Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation

Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation:

The Indian People should ask this question,

Did our Indian Soldiers sacrifice their lives for your TV, Mr Arnab Goswami?

 This news will be viral news for crazy people. Arnab said that the video was only telecasted by his Channel called Republic. Arnab is the News Anchor, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Republic TV. 

The news about Arnab has been discussed all over the world. 

There was a leak from Whatsapp. The Leak consisted of More than 500 Pages of Chat. 

What is happening in India?

What is the connection between Arnab and Indian Politics?

Why was he arrested?

What is a TRP scam?

How will this affect India as a country?

Let's discuss the truth.

TRP - Target Rating Point. All media in the Whole World are after the TRP, they will do anything to increase it. 

In this World, Nationality and the army give it increased Power. Using this power, Arnab has said that he will take his TV to the highest-rated TV of India. In this leak, he speaks with many important people. 

How do we feel about this leak?

Media should be the voice of the People and for the people. The Media should be supporting only the ruling party. 

To The Media, all over India, we say, when leaks like this come out when your real disgusting face is shown to the people. The Confidence the People have in the media will shatter into pieces. 

First, we should understand the TRP system and the BARC organization. The Whatsapp leak consisted of the Chat between Arnab Goswami and the BARC India’s Previous CEO Partho Dasgupta. These two persons are important persons in the Whatsapp leaked chat. 

BARC is the Organization which releases Weekly analysis of Every Media’s TRP. 

How do they lead BARC?

What people does the organization employ?

We should understand this concept to know the Corruption which has happened in the Organization. 

Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation

BARC Means Broadcast Audience Research Council. So the Broadcasted TV channels, the reach of these channels among the people. The Hours which people watch these Channels. BARC identifies the data and sends an index. This is their Primary Objective. 

To do this analysis, BARC uses BAROMETER in Some Houses. 

In India, the TRP rating is calculated from the data taken from only 44000 Houses. So according to the data obtained from the 44000 houses, the TRP rating has been set. 

How does BARC choose a house to install the Barometer?

The TV Shows are categorized into 12. They define the category which should be given to the research Institute. They use Private Research Institute to define the Categories. 

We should know an important Organization when it comes to Private Research Institute called Hansa Research Group. A Person who was a previous Employee of this Hansa Research Group. An order was given to the Hansa Research group to install the Barometer in the Selected Houses. For this, they have selected 1200 Houses. 

How do they choose these 1200 Houses?

Yearly they go to nearly 3 Lakh Houses and meet the families directly and take surveys. BARC will determine which house will be selected for the Installation of the Barometer. After they take the decision, they take the Barometer to the house. This Barometer is an added device in your Cable Connection. When they are on the Device the house will receive an Id. After the installation, the Barometer will monitor the channels the family watches on a daily basis. 

One week, The whole data from all houses will be taken and analyzed. They will then release the information about the TRP rating of the Channels. 

Doordarshan and NBF say that these ratings are a complete fraud. But still, BARC continues its work. 

Why is the TRP taken?

To run a TV Channel they need Money. Nearly 75% of the Revenue of the TV channels are achieved through Advertisements. The remaining 30% of Revenue is obtained through Subscriptions. This Revenue system is Defined by TRAI. So BARC comes under TRAI. 

Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation

So the Advertisers should not face any loss by displaying Advertisements on a TV Channel. These Companies give Crores to advertise their products. If these kinds of scams are done by TV Channels then the Advertisers will not believe the System which they are investing heavily. 

Now let's discuss the Scam. 

The Hansa Research Group bribes the houses RS400 or Rs 500 where the Barometers are installed. They ask the residents of the house to watch only Three Channels. Among these three Channels is Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV. 

Who discovered this Scam?

The Mumbai Police discovers the Scam. 

Now let's take a look at the reasons behind Arnab Goswami's Arrest. 

In 2018, Arnab Goswami and the Previous CEO of BARC Partho Dasgupta were once employees in Times Group. So they leave Times Group and start Republic TV. For designing the Republic TV an Expert has been called. His name was Anvay naik from Concorde Designs Pvt Lmt. Anvay Naik designs the Studio for the Republic TV. In 2018 he was found dead alongside his mother in this Bungalow. The Police closed the case as Suicides. Anvay Naik before committing suicide has written a letter. Anvay Naik’s wife says that her husband was murdered. His Wife accuses sole persons of the cause of Suicide. Under the accused list came the name of Arnab Goswami. 

Why was Arnab Goswami accused?

Anvay Naik completed the designing of the Republic TV studio. Republic TV didn't pay the dues to the Concorde Designs. This was the reason said by Anvay Naik’s wife. But Rebuplic TV says that 90% of the money was paid, and 10% of the work was not completed by Anvay Naik. 

In 2019, Maharashtra was ruled by the BJP party. After the elections, the State came under the control of Shiv Sena. When Shiv Sena came into Power, Anvay Naik’s Wife filed a Case against the Republic TV. She believed that the New government would deliver justice for her husband’s death. The case was reopened and an investigation was done. 

After this event, Republic TV went against Shiv Sena and its Allied Parties by conducting various shows against the Political parties. Many accused Arnab Goswami of this Propaganda. 

Understand one thing, TV Channels all over India are these Kind of Propaganda Machines which operate for their own Profits. 

Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation

Amidst Various issues, Arnab Goswami was arrested. He was put in Jail and was released through Bail. When these issues were happening. Arnab got a perfect chance to increase Republic TV’s TRP ratings by the death of Sushant Singh Suicide.

If you search in Youtube about Sushant Singh Death, you will find the Debates and questions asked by Arnab Goswami. This was propaganda against the Thackeray Family. Arnab was against The Thackeray family and he was close to the BJP party. This shows the two faces of Arnab Goswami. 

Nearly 50% of the People believe that Arnab will ask questions to any Political party leader. Others believe that he is a firm supporter of the BJP party. When this debate was going on, The Mumbai Police found out the TRP scam. 

The TRP scam comes to Republic TV and Hansa Research Group. The Accused was Arnab Goswami. The Police arrested the Previous CEO of BARC Partho Dasgupta. Within two days after his arrest, he was admitted in a hospital due to chest pain. All-Powerful Individuals play this. 

Did the Police officers stop there?

No, They didn't. They took Dasgupta’s Mobile phone, they retrieved the Whatsapp messages which were sent. They took nearly 500 pages of Chat history. The Police then leaked the messages into Social media. 

Nobody believes when we say WhatsApp is collecting your data. When the Police retrieve the Whatsapp Chat history and leak it. People must believe in it.

If you read the messages which were leaked in the Social media. We can clearly see that Arnab had a direct connection to the Politicians of the Central govt. 

There were messages regarding the Pulwama Attack, The Surgical Strike conducted by the Indian Army. Three days before The Surgical Strike IE 23rd Feb 2020, Arnab and Dasgupta chatted that something big is going to happen in India. 

Was Arnab the only one who spoke about the Surgical Strike?

Many Channels have predicted that India will conduct a big operation in Pakistan. The fact-checkers say that Arnab could have predicted that the possibility for such an attack was possible. 

The next was the Smriti Irani appointment. Arnab knew about this appointment before it was announced. But this allegation is considered to be a fake. 

Let's Imagine that Arnab Didn't know about the Pulwama, Balakot Strike or Smriti Irani Appointment. But Arnab was close to Amit Shah, and Arnab accepts in Whatsapp that he knows many Political figures in the BJP party. Dasgupta replies that he will take care of the TRP ratings, in return he requests Arnab to convince the BJP party for Advisor post in the Prime Minister’s Office. 

Arnab Goswami Chat Leaked | TRP Scam Explained | Media Manipulation

So we can be sure about one thing. Using the TRP rating Arnab, Republic TV and Dasgupta for their Selfishness and Money have fooled the Indian people and the Country. 

The govt’s which was supportive of this scam. Whether it's any Political party, the investigation has to be conducted. The accused or Culprits should be punished according to the law. 

The Police must arrest the Media people if they are One-Sided. This doesn't end with Arnab Goswami this is happening all around India. 

We can see in the media that suddenly they will start supporting a Political party. They will conduct debates and leave out the other parties. If the Media acts Properly and Ethnically. Then only the Freedom can be felt by the Indian People. 

If this doesn't happen only Media Manipulation will continue. 

Let's see a Perfect Ex for Media manipulation. 

A News and a satellite image which says that China has completed construction of a village 4.5 Kms in Arunachal Pradesh which happened in 2020. 

This is a big defeat for India. This news was released by the media. Everyone knows about this news. After hearing the news everybody was shocked. This news was released by NDTV Channel. 

If you watch closely they have Edited the Last line, the landscape from 1959 was under the control of China. 

Why did NDTV put a title China occupying India?

Every one of us would have thought that this happened recently and China has occupied the Indian Territory. This is called Media Manipulation. This is happening in all Indian media. 

Arnab and the Chats, The people who are in these Chats if found Guilty should be punished. This punishment should set an example for the Media, editors in Chief,  and the Anchors. 

We the people should see to it that the guilty are punished. 

The Generation which had confidence in the Media and TV Channels are no More. The Current Generation knows which media supports which Political party. 

So if the Media runs their Current Course, the People will not receive any Neutral news. This system should change. Media plays an important role in Indian Politics. These stains should not be in the Media. 

The government if needed should remove Republic TV from the play. This is the Humble Request from us and the Indian People. 

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