Are you real Putin? – Body Double History

Are you real Putin? - Body Double History:

Putinism is going to come to Russia. But Putin’s policies will be followed by the coming govt. 

Does Putin has a body double?

What is this Body Double?

Have any Soldiers or Presidents done this in Russia?

We will discuss in detail in this post.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

After Joseph Stalin, a 67 Yr Old man who has ruled Russia for so long now is President Putin.

In an interview Putin was asked a question.

Are you Real?

This was the question. Are you the original Putin is the meaning. Putin was not surprised but simply answered: “Yes, I am Real”. After that, he also said that from 1999 to 2006 there was a terrorist threat to Putin. During that time many suggested taking a body double. 

So a Body Double means a person who looks and speaks like a another person. We know that there are 7 people who lookalike in the world. But using makeup and training we can create a person who looks exactly like us. Many Videos are in Tik Tok who imitate actors. There are people who have this acting capacity. 

Are you real Putin? - Body Double History

So they will find a person who looks exactly like Putin, and they give them training to imitate the real Putin. For some occasions, the body double will attend the events.  

Why they need a Body Double?

When there is an assassination attempt their enemies will kill the body double but the real one will be alive. This is the main aim. Putin says that he doesn’t have a body double. But on the internet, there was a lot of news that Putin has many body doubles. But Putin says that this news is fake and he doesn’t have a body double.

We have earlier said about Joseph Stalin. The two presidents to rule Russia for a long time was Stalin and now Putin. From 1923 Stalin rules Soviet Russia till 1953. He had many issues. Communism was built by Lenin but later became strong in Russia because of Stalin. So after the death of Lenin, Stalin becomes President. 

Are you real Putin? - Body Double History

Stalin’s ambition was to become a priest. But later he became an atheist. His history is too long so we cant discuss in this post. So when Stalin was ruling the country he made enemies more that he made friends. So there was a situation where Stalin could be assassinated during the World War2. There was news that he was a Dictator who killed many people. There were groups who wanted Stalin dead. So to protect Presidents like Stalin KGB or the earlier version was NKVD was created.  

What would this NKVD or Secret Police do?

They will find people who look like Stalin. There were nearly 4 to 7 body doubles for Stalin. There are two news which was Confirmed news. Hitler had Body Doubles also. 

So Stalin’s first body double was Rashid. Rashid received two years of training to act like Stalin. Rashid was a perfect lookalike match for Stalin. So he acts for Stalin. So once training is completed he has been sent to events which were supposed to be attended by Stalin. 

So when Rashid takes the stage, the real Stalin under disguise will come to the event. 

Now we may have a question.

How can we change the voice?

We can change the face with makeup, and imitate the guy but can’t change the voice. Here the KGB played its role. So if the situation demands a speech from Stalin the original Stalin will attend the event. So if there is no need for speech then Rashid will attend the event. The technology now we use today was unable at that time, so it was hard to figure it out. 

So after Stalin’s death, he removes the disguise and lived his life in solitude. 

Now comes the most interesting body double of Joseph Stalin. His name was Felix. In world war2 he was 20 to 22 yrs old. SO in World war 2 he gets injured and is in hospital. The KGB or Secret police kidnap him. Felix doesn’t know why he was kidnapped. But they say to his family that Felix is dead. So Felix is dead according to people who know him. 

So he was taken to a place and was tested whether he will be eligible to imitate Stalin. During this time Stalin was 58 to 60 yrs old but Felix was 20 yrs old. So how was it possible to change a 20 yr old to look like a 60 yr old man. Please look at the video 7.31 above. 

So Felix was just a dancer. So when he was injured in World war2 many believed that it was Stalin. But KGB knew about Felix. So KGB wanted to stop the rumour from spreading so they kidnapped Felix. Then he was shown all the videos of Stalin on how he speaks, walks. 

They say that Felix should change to Stalin. Meaning changing into a body double. So Felix without any way out change as a Body Double. But this truth came out in 2008. 

How did the truth come out?

Felix goes to Putin and says he was the body double for Stalin and asks to write a Biography about his change. Putin approves this request. Felix was going to write about the important leader of Russia, and the govt lets him do it. The book was published without the permission of the govt. Felix in his 88 age tells the truth. He says that he was the second body double and Stalin had 4 more. 

We said earlier that Felix was injured in World war2. These injuries were an advantage to imitate Stalin. Stalin was old and he walked slowly, Felix did it because of his injuries. This is just a fluke, but Felix was known to be the exact copy of Stalin. 

Are you real Putin? - Body Double History

Stalin had to fly in planes many times. So if there is news that Stalin will be flying on a particular flight then it will be Felix, not Stalin. So many presidents in Russia had Body doubles. Even Saddam Hussein had a body double. But this is not confirmed the news. 

Did Hitler have a Body Double?

Yes. His name was Gustav. Gustav was the body double for Hitler. So at a particular time Hitler as dead. But they searched for Gustav to just make sure they have killed the right person. So Hitler’s body doubles were made sure to be dead. Gustav was also killed. 

So there were body doubles in all countries for leaders. Putin says that he doesn’t have a body double but the media say that he does have one. This is all a secret. This secret will come out after many years. 

People like Felix will come out, to tell the truth. Then only we will know the truth.

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