everyone about how their body had those Radio Active substance. 

 Many say few out of those 9 climbers are from KBG, the spy system of Russia. [ just like MOSSAD of Israel] and have come to explore the weapons of CIA, spy system of America when there was a cold war between America and Russia. They say most probably that the CIA should have caught those 9 climbers or any Radio Active bombs in there should have been exploded. So this is the reason for the Radio Active substance present in the body of those 9 climbers.

But this Theory was not accepted widely and hence it was disapproved by the people. There was also another theory in which many say they could have died due to the Ball Lightning.

 But in this case, they say that the lightning had first stricken the nearby things and not the body of those climbers, and hence this was also Disapproved since lightning will not strike in that way. There were also many Books and Articles published about that DYATLOV PASS. The 3rd theory about that incident is the Katabatic Wind [ A wind that blows in both directions]

We had seen that those 9 people had made a tent in a Vertical path. At that time this Katabatic Wind should have blown those 9 people downwards forcefully and could have caused Death.

The last thing about this incident is about 50-60 KM away from there another set of mountain climbers had seen a Glowing Spaceship like structure in that place. That could have been Aliens and that might have been a reason they could have died. So the point to be noted down here is Aliens.

Why shouldn’t have any other people seen that Aliens in the Sverdlovsk region?

While searching for that on the internet, we can see the M-Triangle phenomenon in that region. It is also commonly called as Molebka’s Anomalous Zone, Molebsky Triangle or Zone-M.

The DYATLOV PASS incident and this M-Triangle phenomenon have surprisingly happened in the same place. Another similarity between these two is the Mansi Tribes. The people who live in the place of this M-Triangle are the Mansi Tribes. But Mansi Tribes are normally Kind-Hearted and won’t kill anyone like this. But another thing to be noted down here is Mansi Tribes have built a Temple from the Ancient times for the Aliens in this place !!

During the time of 1989, Many Journalists and Military service people have visited this area after hearing the stories about this place. While returning, many have claimed that they have got some extremely special powers with them now. And also by this, even many have joined Russia’s Space research organisation without even knowing its basic concept.

So by this many people who visited that place have said they are completely changed by now. They have written many books related to this place.

The name of that Alien temple is Aler Shenga. It is nothing but the structure of modern visual Aliens. We think that it is constructed about 50 to 60 years ago. But there are various stories in that place even before that. Many had already claimed that they have seen aliens and UFO in that place. The orange coloured bright light was also seen by many in that place.

So the question that arises now is that, Had those mountain climbers who were on the opposite side of the mountain of those 9 mountain climbers seen that UFO.

Till now the question that remains constant is, Are there Aliens in that place??

Many are still saying that they had seen UFO frequently in that place. But still, Russia keeps that place as a mystery zone and they are also continuing their spy system, KGB in those places. Moreover, in that place, we can see huge rocks standing without any major support in the base. It is just like the flowing mountains in the fantasy world of Avatar film. If you look around that place you can see forests and vegetation all over. In that place, many had seen Nazca lines. Peru, It was a place of Gold. You can wonder how gold has entered into the topic again.

The Nazca lines in Peru would be humongous and can touch kilometres of distance. These can normally be a straight line for Kilometres and is also quite significant. If you see those Nazca lines from a flight we can find the art of various structures and different figures in it. Therefore the Peru region inherits these many marvellous and amazing things in it. Not only this but also, there are Band of Holes in which there are thousands of unexplained mysterious holes in it.

So this signifies that someone come here for this gold and Band of Holes. The Nazca lines in Peru and the lines in Russia clearly says that Aliens might have landed or could have tested something in this place. 

If this was real then why shouldn’t aliens have already set up a space station near Earth?

Well that is Surprising, isn’t it?

How did Moon form? Is it by the explosion from the sun? Well, that is not the real one.

Scientists and Researchers claim that the Moon was formed from a part of the earth. But still, it is not widely accepted and we can still ask from where did the moon come from. While talking about the Space station, we also need to talk about the Orion constellation or Orion Belt.

Surely we will be seeing that in the upcoming parts. Keep waiting for that.

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