Arctic Secret Part2 –  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

Ice Silk Road – Target Arctic

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations:

We have discussed Arctic First part. Many commented that the info was not known to them. We said that we will share interesting facts in this post. 

Who is going to join the search in the Arctic?

Hitler, America and Russia Cold war, America’s secret project.

Let’s discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

There was a poll taken in 2017. Nearly 10 Sq Kilometres of Ice rocks have melted. If this continues the North-West passage can be travelled without any issues from 2013 to 2020. When this article was released the competition for the region began.

One side trade and the other is Forest Fire. So when forest fires happen carbon di Oxide level increases and the Ice rocks melts. 

Which should we believe?

We discussed clearly in Part1 that this is Geo-Politics. In 2020 this issue is not a big issue. 

When did the first issue start in the Arctic region?

From 1923 this issue started.  1923 there was an issue between Soviet Union Russia and Canada. The issue is who will control the Arctic region. On 1960 the two countries were divided into 5 to 6 countries. These countries together were against Soviet Union Russia. 

We know that the Arctic Region nearly 56% is directly under the control of Russia. So in 1960 Russia was the King of Arctic. 

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

Which countries were against Russia?

America, Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland, and Canada. So when these countries were competing for this issue goes to the UN. The UN decided to pass a law. The year was 1982, the name is UNCLOS( United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea). This law clearly states that 12 Nautical miles from the land belongs to the country and 200 Nautical Miles is called the Exclusive Economic Zone. 

So after the law has been passed. The countries which surround the region started to expand their territory. So the expansion of borders started in 1982. 

Now we have to take a look at the map. The Arctic Circle and the Nordic Countries which surround it. So this map clearly says that the Arctic region belongs to these countries. So when the ICe Rocks start to melt these Nordic Countries start to expand their Borders. 

Russia is dominant in the Arctic region. In 2015 they discover a region. This discovered region was used by humans 72 years ago. So when the research started, they found that there were bullets, Materials and Documents. These are all preserved in the Ice. Nearly 500 materials were found. Researchers send it for Carbon dating. 

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

When did Humans live in the region?

The answer is 72 years ago during the World War2. 

Who used these materials?

This area is covered in Ice. From the North Pole, this region is 4000 Kilometres away. The people who visited the region were Hitler’s Troops. Nazis have set a base and have send troops to various regions. They have also used Submarines. 

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

What happened to the people who lived there?

What happened to the soldiers?

The soldier’s food ran out and they hunted bears for food. So when the consumed this meat some kind od virus killed them. This is the history of those soldiers. So until now, Russia claims that the region belongs to them. Russians have set up bases in the region. Russia is the only country to set up Army bases in the Arctic. They have built the base which consisted of Cinema Theatres, Shopping malls and Gym. They have created a big army base in the Arctic. This surprises America and other countries. 

Can they build an Army base in the ice?

There are many bases in the Arctic region. America is also creating army bases in the region. The Nazis occupied Base camp was coded as Treasure Hunter or Schatzraber. Using this code Hitler sends his troops into Russia which is in the Arctic. 

If Hitler was there, What happened with America?

There was an issue in 1960 and in 1982 there was a law by the UN. But the in-between Years from 1960 to 1982. What did America do in the region?

They were running a Secret Project called Ice Worm. 

What is this Ice Worm?

The place was near Denmark in the Arctic region. 

Did Denmark know about the project?

No. In 1960 America has completed the Project. Americans then dropped the project in 1965-66. In 1997 Denmark announced the project to the world. Until then Denmark was studying about the project. 

What did Americans do through Project Ice Worm?

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

The cold war was at its peak during that time. So if America wanted to attack Russia quickly it has to use the Arctic Region. This was the plan of the Americans. They were choosing many locations for their plan. They choose Denmark as their spot. They ask Denmark’s permission to do a project called Camp Century. Norway asked about the project. Americans replied that it will be a small project which includes Missile Testing. But they didnt give the full info to Denmark. 

So in the name of Camp Century Project Ice Worm was started. Worms dig the earth. Americans did the same, but they build tunnels which were 4000 Kilometres long. So digging up and Installing Missiles. These were not normal missiles but Nuclear warheads. 

Why did they build these tunnels?

So these tunnels were dug under the Ice rocks. Greenland’s Ice Sheet was used to build these tunnels. They would have used Electricity to build these tunnels. For the first time, a Portable Nuclear Reactor was used. This was designed by the American Locomotive Company. The Reactor’s name was PM2A. So using the Portable Nuclear reactor they produced Electricity and they build the tunnels. 

Where did they find Drinkable water?

The Ice rocks were melted into Drinkable water. The water was tested for any kind of Virus. The plague was very bad in those times. But they provided Water and food for the workers. We know that the tunnels were 4000 kilometres.

Was the Project a Success?

No. The Project started in 1960 and ended in 1965. When the Americans started to dig the ICe started to melt away quickly. The Nuclear reactor the equipment quickly melted the Ice. The missiles were moving places because of the melting of the Ice. Americans stopped the Project and didnt proceed. 

Arctic Secret Part2 -  Apart from Wildest Imaginations

But we need to know some very important info’s. 

How many missiles were planned to be installed through Project Ice worm?

Nearly 600 Missiles. So for the missiles to be placed many Kilometres of Tunnels were dug up. If this was a success. How many Landscape could they have occupied?

Nearly 52000 SqMiles 1,30,000 Sq Kilometres. This region is three times bigger than Denmark. So Americans got approval from Denmark called Camp Century. Then they started the Project Ice worm and Dug tunnels and then they didnt continue the project. 

What was in the Project asked Denmark to Greenland?

Greenland replies they don’t know and asked Denmark to conduct a research. Then Denmark found the truth. On 1997 Denmark says the project to be made visible to the world they will need 20 to 30 years. They cannot figure out the tunnels which are so long. These tunnels are still mysterious. 

So we have seen the sample Hitler’s Army, America’s Secret Project.

What will we discuss in the next post?

What is this North West Route?

What is the connection between China, Arctic, Arctic Council and India?

What other countries are involved?

We will discuss in Part3. 

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