Arunima Sinha an Achiever – Motivational Speech

Ponmani Matriculation school invited us as Chief Guest. The speech which Mr.Vicky gave will be uploaded in their youtube channel. A Story which was shared will now be shared in this post. This is based on actual events it is not a story. Men and Women, Youngsters who want to achieve in life. This post is for you guys.

Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from Tamil Pokkisham.

Everyone has this particular time in life, YOu cant win in your life is that time. We would imagine that the whole world is against us. To escape this imaginary thing it is not that easy. 

How did my friends not believe me?

How did my relatives not believe me?

How did colleagues not believe in me?

These questions are like bullets which keep hitting our bodies. 

How can we overcome these questions and become an achiever?

How can a student reach his goal?

IS there an example?

Because we tend to search for people who have actually done it. If we search for it the name Arunima Sinha comes in our minds. Many may not know about her, but some may know about her. 

Arunima Sinha is an Indian. In 2013 she was 23 yrs old. She was a National Volleyball player. So because she played Volleyball for the National Team she receives a Govt Job. So for the interview, she travels from Lucknow to Delhi in Padmavathi Express. 

Every one of us is travelling in the future. So this kind of travel happened in Arunima Sinha’s life too. So during her travels, the train stops in many stations. But suddenly she hears a lot of noises. Many Robbers board the train on 2011. They rob from the people. Arunima Sinha had a dollar in her neck. So the robber tries to rob the necklace. She is a Sportswomen. She had the strength, we all have this Strength of someone tries anything against us it will automatically come out. Arunima Sinha Pushes the robber back and he falls down. 

When the other robbers saw this they came near Arunima Sinha. She was beaten by the robbers and they took her dollar. Then she was thrown out of the train. 

Arunima Sinha an Achiever - Motivational Speech

People who work in offices. Love your job, not your office. Because every office will use all your available resources and throw you out when they are done. 

So Arunima Sinha falls down and was injured. He hand is broken. She looks up and sees that she is lying in a train track where a train is approaching her. It was in Evening 7 her hand is broken, nobody is there to help her. She couldn’t think what to do next. 

If she gets up and moves away from the track she will be alive. But if she stays in the track she will be dead. She uses her broken hand to move away from the track. The train passes her, but the train has hit her right leg. So blood is coming out of the leg her hands are broken there is nobody is helping her. 

Will I survive or not?

This question must have come into Arunima Sinha’s Mind. She wants to stay alive so she shouts for help. But nobody hears her cry for help. Sometimes in our lives, we cry for help expecting someone to help us but understand that we have our Hands and Legs. 

Arunima Sinha lied in the tracks for nearly 1 hr with the bleeding from her legs. A Person who walked near the location listens to a woman weeping and there lied Arunima Sinha. So he takes her to the hospital, they check her bag and she was identified as the Arunima Sinha a National Volleyball player. For three months she was in intensive care. He leg was removed to fix an artificial leg. 

When Arunima Sinha was in pain she was helped by someone. Similar to this in our life somehow, somewhere good people will help us. Many people are ready to help you. 

Many say that Arunima Sinha’s life is over. The police investigate the case as a Suicide case. So she has to prove that the Police were wrong and the robbers did this to her. Our Govt gave rs25000 to Arunima Sinha. When the news hit Indian media and Social media the govt gave 2 lakhs to her. She was also given a job in the railways. 

So people close to her always said that this should not happen to her. Their pity was hurting her. 

Many do to us in our life also.

What are you doing after studying engineering?

Didnt you get a job after your education?

Arunima Sinha an Achiever - Motivational Speech

Many say these silly things to us. We go for a job interview and if we don’t get the job. Are we the one to blame?. There may be so many factors behind this. But the community thinks will say that you are jobless. 

If we have a job also they will find many things to accuse us. So these things happened in Arunima Sinha’s life. She has to ask for help to even get up from her bed. She feels life is over. Sports in done. During that time she reads an article that Yuvraj Singh has been bought for 12 Crore rupees in IPL Bidding. 

But one year ago he was diagnosed with cancer. Yuvraj Singh has to go intense treatment to overcome cancer for two years. Cancer a Killing disease. A Star Batsman overcomes the disease. Then he comes back and earns 12 Crore rupees. 

How did he do it?

Chemotherapy is very hard you have to endure pain. If Yuvraj Singh can overcome that pain. If A person can overcome Cancer. Why can’t I do it? This was Arunima Sinha’s thinking. Every one of us will think we will achieve. But the real question will be can we really do it?.

Arunima Sinha was only known in India. But now with her actions, she will be known to the world. She thinks that everyone in the world must speak about her. So she thought of doing something. She doesn’t have a right leg but she was fitted with an artificial leg. 

So she thinks of Climbing Mount Everest. Arunima Sinha calls a woman who trains climbing mount Everest. She accepts to give training to Arunima Sinha. Slowly she trains to climb. 

The first Women to climb Mount Everest with an Artificial leg is Arunima Sinha. She climbs many peaks. 

Arunima Sinha an Achiever - Motivational Speech

Lastly, she climbs Mount Vinson in Antarctica. She climbs the peak and conquers the peak. India’s 4th Resepced Award Padma Shri award was awarded to Arunima Sinha. 

A woman who has lost her leg what can she do?

This is how the world thought of Arunima Sinha. Now the world Cheers for Arunima Sinha. The world which said she can’t do anything now says that she can only do it. 

Arunima Sinha an Achiever - Motivational Speech

This is life. We could have got so many injuries. We have our Hands, Legs, Ears to hear and eyes to see. Why can’t we achieve it?

There have been many achievers. 

Can we learn something from them?

Can we implement what we studied from them?

If we start doing this, Our life will turn into a Successful achiever. There are two people in this world. The people who learn history, the other the people who create history. Kets change ourselves into The people who learned and created a history. 

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